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Maritime construction startup “N-ARK” announces the business concept of “Dogen City”, a maritime non-disease city that adapts to climate change

N-ARK Co., Ltd.
Maritime construction startup “N-ARK” announces the business concept of “Dogen City”, a maritime non-disease city that adapts to climate change

N-ARK (Representative: Yuki Tasaki, Location: Hamamatsu City) has announced the business concept of “Dogen City”, a sea-free city, in order to create “NEW OCEAN” with the ocean as a new economic space. In addition, we will start the “NEW OCEAN Consortium”, which integrates various industries, technologies, and rules, with industry, academia, and government to realize “NEW OCEAN”.
*NEW OCEAN is a term intended for the ocean version of the private space business innovation “New Space” started by Space X.
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[Image 1:×1687.jpg] Progress in Hamamatsu City from October 2022
From the second half of 2021, N-ARK will start its activities and promote the marine farm “Green Ocean” in Lake Hamana in Hamamatsu City. From this month, we will start demonstration experiments of floating body technology, and we are moving forward with the aim of constructing a “Green Ocean” demonstration experiment machine in March 2024 during the Lake Hamana Flower Expo.
Marine Business Issues and Solution Strategies
To sustain maritime business and solve problems, policy, business and technology strategies must come together to create a new maritime economy. This unified strategy is exactly the business concept of “Dogen City”. We will promote this plan not only with our company but also with various companies, governments and universities to realize a new ocean economic zone, that is, “NEW OCEAN”.
“Rising NEW OCEAN”
Through private ocean business innovation, we will turn the ocean into a new economic zone = NEW OCEAN and create a resilient ocean economic zone against climate change.
In order to realize NEW OCEAN, it is necessary to create the following three industries.
[Image 2:×2193.jpg] 1. Maritime Mi-Byo City
An independent decentralized maritime city with functions to adapt to climate change. You can also experience various programs to promote daily mental and physical self-care.
2. Ocean constellation
Aiming to speed up the marine data infrastructure, the development of the marine business is expected through the constellation of underwater edge data centers.
3. Connect the sea and space
Taking advantage of the location on the sea, a new tourism industry will be developed that connects space, the sea, and the ground as a launching and landing site for rocket transportation services. About Dogen City
The concept is to fuse the medical, food, housing, and information services into the same source. Dogen City aims to become a “NEW OCEAN” ocean business innovation promoted by industry, academia, and government. This has both social impact (response to natural disasters, improvement of the marine environment, acceptance of climate refugees, etc.) and economic impact (development utilizing new technology and business in addition to conventional shipping, resources, and national defense).
[Image 3:×2193.jpg] What is Dogen City?:
Dogen City is 1.58 km in diameter and about 4 km in circumference. This scale corresponds to the Japanese concept of “1 ri, 1 hour.” 1 ri, as defined by the Meiji government, is about 4km (36 towns), which is about an hour’s walk. about 10,000 inhabitants
Therefore, although the function is urban level, the livability has the atmosphere of a small village.
[Image 4:×2193.jpg] Dogen City Functions:
Dogen City is a sustainable city designed to function as a maritime mibyou city during peacetime and stand alone during natural disasters.
[Image 5:×1687.jpg] How to make Dogen City?:
Dogen City consists of three infrastructure products.
[Image 6:×2193.jpg] 1. Ring:
Provide living infrastructure and public housing to realize habitable zones. The ship-like shape protects the inner bay and prevents tsunamis.
2. Subsea edge data center:
Cooled in the sea, it provides high value-added services such as city management OS, healthcare data analysis, and drug discovery simulation while reducing energy consumption.
3. Floating structure:
You can move freely in the inner bay, and you can flexibly rearrange the city functions without being subject to land restrictions. City OS Dogen:
Residents of Dogen City, a medical city on the sea, can receive telemedicine on a daily basis by managing and analyzing living area data from ring devices, blood sampling, genome analysis, and city OS “Dogen”. In addition, by combining medical data and genomic data, it is possible to more accurately evaluate the health status of individuals and receive cutting-edge medical care such as drug discovery simulations and remote robotic surgery with arithmetic processing at the underwater edge data center.
[Image 7:×2193.jpg] Business sector:
Dogen City is a city concept that has the appeal of medicine, food and housing.In addition to healthcare, Dogen City also provides medical tourism that combines foods, cuisines, and seawater hot springs produced by seawater agriculture and complex aquaculture. We also accept and provide advanced education to victims of natural disasters and climate refugees.
Realization of a non-illness society by telemedicine based on living area data 02|Medical Data Research and Development|Medical Edge Computing Medical Innovation with Edge Computing
03|Medical Tourism|Medical Tourism
Ingredients and cuisine with the same source of medicine and food nurtured in a maritime city
04|Food is Medicine
Development of foodstuffs using agricultural and aquaculture technologies that bring out the potential of the sea
05|Natural Disaster Evacuation|Natural Disaster Solution
Evacuation site function for natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis
06|Acceptance of climate refugees|Climate Refugees Solutions Acceptance of climate refugees and human resource development through advanced education
There are two main target markets for Dogen City, and please refer to the following for each TAM, SAM, and SOM.
・Smart city market in cities and countries with high risk of sea level rise ・Healthcare & BFSI market in edge data center
[Image 8:×2193.jpg]
[Image 9:×2193.jpg] Business roadmap:
The business roadmap assumes the following.
[Image 10:×2193.jpg] About the NEW OCEAN Consortium:
Rising sea levels and flooding due to climate change threaten life on earth. In order to overcome this crisis, we propose the creation of a new ocean economic bloc named “NEW OCEAN”. Considering the ocean, which accounts for 70% of the earth, as a humanosphere, the aim is to create a new economic ecosystem through the formation of maritime cities. The development of offshore business entails legal and technical difficulties, but challenging business development such as data business that utilizes the marine environment, such as
Microsoft’s “Project Natick” in the United States and Highlander’s commercial underwater data center in China, is progressing. I’m in. We will propose 6 elements (medical, food, housing, information, and electronics) to realize “NEW OCEAN”, promote the entry of various companies, and promote ocean development activities. Through this, we aim to create maritime innovation, and seek to create this future together with participating companies, governments, and universities. Activity content:
We will consider business development and technology development to realize “NEW OCEAN” in a working group format, and will work to realize it, including deregulation.
Ocean Business Development
Ocean Technology Development
Ocean deregulation
Advisory board:
Yuichi Tei
University of Tokyo Graduate School
Graduate School of Engineering/Graduate School of Medicine Professor 1989 Graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine. In 1997, received a doctorate in medicine. Assumed his current position in 2007 after working as an intern at the University of Tokyo Hospital, a researcher in the Department of Endocrinology at Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States, an associate professor at Harvard University School of Medicine, and an associate professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine Center for Disease Biotechnology. Specializes in osteochondral biology, regenerative medicine, and biomaterial engineering. Rie Sasaki Herman
General Incorporated Association SFI Research Institute Representative Representative of Hexa Agency LLC
Vice President, Tree Sixty Asia Co., Ltd.
Former ITOCHU Defense Company Information Security Manager. CIO of Itochu’s 100% subsidiary Cyber ​​Defense (formerly iDefense). Engaged in the Cabinet Secretariat’s Cabinet Information Security Center establishment project. Currently engaged in a wide range of projects as an international intelligence profiler.
Shohei Toyonaga
Cultivera Co., Ltd. CEO
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1989. Engaged in archaeological
excavation, landscape and cultural preservation activities in Cambodia at Waseda University Archeology Laboratory. At that time, I became skeptical about the destruction of the environment around cultural heritage sites in Asian countries and the overconcentration of young people in urban areas due to the lack of industry. Explore
possibilities. Established Cultivera LLC in 2016. While conducting research and development of various agricultural technologies based on his own patented Moisculture technology, he also runs PomonaFarm, an agricultural corporation, in Taki Town, Mie Prefecture.
Mamoru Nozaki|Ei Nozaki
Representative Director, Recotech Co., Ltd.
Worked as a sales manager at a Japanese general agent for waste treatment facilities in Northern Europe, and provided consulting services on introduction of facilities and resource recycling to all industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. After the establishment of Recotech in 2007, he worked as a PM for a project to import and construct German methane fermentation technology for food waste that supports food recycling in Japan. conduct. Working on domestic and international waste issues, he is involved in public and private projects such as JICA project chief consultant. In November 2021, we released the resource circulation platform POOL and are promoting DX of resource circulation.
Ken Isono|Ken Isono
Shizen Energy Inc. Representative Director
After graduating from university, he was in charge of advertising sales at Recruit Co., Ltd. After that, he changed jobs to a wind power generation company and engaged in the development, construction, and maintenance of wind power plants nationwide. In June 2011, he established Shizen Energy Inc. with his former colleague and assumed the position of CEO. Mainly in charge of new business development. Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Columbia Business School London Business School MBA. Takahiro Nakamura|Takahiro Nakamura
CEO of Midtown Co., Ltd.
After reading the science magazine Newton, he became interested in space. Joined Accenture as a new graduate and engaged in management consulting in the SCM area of ​​retail and manufacturing. After that, he changed to Recruit and experienced several new business launches at the New Business Development Office. Since 2015, he has overseen business at ispace as COO. Business development, government relations, fundraising, US/European expansion, and organizational development. Experienced scaling up from 2 employees to 200 employees.
Founded Midtown Co., Ltd. in 2022 with the aim of solving global issues with the keywords of space, climate change, and biodiversity. He also serves as CXO and advisor for multiple startups, and acting chairman of the Lunar Industry Vision Council.
Consortium structure:
Yuki Tazaki
CEO of N-ARK Co., Ltd.
N-ARK Co., Ltd.
General Counsel:
Mihoko Shintani|Mihoko Shintani
TMI General Law Office
Akihiko Yagishita|Akihiko Yagishita
Uchida Samejima Law Office
Naoyuki Goto|Naoyuki Goto
Uchida Samejima Law Office
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