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Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots), which continues to grow globally, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)
MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot), which continues to grow globally, has reached its 10th anniversary.
Following the footsteps of MiR since its establishment, introducing the history of development over the past 10 years

MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot), which celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 31, 2023, is a global leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMR), providing flexible, user-friendly, We take a new step to help you automate your in-house logistics in a cost-effective way.
Less than a decade ago, the idea of ​​fully autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) working seamlessly with workers in warehouses and manufacturing floors seemed futuristic. Today, thousands of MiRs (mobile industrial robots) AMRs are responsible for various logistical tasks such as delivering parts, transporting finished goods, etc., without the need for human operators, separate work areas, or external guidance. there is.
Analyst forecast
Analysts expect the AMR market to continue growing at double-digit rates each year through at least 2027, which is just the beginning of decades of growth.
Ash Sharma, Managing Director of Interact Analysis, said: “MiR was a pioneer in the AMR industry and was a visionary in developing a large-scale platform of robots that could be easily deployed and integrated into factories and warehouses. It’s the AMR innovation that has grown from a fledgling industry to a multi-billion dollar industry.”
MiR President Jean-Pierre Hathout is steadfast in his commitment to maintaining our position as a global market leader and continuing to make this technology more accessible to customers of all sizes and industries. I’m here.
Hathout said: “In the first decade of MiR’s history, we have already witnessed incredible progress in technology and applications. We are still a young company, but we have made great strides in terms of growth and experience. Over the past decade, as a global market leader, MiR has contributed to proving that AMRs are safe, reliable and user-friendly solutions for many transport operations. Thanks to our experience working with our customers, we continue to push the boundaries of automated in-house logistics.”
[Image 1:×2338.png] MiR 10th Anniversary History Infographics
Established with a global perspective
In May 2013, Niels Jul Jacobsen, founder of MiR, set out to change the way companies do in-house logistics. Thomas Visti joined at the end of 2014. Both have extensive experience at the successful robotics company, Universal Robots, and possess valuable market insight and a clear strategy to take the company from scratch to world-leading success in just a few short years. I was.
When Visti was first founded, the MiR100 robot was loaded onto the back of a car and moved around while demonstrating to distributors and companies. From the outset, MiR focused on a global market approach based on distribution through distributors and a focused product portfolio. Today, MiR robots are sold by over 220 distributors and authorized system integrators in 60 countries around the world. MiR is headquartered in Odense, Denmark, with regional offices in Boston, Holbrook, NY, San Diego, Chelmsford, MA, Georgetown, KY, Singapore, Frankfurt, Barcelona, ​​Yokohama, Seoul and Shanghai.
An uninterrupted growth trajectory
In April 2018, MiR became a subsidiary of US-based Teradyne
(NYSE:TER), further accelerating its position as a global market leader. Starting with just three people in 2015, MiR now has over 420 employees in Denmark and around the world, with annual sales of USD 77 million in 2022. Large multinationals such as Toyota, Ikea, Novo Nordisk, Denso, DHL and Schneider Electric account for the majority of MiR’s sales. The merger with AutoGuide Mobile Robots in 2022 adds further strength to MiR’s international presence and further enhances MiR’s ability to serve the enterprise sector.
Hathout said: “We have always focused on our large global enterprise customers, who are close and valuable partners in our efforts to mature AMR technology and develop new tools to help them deploy and scale. I think
A strategic approach to software development
In addition to continuously developing new models of AMR, MiR recently enabled fleet managers to track and analyze robot operations to gain actionable insights to improve robot performance. We have launched a new cloud-based software tool that enables
“As robot fleets grow, so does the demand for software tools to optimize performance and manage the fleet as a whole.” Lowering the barriers to programming and maintenance is essential, we have already made great strides in this direction, but I believe we have only glimpsed the true potential of automated logistics solutions. ” adds Hathout.
[About MiR (mobile industrial robot)] MiR is a company that develops and manufactures the industry’s most advanced autonomous mobile robot (AMR). Founded in Denmark in 2013. In 2018, it became part of Teradyne, and in 2022, Teradyne integrated AutoGuide Mobile Robots into MiR, offering a wide range of AMR products from low to high payloads. Headquartered in Odense, Denmark, the company has regional offices in Boston, Holbrook, NY, San Diego, Chelmsford, MA,
Georgetown, KY, Singapore, Frankfurt, Barcelona, ​​Yokohama, Seoul and Shanghai. Today, we have grown into a global leader with approximately 220 distributors and certified system integrators in 60 countries around the world.
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[Image 2:×728.png] MiR product lineup
MiR products make it possible to automate in-house logistics and optimize material handling quickly, easily and cost-effectively. We have a lineup of state-of-the-art mobile robot products that are widely used by large companies, small and medium-sized companies in various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. Details about this release:

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