New Relic, Inc. New Relic collaborates with AWS Systems Manager Distributor

New Relic, Inc.
New Relic works with AWS Systems Manager Distributor

– Leveraging AWS Systems Manager Distributor to instantly install New Relic Infrastructure agents on millions of Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2) instances and on-premises servers for efficient monitoring –
*This release is an abridged version of the press release announced in San Francisco, California, USA on May 17, 2023 (US local time). New Relic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinichiro Konishi, hereinafter “New Relic”), which provides an observability platform for digital business, has announced collaboration with AWS Systems Manager Distributor. Did. This allows you to use the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) and AWS Infrastructure as Code (IaC ) tool to streamline observability across your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments by automating the deployment of New Relic Infrastructure agents and providing a smoother monitoring experience.
This streamlined experience allows engineers to use the latest New Relic Infrastructure agents to set up automatic system-wide
instrumentation and updates all at once, even when resources are up or down. It eliminates the need to implement and update manual
instrumentation, reducing the burden of observability configuration. The New Relic Infrastructure agent gives engineers the metrics they need to address infrastructure performance issues, scale Amazon EC2 instances, and deliver superior customer service.
The AWS Systems Manager Distributor integration builds on the strong collaborative relationship between New Relic and AWS and adds to the existing 75+ AWS integrations. New Relic Infrastructure agents can be easily distributed across many Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises servers using AWS Systems Manager Distributor, simplifying the process of implementing and managing the agent lifecycle. The integration also allows AWS customers to easily and securely install and configure New Relic agents across their instances for more streamlined AWS environment monitoring. You can also manage your New Relic Infrastructure agents on AWS Systems Manager Distributor and keep them up to date.
Key features of New Relic’s AWS Systems Manager Distributor integration include: A modern consumption experience: Configure Infrastructure agents directly with either the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or AWS Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools
Automation: Automatically install New Relic Infrastructure agents on both existing and new instances as you scale
Stay up to date: ensure you have the latest version of the New Relic Infrastructure agent
Comment from New Relic Cloud and Product Partnerships VP Gal Tunik “Observability is a key component of infrastructure management. We are excited to partner with AWS Systems Manager Distributor to provide our customers with an even easier way to instrument and monitor their environments. customers will be able to quickly and easily deploy New Relic agents across their instances, regardless of geographic or account boundaries, giving them greater visibility into their applications and infrastructure while simplifying implementation and maintenance management. It will also be automated and centralized.” This integration is available at no additional cost to all New Relic customers using AWS. Learn more about the integration and how to get started on the New Relic blog.
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■ About New Relic
Founded in 2008, New Relic provides an observability platform that enables observability of all key metrics for digital business. In order to make it possible to observe not only the applications and infrastructure that make up digital business, but also the customer experience situation on the user side, companies can detect failures in digital services, detect deterioration of customer experience, and identify potential problems and bottlenecks. Create a DevOps team that identifies and resolves early. This enables companies to turn their digital transformation efforts into measurable strategies. New Relic has more than 15,000 customers worldwide, is used by more than half of the Fortune 100 companies, and supports the digital transformation of hundreds of customers in Japan. See why New Relic is at ■ About the observability platform “New Relic”
New Relic is the most powerful cloud-based observation platform built for you to create more perfect software. Engineering teams around the world rely on New Relic for improved uptime and performance, greater scale and efficiency, and faster time to market. New Relic includes all the features your organization needs to achieve observability. Telemetry Data Platform: Collect and visualize data for all types of applications and infrastructures at petabyte scale. It is designed to be the single source of truth for all operational data.
Full Stack Observability: Easily analyze and troubleshoot your entire software stack across APM, infrastructure, logs and digital customer experience in one connected experience.
Applied Intelligence: Equipped with applied intelligence to quickly detect, understand, and resolve incidents.
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