[Nihonbashi’s largest class! ! 】 ☆July 7☆ “Wish Upon A Star… Tanabata Love Festival in Coredo Muromach i Terrace” will be held!

Dear members of the press,
Precious wedding
☆July 7☆ “Wish Upon A Star…Tanabata Love Festival in COREDO Muromachi Terrace” will be held!
~Let’s drink ☆ together with 77 Orihime and 77 Hikoboshi!!~

Win a Yokohama Royal Park Hotel pair accommodation ticket, a Yokohama Cosmo World pair ticket, and a case of Suntory beer!
Tanabata Association (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
Representative: Takuya Koiso), a general incorporated association with the concept of “Making the world a better place together”, is Precious Wedding (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture;
Representative: Horie), which operates a marriage agency. Tomoko) and July 7th (Tanabata Day), “Wish Upon a Star…Tanabata Koikatsu Matsuri in COREDO Muromachi Terrace” will be held.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/122724/1/resize/d122724-1-57203fa8f71f835124bf-6.jpg&s3=122724-1-66946e4252469c09a3e20920ebfa0d84-1195×428.jpg] [Purpose/Purpose] We will provide a place to meet people who want to have a direct conversation with many people after COVID-19, eat and drink delicious food together. I would like to make it a good opportunity to meet many people and find wonderful people, even for those who can not act easily. [Event Overview] Would you like to meet new people on the day of Tanabata and enjoy yourself at COREDO Muromachi Terrace? You can participate alone or with your friends. First-come-first-served ticket purchase It will be an event for 77 men and 77 women. We have lots of exciting events and delicious food and drinks on the day. Please join us for a fun real place! ■Date and time: July 7, 2023 (Friday) 18:00-21:00 ■Sales period Web pre-sale: June 1, 2023 (Thursday) ~ https://tanabatadeai.peatix.com/view * Sales will end when sold out becomes. Location: 3-2-1, Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Coredo Muromachi Terrace Oyane Hiroba ☆ A large-scale real love festival with a total of 154 people ☆ Tanabata limited buffet by the chairman of the Yokohama BBQ Association + a glass of Hassen Sparkling (Heart) Orihime ticket ( Female): ¥3,000 Hikoboshi Ticket (male) ¥7,000 Participation by married persons is strictly prohibited. In addition, since alcoholic beverages are provided, participants must be 20 years of age or older. *Refunds will not be given even if you are unable to attend on the day. * Although it is scheduled to be held rain or shine, if it is canceled due to a typhoon, etc., we will refund the full amount at a later date. Tanabata limited buffet by the chairman of the Yokohama BBQ
Association + 1 cup of “Hassen Tanabata sake sparkling” ♪
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/122724/1/resize/d122724-1-1bef47a15d802004b86a-7.jpg&s3=122724-1-4b04b57f128e646254950f62ac29c0c1-940×788.jpg] BBQ in summer! For this day, we will use the ingredients carefully selected by Mr. Kawamura, chairman of the Yokohama BBQ Association, and serve hot dishes freshly prepared from the live kitchen full of presence in a buffet style as a Tanabata limited course. We have a lot of SUNTORY Kamiawa, highballs, lemon sours, etc. that go well with meat. Hassen Sake Sparkling from Hachinohe Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is a sparkling sake with a low alcohol content that is easy to drink in the summer. You can enjoy sake with a new sensation. Limited to 108 in the world! ♪Let’s have a toast together with ☆ (bubbles)~ Couples who match at the venue will be selected by lottery for Royal Park lunch pair tickets ・Yokohama Cosmo World 3,500 yen pair Tickets ・ YOKOHAMA AIR CABIN pair ticket ・ Cosmo clock pair ticket ・ Suntory 350ml bottle x 8 sets of 6 bottles and other wonderful gifts are available. Other people will also win Precious Wedding (marriage agency) enrollment + registration + 1 year free activity ticket, free ticket for The Single and free pub studio ticket ♪
[Announcement of the Great Broken Heart Episode Grand Prize] Winners will be announced during the Koikatsu Matsuri event on July 7th♪
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/122724/1/resize/d122724-1-191afcd7a69bfd15f8a3-8.jpg&s3=122724-1-5cbf42bb8c7fc116fcb67e5eaefb1ac9-1080×1080.jpg] Until June 30th (Friday), we are looking for your big heartbreak episode on Twitter!!
“When I was in college, the girl I liked at the time was cheating on me and it seemed painful, so I listened to her complaints every day. !” and finished. ”, We are looking for a big heartbreak episode that will make you laugh when you remember it now! !
During the Koikatsu Matsuri event on July 7th (Friday), each sponsor company will announce the grand prize and present a gorgeous prize!! https://twitter.com/satoko_pw
Follow and tweet with “# broken heart epi purchase”. The grand prize will include super luxurious prizes such as Royal Park Hotel accommodation pair tickets, Yokohama Cosmo World 3,500 yen pair tickets, premium free tickets that can be used for a lifetime until you become a partner of The Single, and a case of 350 ml cans of premium malts (24 bottles). !
[Love knot, matchmaking! Your wish will become a shooting star! Strip prayer spot]
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/122724/1/resize/d122724-1-66b11b4bda13269d124f-9.jpg&s3=122724-1-2b0494aeafbc4f2e4d261b9d7b88f6a6-528×352.jpg] “Everyone’s wish, to a shooting star”. Speaking of Tanabata, strips of paper. We will distribute strips of paper that everyone’s wishes will become shooting stars for free.        Please draw your thoughts freely and paste them on the love knot / matchmaking board. It will be an event that anyone can participate in. Collected strips turn into shooting stars in space mailboxes! Space Post is a project in which a wish is placed on a satellite developed as a hobby by the Riemannsat Project, a space development organization, and delivered to space, turning it into a shooting star. Wouldn’t you like to make a shooting star that fulfills everyone’s wishes? For details, please check the Space Post website*. *Space Post Homepage:
https://tanabata.org/campaign/go-to-space/ [Thoughts on this event]-Precious Wedding-In the past few years, due to the spread of infectious diseases, we have fewer opportunities to go out. The place where men and women meet has been robbed. I think that there are many people who find it difficult to communicate in real life due to the spread of the Internet. We are working to take the initiative to create a place to meet in real life, revitalize the economy, increase the marriage rate, and stop the declining birthrate. We will continue to actively create opportunities for encounters and contribute to the bright future of Japan. For that reason, we have planned an event by recruiting sponsors who share the same thoughts. -Tanabata
Association-General Incorporated Association Tanabata Association-Due to the influence of the coronavirus, communication with people has been cut off, and unless we actively act, we have continued to live in an era where nothing will come of anything, whether it be a meeting or a wedding. In addition, the divorce rate in Japan is said to be around 35%, so I was worried that I would be happier if I was married. He says the number of visitors is increasing. What everyone says is, “If you find a good person, you can get married, but there is also the option of being unmarried for the rest of your life.” I want to meet my best friend/lover. For such people, through this event, in modern society where it is difficult to live alone, as many people as possible can get rid of isolation and loneliness and create a mental environment and environment to live in good health both physically and mentally. I’m thinking about it. As a result, we believe that work styles and lifestyles will change, leading to the resolution of many problems such as the declining birthrate, aging population, late marriage, and depopulation. ■ Sponsor: Tanabata Association Marriage Club Precious Wedding ■ Sponsor: Suntory Holdings Co., Ltd., Royal Park Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd., Senyo Kogyo Co., Ltd., Yokohama Cosmo World Co., Ltd., Section Eight Co., Ltd. Omata Gumi Co., Ltd., Cyworks Drone School Yokohama, Fujiki Kenso Co., Ltd., Matsuo Shoko Co., Ltd., YKM Co., Ltd., SKILL US, Confectionery Rokubei, Takei Shoten Co., Ltd., Hachinohe Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., ( Omoitsuki Co., Ltd. Engyo Densetsu Co., Ltd. BBQ FACTORY Co., Ltd. Re Antique Co., Ltd. Irodori Dentistry Co., Ltd. Irodori Dentistry Co., Ltd. Total salon pull out. Matchmaking practice, photo shoots, clothes selection, shopping accompaniment, etc. are also very welcome for beginners. For those who haven’t been able to meet their destined partner for some reason… Please leave it to Precious Wedding! [Company Profile] Head office location: 202 Kinoshita Shoji Building, 4-43 Masago-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Representative: Tomoko Horie
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/122724/1/resize/d122724-1-f0ea7f88277f66f2e1dd-10.jpg&s3=122724-1-ad10ec8260b38075bf6aabf59533b5bf-1077×1523.jpg] Business: Marriage agency HP: http://preciouswedding.jp/
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