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Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Nana Mizuki becomes Prince Shotoku!?

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Nana Mizuki becomes Prince Shotoku!?
June 16th (Friday) “Otonarisan” (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting) broadcast report released

“Otonarisan” on June 16 (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting), 9 am “Tell me! Nana Mizuki, a voice actress and singer, appeared in the Nationwide ☆ Radio Star corner. Since 2002, Mizuki has been in charge of the personality of Cultural Broadcasting “Nana Mizuki Smile Gang”.
[Image 1:×750.jpg] Manami Sakaguchi “Today, I would like to ask you about the secret behind the program’s longevity. ‘Nana Mizuki Smile Gang’ is broadcast every Sunday at 0:30 pm on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting on key stations across the country on eight stations. Net stations. are Radio Osaka, Nankai Broadcasting, STV Radio, Tokai Radio, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting, Shinetsu Broadcasting, and Radio Fukushima.”
Yoshiaki Yamane “All over the country”
Sakaguchi “The setting of the program, ‘Smile Gang”’
Yamane: What is this (laughs)?
Nana Mizuki: “We’re a group that makes everyone smile, but we also do bad things (laughs). Because we do stupid things, such as playing table tennis while swinging horse mackerels around.”
Yamane: Horse mackerel!?
Mizuki: It’s like, what’s the most suitable racket (laughs). Yamane: “Is it bad? (laughs)”
Sakaguchi: Mizuki-san is the head of the Smile Gang, and Misato Fukuen is the deputy head.
Yamane: (Fukuen-san) often follows you (laughs).
Mizuki: When the show started, she was in her early twenties. Normally, young girls would put on cute shows, right?
[Image 2:×800.jpg] I also introduced an email from a “Smile Gang” listener (a member of the Smile Gang). Mr. Mizuki answered the question, “Please tell us if there is a project that ‘was difficult’ among the more than 1000 broadcasts.”
Mizuki: The section is renewed every year or two. Among them, there was the “Sumagyang Ijinkan”. I was told that the first episode was about Prince Shotoku, and that (information about Prince Shotoku) is not in the script! I was dumped, and from there I was told that I had to speak as Prince Shotoku.
Yamane: “Why would you do such a harsh thing (laughs)?”
Mizuki: It was really difficult! That was the toughest.”
Yamane: (If I were you) I would say ‘Let’s stop’ at the planning meeting (laughs).
Sakaguchi: Other than Prince Shotoku?
Mizuki: “Cleopatra, etc. Various great people from around the world appear. In fact, it is said that “Sumagyan Ijinden” was well received and received a great response. In addition to this, he also talked about the “punishment game” that is customary in the program. For details, please check the time-free function of radiko.
*You can listen to the appearance of Nana Mizuki in “Otonarisan” broadcasted on June 16th for 7 days after the broadcast date.
■Company Profile We operate a radio station, Cultural Broadcasting, in Tokyo. In 2022, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the opening of the station, and we are producing more than 250 programs. Broadcasting on FM91.6 & AM1134. Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc. 1-31 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8002 Details about this release:

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