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No more W face wash! Enjoy a makeup-off experience that melts on your skin with a refreshing citrus scent even in the rainy season and summer. New “ninal cleansing balm” for sensitive and dry skin

Sea O Medical Co., Ltd.
No more W face wash! Enjoy a makeup-off experience that melts on your skin with a refreshing citrus scent even in the rainy season and summer. New “ninal cleansing balm” for sensitive and dry skin Pre-sale at Shonan Beauty Clinic (excluding some clinics) and beauty salons from June 20, 2023 (Tuesday), and Co-medical + official web stores will be released sequentially from early July.

Sea O Medical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Ryo Sedei) offers “ninal cleansing balm” from the doctor’s cosmetic makeup brand “ninal” at Shonan Beauty Clinic (excluding some clinics).・ Pre-sale will begin on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at beauty salons. On the web, it will be released sequentially from early July at Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon’s official store and Co-medical + official store.
[Image 1:×2005.jpg] Focusing on the voice of users who say, “Even with soap off makeup, I can’t help but wash my face.”
In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of users who use “soap-off makeup,” which makes it easier for people with sensitive or dry skin to try from the perspective of stress on the skin, and reduces the hassle of removing makeup. On the other hand, as a fact of soap-off makeup users, there are cases where double face-washing, which includes two steps of cleansing and face-washing, is not necessary, but in reality, it is not a soap-off item. We focused on opinions such as “because I also use cosmetics” and “I’m worried if my makeup is completely removed even if it puts a strain on my skin.” The doctor’s cosmetic makeup brand “ninal” is based on the idea that “even people with sensitive skin can enjoy makeup”, so it not only has a cleansing function that does not require double face washing and a feeling of use, but also sticks to beauty ingredients that can be used to care for the skin while using it. We have developed the “ninal cleansing balm”.
Product Features of “ninal Cleansing Balm”
1.W No need to wash your face! A 5-in-1 makeup remover, face wash, massage, pore care, and dullness care* all in one product. Even though you don’t need to wash your face, you can thoroughly remove dirt from your face, and you can also massage your face while reducing friction. By blending white clay, a pore care ingredient for sensitive skin, and yogurt extract, which has a mild peeling action, you can improve the dullness caused by dryness and lead to clear skin while taking care of the pores you care about. increase. * by washing
2. Skin-friendly ingredients make your skin moist and smooth In order to protect your skin from irritation, it contains an oil that does not easily oxidize for sensitive skin and a skin barrier correction ingredient “plant complex ingredient”. The plant-derived ingredients that do not place a burden on the skin firmly remove makeup, while the “squalane” properly leaves the necessary moisture to create a moist skin. The moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-pollution ingredients* common to all ninal products have been carefully selected to care for the skin while cleansing.
*Moisturizing ingredients: sugarcane-derived squalane, 4 types of human ceramides (ceramide NG, ceramide NP, ceramide AP, ceramide EOP) *Anti-inflammatory ingredient: 2K glycyrrhizinate
*Anti-pollution ingredients: hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid,
hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate, bilberry leaf extract
3. Hygienic tube type The balm once taken out does not return to the container, so the leftover balm does not leave makeup behind and stays clean. The tube container allows you to take it out quickly, making it easy to adjust the amount to your liking.
4. Can be used even during eyelash extensions*
If it is a glue that uses the commonly used ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate system, it can be used even in eyelash extensions. (Eyelash drop test completed)
*Please refrain from using other glues that are different from the above ingredients, as they may remove the extension. Strong rubbing or sideways rubbing will make the eyelashes themselves easier to come off. Gently blend in along the vertical direction of the hair flow. 5. Slightly refreshing citrus scent that is easy to use even in the rainy season and summer
By blending “Bitter Orange Flower Extract”, you can relax with a faint citrus scent while being free of synthetic fragrances. Gently massage to eliminate poor blood circulation in the face and brighten the complexion.
Product Summary
[Image 2:×800.jpg] Product name: ninal cleansing balm
Capacity: 100g
Price: 3,278 yen (2,980 yen without tax)
Available stores: Shonan Beauty Clinic (excluding some clinics) and beauty salons (sales start from Tuesday, June 20)
* Official web store (Scheduled to be released sequentially from early July 2023, page will be released)
・ninal official website: ・ Rakuten Ichiba: ・ Amazon:
How to use: Take an appropriate amount (about 2cm) on your dry palm, gently massage the entire face to relax it, and blend it with your makeup. Then wash off with water or lukewarm water.
〇Patch and allergy tested*
* Not all people will experience skin irritation or allergies. 〇 5 in 1: makeup remover, facial cleansing, massage, pore care, dullness care * * By washing
〇 12 free products that are gentle on the skin
(Ultraviolet absorber, ethanol, paraben, synthetic fragrance, petroleum surfactant, tar pigment, mineral oil, animal-derived ingredients, sulfate, silicone, synthetic coloring, DEA free ninal brand concept & policy
[Image 3:×2000.jpg] Concept
I want to be Ninal
ninal’s Policy
Apply makeup while caring and moisturizing.
1. Care for sensitive skin and make it beautiful
Because I don’t want to burden my skin in any condition.
With a skincare-inspired formulation, we were particular about how well it blends into the skin.
All the time you wear it, it will protect you from dryness, UV rays, pollen, air pollution, etc.
It protects the skin from environmental stress.
2. Careful selection of moisturizing ingredients
Commonly contains anti-pollution ingredients* that prevent
moisturizing and rough skin.
In addition, we carefully select the best ingredients for each item. No matter which item you choose, no matter what combination you use, Designed to work effectively on the skin.
*Environmental substance countermeasure ingredients such as pollen, PM2.5, and blue light
3. Make me who I want to be
Because you can choose the items you need and the colors you want with confidence at that time,
Express yourself as you want to be.
The exciting package design naturally stretches out,
Every time you use it, positive power overflows.
〇 4 free (ultraviolet absorber, ethanol, paraben, synthetic fragrance) 〇All items have UV cut effect (SPF/PA)
〇 Patch tested*
〇Allergy tested*
*It does not mean that skin irritation and allergies do not occur in all people. ・Official website:
・ Twitter:
◾Company Profile
Sea O Medical Co., Ltd.
Location: Kanno Building 3F, 6-2-16 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023 Representative: Ryo Sedei
Date of establishment: June 4, 2014
Business description:
1) Development, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics, supplements and apparel 2) WEB consulting business
3) Wholesale to general retailers and clinics
4) Cosmetics/supplements OEM Various event business
5) Recruitment
Number of employees: 95 (including part-time workers and interns) *As of January 1, 2023
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