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one move Co., Ltd. One move Co., Ltd., which develops SNS promotion business, releases a set plan that combine s influencer marketing with SNS operation business “SNS one Match” that produces results at low cost

one move Co., Ltd.
One move Co., Ltd., which develops SNS promotion business, releases a set plan that combines influencer marketing with SNS operation business “SNS one Match” that produces results at low cost

Influencers will boost the effect of SNS account management and increase your company’s recognition. A direct approach to influencers makes it possible to keep costs down.
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Introduction of SNS ONE MATCH business
It is a business that matches the SNS account management agency needs of companies and professional SNS marketers who are affiliated with our company.
Using our unique matching system, we assign marketers who match the needs of our clients.
The SNS that provides the service covers all SNS channels such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and LINE.
Features of Partner Marketers
We have more than 150 marketers in business alliance with our company, and we only introduce human resources who have passed our selection criteria in terms of “skills”, “experience” and “humanity” to companies.
Marketers have a track record of over 2000 accounts.
We will assign human resources that fit your company’s needs from a population that has been involved in accounts in a wide range of industries and industries.
Examples of companies we have supported so far include beauty, apparel, commercial facilities, hotels and tourism, human resources, and restaurants.
Our influencer marketing
We have our own network of influencers and can directly approach people who match our goals.
By not going through a casting company here, a significant cost cut is realized. In addition, since the distance to the influencer is close, there is no communication cost and the target measures can be implemented more quickly.
3 types of set plans
This time, we will release 3 types of set plans so that more companies can experience the benefits of influencer marketing.
■ A -Review plan-
An effective plan for gaining recognition.
This is a plan that combines SNS operation and experiential
advertising for a large number of micro-influencers.
■ B -Branding Plan-
A plan that is effective at the timing of launching a new brand. It is a plan that combines SNS operation and spot appointment of top influencers.
■ C -Brand Establishment Plan-
A valid plan as the next step for B.
It is a plan that combines SNS operation and measures to continuously use influencers.
Start with your consultation
It doesn’t matter if it’s something trivial, such as “I don’t have the resources to manage my own SNS”, “I’ve run out of ideas for content”, or “the number of followers is sluggish”.
If you have any problems with SNS, please feel free to contact us. We also accept inquiries from companies that want to set up a new account. We will plan from account strategy.
Please feel free to contact us please.
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Please contact us from the contact page of the website.
Click here for information on SNS operations focused on recruiting. * Service materials can also be downloaded from the link below.
About the SNS business of one move Co., Ltd.
In the digital promotion business centered on SNS, you can entrust us with everything from strategy design to communication design, promotion plan planning, execution, and reporting.
Regardless of the industry, it is possible to respond to sales issues and brand issues for all services and products.
Another strength is that we have a system that is rare in the industry that can implement and execute all kinds of communication measures related to SNS through planning based on integrated communication design.
The support system by a small number of elite planners and directors is perfect. “I’m interested in SNS promotion, but I don’t know where to start,” “I’m dissatisfied with the current SNS operation,” etc. Please feel free to contact us, no matter how small.
[SNS comprehensive promotion business]
SNS campaigns, influencer measures, illustrator measures, WEB/SNS advertising operations, website creation, live commerce, chat commerce, promotional measures using CX tools, etc. Design and execution are entrusted.
[SNS marketer matching business]
We have partnered with more than 150 professional SNS marketers to match clients’ SNS account management projects. One move will support you from the presentation of the operation plan to the implementation stage of operation.
■Company Profile
Company name: one move Co., Ltd.
Established: November 2021
Representative Director: Shingo Hara
Location: 5-12-17 Inokashira, Mitaka City, Tokyo
Business: SNS promotion business, fee-based employment placement business (license number 13-Yu-314958)
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