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Phoenixx Co., Ltd. “Steam Summer Sale” with up to 70% off all 15 titles!

Phoenixx Co., Ltd.
“Steam Summer Sale” with up to 70% OFF on all 15 titles!
It’s summer! It’s a game! Steam Summer Sale!

Phoenixx Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo, President: Kazunori Sakamoto) announces the launch of the Steam Summer Sale, where all 15 titles can be purchased at up to 70% off from today.
[Image 1:×1080.png] ■Steam Summer Sale Overview -15% to 70% OFF-
Sale period: June 30th (Friday) – July 14th (Friday)
■ List of target titles
[Image 2:×527.png] ■ Featured title pickup!
shoe fours
[Image 3:×1080.png]
1,200 yen → 480 yen! [60% OFF for the first anniversary! ! ] A 1vs1 sports battle action game with cute UFOs fighting with a crane game motif!
A 1vs1 sports battle action game with cute UFOs fighting with a crane game motif! If you can pull up the item you want faster than your opponent and carry it to your base, you win! Take advantage of each character’s skills and stage gimmicks to enjoy hot, strategic battles! Survival Quiz CITY
[Image 4:×1080.png]
2,050 yen → 1,025 yen! [50% OFF]
The right/wrong answer to the quiz is the crossroads of destiny…! ? Challenge the quiz with a large number of people, divide into “winners” who answered the questions correctly and “losers” who answered incorrectly, and play a team battle, aiming to survive to the end and become the winner. , a messed up survival quiz action game! Physical layer
[Image 5:×2160.png]
880 yen → 704 yen! [20% OFF]
Operate a “cute” agent disguised as a high school girl and aim to infiltrate the enemy base!
A top-down shooter where cute SD characters do flashy gun actions! Let’s capture a total of 240 stages with various enemies and gimmicks by making full use of 3 powerful abilities.
[Image 6:×1080.png]
2,050 yen → 1,230 yen! [40% OFF]
The state of the “recorded” stage
A 2D puzzle action game that aims to “restore” and clear!
Over 200 stages with various hidden gimmicks,
Let’s solve it with the mysterious cute Camera Alien “Rek” and aim for the goal! fault – StP – LIGHTKRAVTE
[Image 7:×1080.png]
1,780 yen → 890 yen! [50% OFF]
The world beyond where fantasy and sci-fi are fused――Ruthenhaide country. The story of a mediocre, mediocre, ultimate ordinary citizen who lives there. The fourth installment in the cinematic adventure novel “fault” series, which has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide!
Phoenix Co., Ltd.
Official site
Twitter: <@Phoenixx_Inc>
YouTube: ―――
Creators have limitless possibilities.
Phoenixx spreads Japanese creators to the world, global creators to Japan and Asia,
We support all creators so that they can be active globally. Our mission is to create a situation where the game/entertainment industry will be even more exciting 10 years from now.
We will nurture people and titles that children around the world think are cool and admire.
To inspire and nurture the human spirit -one creator, one game and one neighborhood at a time.
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