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Plaza Style A lineup of healthy snacks! Korea’s most popular store “OLIVE YOUNG”‘s private brand “Delight Project” has landed in Japan for the first time!

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A lineup of healthy-oriented snacks! Korea’s most popular store “OLIVE YOUNG”‘s private brand “Delight Project” has landed in Japan for the first time!
June 9, 2023 (Friday)-PLAZA / MINiPLA pre-sale! “Delight Project”
StylingLife Holdings Plaza Style Company (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will represent South Korea on June 9, 2023 (Friday) at PLAZA / MINiPLA and PLAZA’s EC site “PLAZA Online Store” nationwide. Began development of the private brand “Delight Project” of the popular health and beauty store “OLIVE YOUNG”. PLAZA/MINiPLA pre-sale until August 31st (Thursday).
[Image 1:×500.jpg] The private brand “Delight Project” of Korea’s most popular health and beauty store “OLIVE YOUNG” has landed in Japan for the first time! Sales will start at PLAZA, MINiPLA, and PLAZA online stores nationwide from Friday, June 9th! This is a pre-sale that can only be purchased at PLAZA/MINiPLA until August 31st (Thursday).
“Delight Project” is a private brand in the food category that proposes “better bites that fill your daily life with a smile.” We offer a wide range of healthy snacks made with wholesome ingredients and just the right amount and calories.
At PLAZA, the first three types of sweets will be sold: “Whole Strawberry” (410 yen), “Soft Apple Chip” (410 yen), and “Korokoro Yakiimo” (421 yen)! The popular “One Day Fruit Chips” (410 yen) and “Sweet Pumpkin Mix Chips” (496 yen) will also be available.
Not only is it stylish and delicious, but it’s low-calorie and you can enjoy a guilty-free snack! There are many fans who say, “If you go to OLIVE YOUNG in Korea, it’s a must-buy!”, “Delight Project” snacks will be added to the PLAZA lineup one after another in the future. looking forward to!
●Delight Project item lineup: What is OLIVE YOUNG
[Image 2:×221.jpg] Korea’s Olive Young is the first company in Korea to adopt the concept of a health and beauty store specially selected for the domestic market. In addition to operating about 1,200 stores and online shops in Korea, we operate a global online shop that delivers to about 150 locations around the world. Beyond being the number one health and beauty store in Korea, it is positioned as a global lifestyle platform loved by people around the world.
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