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Premo Partner Co., Ltd. fcuro, which develops an emergency whole-body search type image diagnosis AI system, wins the highest award MedTech Angels Demo Day 2022

Premo Partner Co., Ltd.
fcuro, which develops an emergency whole body search type image diagnosis AI system, wins the highest award [MedTech Angels Demo Day 2022]
300 people participated in a pitch event dedicated to the field of medtech
Premo Partner (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO Kumi Sakurai), a medical technology incubator, held “MedTech Angels 2022 Demo Day” on May 25, 2023, open to the public. This was the second time the event was held following last year. This year’s Grand Prize went to fcuro Inc. 100 people (business companies, investors, university officials, etc.) gathered at the venue in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, and listened intently to the discovery of new businesses. In addition, 200 people participated online.
[Image 1:×978.png] ■What are MedTech Angels?
Since 2019, Premo Partner has been supporting medical technology development startups. Among them, MedTech Angels is Japan’s first acceleration program specializing in medtech, with the aim of brushing up the strategy of each development process from idea to manufacturing and sales in the medtech field with experts. Six selected companies spent five months brushing up on the core strategies of medtech startups such as business, regulatory affairs, insurance, and QMS. As a culmination of this program, DemoDay presented pitches elaborated by each startup. In addition, we encouraged interaction among a wide range of participants, including startups, business companies, and investors, through lectures, round-table discussions, and networking events. At the opening, Masamitsu Nakayama, the project leader, enthusiastically called out to the participants, saying, “Medtech development is an all-out effort. I want to create a Japanese medtech community with everyone gathered here.”
[Contents #1: Pitch Tournament] Grand Prize: fcuro Inc.
[Image 2:×2605.jpg] The grand prize was awarded to fcuro Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, CEO Naoki Okada) for its “Full-body Search Image Diagnosis AI System that Solves Problems of Oversight and Time in Emergency Medical Care”. CTO Shusuke Inoue, who announced at the demonstration this time, said, “In the treatment of highly urgent trauma in emergency medicine, emergency physicians spend a lot of time evaluating the severity, but this AI system has a higher accuracy. We are making diagnostic results possible, and we are confident that it will serve as a clue for all treatments in the future.” This year, a total of 6 companies that won the preliminary round made presentations on the pitch, and
passionately talked about their business strategies and visions.
[Image 3:×1062.png] Excellence Award (in order of award)
BE Fantastic Award: fcuro Inc.
Life Science Award: Spine Chronicle Japan Co., Ltd.
RD Support Award: InnoJin Co., Ltd., Spine Chronicle Japan Co., Ltd., xCura Co., Ltd.
Orba Healthcare Award: Direava Inc.
Japan Medtronic Award: DELISPECT
List of teams (in order of presentation)
Direava Co., Ltd. has a mission of “changing the future of surgery with technology” and aims to automate surgery using AI to reduce complications in surgery. As the first step, we are developing a system that allows AI to learn the surgeon’s proficiency, recognizes important organs in real time during surgery, and navigates the surgeon.
fcuro Co., Ltd. has a mission of “eliminating preventable deaths with thorough site-based technology”, and conducts research, development and provision of emergency AI systems centered on image diagnosis AI. Currently, we are developing full-body CT diagnostic AI technology to solve the problems of “time” and “oversight” in emergency medical care. (
DELISPECT (preparing to start a business) We are developing an AI medical device “DELISPECT” for predicting and preventing consciousness disorder called “delirium” that is often seen in the elderly. DELISPECT aims to solve the medical problems of all people involved in “delirium”, including patients themselves, their families, and medical professionals.
Spine Chronicle Japan Co., Ltd. has a vision of “improving ADL at an early stage and extending healthy life expectancy through safe and reliable surgical treatment for patients with osteoporotic vertebral fractures and lumbar spinal canal stenosis.” We are developing new spinal implants and surgical devices that enable intervention, maintain the original mobility of the spine, and reduce the risk of sequelae and reoperation for healing. ( Based on the philosophy of “reducing pain and anxiety through technology,” xCura Co., Ltd. has developed “Therapia VR,” which transforms painful and scary treatment experiences into entertainment through VR. By receiving treatment while performing autonomic training using VR, we will realize an enjoyable treatment experience while promoting relaxation and incorporating gamification.
InnoJin Co., Ltd. InnoJin Co., Ltd., a venture from Juntendo University, has a vision of “realizing human-friendly medical care” and develops a unique business that brings together the wisdom of industry, government, academia, and citizens. Currently, we are conducting research and development of various programmable medical devices, such as a smartphone app for dry eye diagnosis assistance and a VR amblyopia treatment app for children. ( judge
Mr. Akihiko Soyama: Managing Director / President and CEO, Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J)
Yohei Maeshima: President/CEO of Orba Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd. Mr. Ryosuke Kimura: Lifetime Ventures Representative Partner Yujiro Maeda: MedTech Angels Acceleration Director / Premo Partner Director CSO [Contents #2: Short Speech]
Yoichi Sato, iSurgery Co., Ltd. (MedTech Angels 2021 Grand Prize) In Demo Day, in addition to pitch events by six companies, Yoichi Sato, president of iSurgery Co., Ltd., which received the highest award last year, gave a short speech titled “MedTech Angels Encounters and Challenges.”
[Image 4:×1076.png] Respond to social issues by accelerating speed to market
Given that 80 to 90% of osteoporosis patients are untreated, iSurgery’s business does not develop or introduce new equipment, but uses existing images such as chest X-rays for secondary use. for determining osteoporosis. “We tried to detect patients with
osteoporosis by eliminating the need for examination twice and lowering the psychological hurdles for patients,” he said. After completing the program last year, the product was launched on the market in an exceptionally short period of one year. “With the support of MedTech Angels, we were able to brush up on our pharmaceutical affairs and insurance strategies, and we were able to greatly accelerate our business,” he said powerfully. At the interim presentation in mid-May, it was demonstrated that the drastic improvement in the patient detection rate would have a significant effect in reducing medical and nursing care costs.
[Contents #3: Round-table discussion by participating teams]
[Image 5:×1140.png] A round-table discussion was held with six participating startup companies and acceleration manager Takaaki Kakihana. He talked about what he had struggled with in developing medical equipment, what he learned through this Accela project, what he lacked in support, and his future outlook.
Speakers (from left):
Takaaki Kakihana (Moderator): MedTech Angels Acceleration Manager Noritaka Yonezawa: CEO of Spine Chronicle Japan Co., Ltd.
Yuji Takeuchi: CEO of Direava Inc.
Ken Kaneda: Co-representative of DELISPECT
Mr. Yuichi Okumura: COO of InnoJin Co., Ltd.
Mr. Shusuke Inoue: CTO of fcuro Co., Ltd.
Yuichiro Niijima: CEO of xCura Inc.
[General comments]: Following the pitch event, a judging was conducted, followed by an awards ceremony and comments from the judges.
Mr. Maeda: “fcuro, which won the highest award, focuses on the problem of missing symptoms and time, which are the biggest issues in emergency medical care. In response to social needs, AI development so far That’s right, it was a very unique project that didn’t exist,” he said.
Mr. Kimura: “Eight years have passed since the venture capital was established, but it cannot be said that investment opportunities for medical technology startups have increased. Every company that participated in the event had a meaningful business,” he said. Mr. Maeshima: “There were twice as many entries as last time, and the content of the presentations covered a wide variety of themes, making it a well-balanced Demo Day. A distinctive feature was the many business ideas that utilized AI, which has been developing rapidly in recent years. ‘ said.
Mr. Soyama: “The feature of this project is the uncovering of unmet needs that even users are unaware of. I would like you to make effective use of these places and opportunities so that we can reach patients not only in Japan, but around the world.” I look forward to his future success so that many entrepreneurs can commercialize their ideas.”
In her closing remarks, the company’s CEO, Kumi Sakurai, said, “There is an African proverb that says, ‘If you want to go near, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ You can’t go to the world alone. Startups should make good use of experts like us and move quickly toward the future they aim for.”
In the medtech field, it is necessary to accurately grasp unique regulations and complex development processes in order to realize commercialization. Through these activities, Premo Partner will continue to support activities in the medtech field.
[Image 6:×1010.png] ■ Sponsoring companies
[Image 7:×500.png] Japan Medtronic Co., Ltd.
Teijin Pharma Limited
Orba Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.
BE Healthcare Ventures
RD Support Co., Ltd.
Life Science Innovation Network Japan
Amazon Web Services LLC
Operating company Premo Partner Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Nihonbashi Life Science Building 2, 601, 3-11-5 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Kumi Sakurai Director CSO Yujiro Maeda URL: /
Inquiries / Person in charge: Project Leader Masamitsu Nakayama ( / Person in charge:
Acceleration Director Yujiro Maeda (
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