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Sheer Co., Ltd. Which lotion do you prefer, “moist” or “refreshing”? 1st place is “Moi st”

Sheer Co., Ltd.
-Survey report-Which do you prefer, moist or refreshing? 1st place is “Moist”
Beauty review media “Beauty Mania” ( centered on the best cosmetics operated by Sheer Co., Ltd.
( ) asked 102 people over the age of 18 who are interested in beauty all over Japan, “Which do you prefer, moist or refreshing? Conducted a questionnaire survey on “. We will publish the results.
Survey outline
Survey subject: Sheer Co., Ltd. “Beauty maniac” survey content: Which lotion do you choose, “moist” or “refreshing”? Survey method: Internet survey Target: 102 people in their teens to 50s who are interested in beauty Respondent age: 2 in their teens / 10 in their 20s / 49 in their 30s / 26 in their 40s / 15 in their 50s and over Person survey period: June 1, 2023
*When quoting this survey, please specify the source and link to “Beauty Mania” (
Investigation result
[Image 1:×700.png] “Which do you choose, ‘moist’ or ‘refreshing’? As a result of the questionnaire survey, the first place was “Moist (78 people)” and the second place was “Fresh (24 people)”.
[Image 2:×700.png] The first place by age group was as follows.
1st in the teens “Refreshing” 1st in the 20s “Moist” 1st in the 30s “Moist” 1st in the 40s “Moist” 1st in the 50s and over “Moist” 1st place: moist
・I have dry skin, so I prefer a moist type. Choose moist even in the summer. (30s)
・I’m always worried about dryness and want moisture. If it is moist, it seems to have an immediate effect on drying. (Forties)
・I like it because it feels moisturizing. If it’s refreshing, it feels like it’s not moisturizing enough. (Forties)
・Because it is dry skin. Even if the season is summer, we still want moist lotions. (50s)
・I feel that moisturizing is more suitable for my skin because it tends to dry out quickly and makes my skin dry. (30s)
・Since I have dry skin, I feel that a moisturizing product is more moisturizing, so I chose a moisturizing product. (50s)
・If it’s refreshing, my skin will feel dry and unsatisfactory, so I want to choose moist even in summer. (30s)
・When I turned 40, I started to worry about dry skin even in the summer. I tend to choose moist lotions that are highly moisturizing. (Forties)
・Because I have dry skin, I thought that the word “moist” would penetrate my skin (20s)
・I’m worried about dry skin, so I choose a moist type that seems to have a higher moisturizing effect. (30s)
・Moisturizing makes it feel like it has a higher moisturizing power, and you can have an image that you can keep it moisturized for a long time. (Forties)
・I have dry skin all year round, so I don’t feel satisfied unless it has a heavy texture. (Forties)
・I change it depending on the season, but basically I choose moist because I have dry skin. (20’s)
・I have dry skin regardless of the season, so I always want to moisturize my skin, not just my face. Moisturizing makes it easier to apply makeup. (Forties)
・If you use something that is rated as refreshing, it is often dry the next morning (20s)
2nd place: Refreshing
・It’s going to be hot from now on, so something that doesn’t feel sticky and feels refreshing. (50s)
・While drying is moderately suppressed, it is also unpleasant to be too sticky. (30s)
・Because serum and cream are used after lotion, choose a lotion that is refreshing. (20’s)
・I’m worried about my face being moist and sticky. I have oily skin, so I don’t want it to get shiny. (20’s)
・When you get out of the bath, you often sweat and get sticky. Therefore, using a refreshing lotion will refresh your skin and mind. (10’s)
・Summer is refreshing and winter is moist, so I choose both depending on the season. (50s)
・Since I have oily skin, a lotion that says “refreshing” will give me just the right amount of moisture. (30s)
・There are many things that are moist and sticky, but there are few products that are refreshing and sticky (30s)
・I use lotion because it dries my skin. If I choose moist, my skin feels slimy and sticky, so I use refreshing. (Forties)
・Because I don’t like it to feel sticky, so I want to use a refreshing lotion before applying lotion. (30s)
・I don’t like stickiness, so I prefer something as refreshing as possible. (50s) ・In the winter, I like the feeling of being moisturized on my skin, but in the summer, the moisture and sweat on my face make my skin uncomfortable immediately after cleansing, so I think it’s better to keep it fresh. (30s)
“Which do you choose, ‘moist’ or ‘refreshing’? ”, 76.5% of the respondents answered that it was “moist”.
Although there are some people who use both moist and refreshing depending on the season, it was impressive that many people chose moist even in the summer.
As for the answers of those who choose moistness, it was chosen from the good image of those who “are worried about dryness” and
“moisturizing is better and seems to penetrate”. There were some answers that were selected from “The impact on subsequent makeup.” At Sheer Co., Ltd., we regularly conduct questionnaire surveys and disseminate the results to society in order to deliver real
information to society as “beauty information that you really want to know.”
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