Sonova Japan Co., Ltd. Can be used in pools and hot springs! Introducing a waterproof* hearing aid that is absolutely resistant to water and sweat with upgraded functions and performance

Sonova Japan Co., Ltd.
It can be used in both pools and hot springs! Introducing a
waterproof* hearing aid that is absolutely resistant to water and sweat with upgraded functions and performance
Conversation starts to shine, you want to talk more

Sonova Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Patrick Parlor), the Japanese subsidiary of Sonova (Group
Headquarters, Switzerland), which continues to make rapid progress as a world-leading company in hearing and wireless communication devices, From the developing hearing aid brand “Phonak”, the company’s latest waterproof * rechargeable hearing aid model “Audéor Lumiti Life” (brand name: Phonak Oudéor Lumiti, type name: Phonak Audéo L-RL) will be released on June 7, 2023. increase.
[Image 1:×1425.jpg] Phonak’s most advanced and powerful hearing aid ever
[Image 2:×1455.jpg] Reliable waterproof* design: ・Prevents the intrusion of water and moisture*, a uniquely developed robust body ・Can be used in the sea, pool, and hot springs – Reliable design for outdoor enthusiasts Hearing aids that can withstand sweat: ・Fitness sessions and midsummer Equipped with state-of-the-art** technology that expands the enjoyment of conversations with peace of mind when you go out: ・ Newly adopted Phonak’s latest technology “Lumiti” that allows you to enjoy conversations more smoothly and more easily ・ Suitable for various scenes Hearing aids automatically set “good sound” Bluetooth (R) connects iPhone and Android (TM), allowing hands-free calling and listening to music at will
・By linking with a dedicated app, remote control is possible on the app, and convenient health management functions make it possible to check the number of steps, walking distance, and amount of exercise. ・Non-contact type dedicated charger (sold separately) that can be easily charged just by inserting the hearing aid
[Video 2:] Waterproof* and sweatproof proven in rigorous performance tests
[Image 3:×381.png] In addition to the pinless receiver structure that prevents water and moisture from entering, the Audéor Lumity Life features a parylene coating that protects the internal circuitry, a silicone seal that reinforces the seams of the housing, four microphone sound outlets that are not directly exposed to water pressure, and a non-contact type. Adopt charging. As a result of immersion tests and sweat tests using salt water and pool water based on 5 years of use, waterproof performance * that surpasses the international protection grade IP68 has been proven. According to a survey conducted by the company, 93% of hearing aid users remove their hearing aids due to concerns about water and sweat, and more than 86% of hearing aid users answered that they would like to wear hearing aids if they can get wet. *1. Phonak hopes that the launch of Odeor Lumity Life will encourage more people to engage in active activities with peace of mind without worrying about the risk of getting wet or sweaty while wearing hearing aids. *Up to a depth of 50 cm **Phonak source/reference materials: *1 WEB questionnaire survey results of 102 hearing aid users (Surveyed by Sonova Japan in March 2022) About Phonak
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] life begins to move. Founded in 1947, Phonak, a Sonova group based in Stäfa, Switzerland, develops hearing aids and wireless devices. Developed to enrich people’s lives physically, socially and
emotionally, our diverse range of products are used in over 100 countries around the world. For more than 75 years, Phonak has been helping people hear better with our hearing expertise and strong partnerships with hearing care professionals. As a leading company in the hearing field, we will continue to innovate to realize a richer hearing and a happier life for people with hearing loss.
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