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SUNSHINE+CLOUD To Hayama via NY and LA. The visual book “Traveling Aurora Shoes” is completed. Photographed by Yoko Takahashi.

Grown in the Sun Co., Ltd.
To Hayama via NY and LA. The visual book “Traveling Aurora Shoes” is completed. Photographed by Yoko Takahashi.
“Aurora shoes” 30th anniversary of landing in Japan. Commemorating the first rebranding & long-awaited new release

Sae Isshiki, Serina Motola, Yusuke Hanai, etc.
Members related to Hayama’s long-established select shop “SUNSHINE + CLOUD” gathered.
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It has been 30 years since “Aurora Shoes” came to Japan.
As a proposal for a new image of the brand, we produced a visual book “Traveling Aurora Shoes / AS MAGAZINE” photographed by Yoko Takahashi. The book is like a road trip from Aurora Village, New York, USA, where the brand was founded, to Los Angeles, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Hayama, Japan.
Produced by Hayama’s long-established select shop “SUNSHINE+CLOUD”. Sae Isshiki, Serina Motora, who participated as a model, Mariko Hayashi, a designer of jonnlynx who was in charge of styling, and members related to “SUNSHINE + CLOUD” gathered together as a model / production staff.
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AS MAGAZINE – Visual Book Details
Visual book “Traveling Aurora Shoes AS MAGAZINE”
Over-the-counter selling price ¥ 1,100 (¥ 1,000 + tax)
Sae Isshiki / Serina Motora / Yako Koda / Korehide Harada / Seko masaki ● PHOTGRAPHER
He continues his photography trips as if he were doing fieldwork on the lifestyles and cultures of the world.
Actively shooting in Eastern Europe, mainly in the former Soviet Union. His tranquil photographic expressions and color photographs based on his unique sense of color have received high acclaim both at home and abroad.
2010 Returned from San Francisco. He is the author of numerous publications, including “SAN FRANCISCO DREAM,” which summarizes 10 years in San Francisco.

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■ New work “Natural Roughout”
Sales (limited production) of “Natural Roughout” will start as a new product of Aurora shoes.
At Hayama SUNSHINE+CLOUD / Daikanyama G.O.D. / Amami PARADISE STORE Sales and reservations for “Natural Roughout” will start.
Please enjoy the trajectory of Aurora Shoes that connects the past and the future.
   MIDDLE ENGLISH : ¥39,600 (tax in)
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NORTH PACIFIC: ¥46,200 (tax included)
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● New product release date June 9, 2023 (Friday) ~ (at each directly managed store)
Daikanyama G.O.D.
AURORA SHOES WEB SITE (online store)
*Benefits: Those who purchase or reserve the Aurora Shoes between 6/9 (Fri.) and 7/2 (Sun.) will receive a visual book “Traveling Aurora Shoes AS MAGAZINE”.
* * As a launch event, on 6/11 (Sun.), we are planning to hold a food event “Lunch and WINE & BEER GARDEN at night” by ohanaya, a well-known natural wine bar in Zushi, at SUNSHINE+CLOUD. .
Details will be announced on the store website news and Instagram @sunshine_cloud_hayama.
ohanaya Instagram @ohanaya
● Directly managed store information
2151-1 Isshiki, Hayama-cho, Miura-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL: 046-876-0746
OPEN: 11:00-18:00 / Closed on Mondays
20-6 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3477-2620
OPEN: 12:00-18:00 / Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
1257-12 Yoan, Kasari-cho, Amami-shi, Kagoshima
Phone: 0997-63-2773
OPEN: 10:00-17:00 / Closed on Tuesdays
■ What is “Aurora Shoes”?
Aurora shoes are handmade in Aurora Village, population 500, in northwestern New York.
Each one is carefully made by hand by craftsmen.
Once you put them on, they will become very familiar with your feet and become a pair of shoes that you will love.
USA official website:
Japan official website:
Instagram: @aurorashoeco_sunshine_cloud
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Sunshine Plus Cloud started quietly in 1995 in the seaside town of Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture.
As a shop with a unique view of the world, we create original products that are particular about materials and colors, select imported products that you can’t find anywhere else, black and white photos, and catalogs that capture everyday life. Others have also received support. In 2013, a recreational facility was renovated, and it has taken root in Hayama as a local community store, not only selling food, selling flowers, and holding photo exhibitions.

[Image 18:×856.jpg] SUNSHINE + CLOUD
2151-1 Isshiki, Hayama-cho, Miura-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture
Open: 11:00-18:00
Closed: Mondays
[Inquiries regarding this release]
Organizer : GROWN IN THE SUN
TEL : 046-876-0746 / MAIL :
Official website:
Instagram: @sunshine_cloud_hayama

Details about this release:

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