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Survey results What do you want your children to learn to survive the coming AI era? First place is “programming”!

ARINA Co., Ltd.
[Survey results] What do you want your children to learn to survive the coming AI era? First place is “programming”!
research report

The educational media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori”
( for parents of infants and elementary school students operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. We conducted a
questionnaire survey of Mr. We will publish the results.
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Survey method: Internet survey Number of people surveyed: 200 (10s: 1, 20s: 37, 30s: 90, 40s: 51, 50s: 14, 60s and over: 7) Survey subject : ARINA Co., Ltd. Survey period: May 20, 2023 Survey report: Please use the URL
Investigation result
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “What do you want your child to learn to survive in the coming AI age?”, the first place was “programming”.
1st place: programming
・If you have programming knowledge, I think any company will need it.・In order to be able to get along well with AI without fear, I would like you to learn how to think about the program that leads to its mechanism.・Programming is now taught at school, so I think it will be a necessary skill in the future.・If you can do programming, you can keep up with AI knowledge.・I think that AI will evolve further in the future, and various industries will revolve around AI in terms of work.・I want them to study the basics of AI.・Because the ability to think and derive answers by yourself grows.
2nd place: communication skills
・I don’t think AI can communicate with warmth.・Because we often face letters and screens, and the direct relationship between people is decreasing.・Even in the age of AI, I think it is necessary to be able to talk to people and read their thoughts, so I think it would be advantageous to be able to communicate smoothly with people.・In recent years, AI robots have been introduced in various workplaces and shops, and in the future, AI with more intelligence and AI that can talk will increase, so I think that communication skills are
necessary.・Communication skills are essential for people to talk to each other.・If you only talk through a machine, you won’t be able to understand the other person’s true feelings.
3rd place: Creativity
・Since even AI was created by humans, I believe that human creation has immeasurable power.・In an age when it is said that various occupations will be replaced by AI, I think that the ability to create something from scratch will be a strength.・I don’t think we can live in the present age with the existing way of thinking. I believe that it is necessary to think about and implement things that people are not doing, and to acquire the first-mover advantage.・I think that if you cultivate creativity, you can’t find it even with AI.・I want them to be as creative as machines.・Because I think it is necessary to have the ability to think about things that only humans can do.
. . 4th place: Thinking ability
・Because we are in a dangerous era when it is not possible to judge whether AI is real or fake.・Because I think it is important to have the ability to think that can be used as a means rather than relying on AI.・Because I want you to be able to think and judge with common sense so that you will not be deceived by fake news.・Although AI is a convenient tool for work, it does not have much ability to judge the accuracy of the information it collects and whether it is good or bad, so it is essential to acquire the ability to think so as not to be swayed by incorrect information. Because I think・Because it is necessary to draw a line between “current situation” and “what AI can and cannot do” in order to become a user instead of being used by AI. It is expected that the width and span of change will become faster and faster, so it will be necessary to have the ability to think carefully and act.・I think what AI can do is to embody human thinking. 5th place: Independence
・Because people with independence always succeed.・It is thought that the digital native generation will learn the basics such as
programming during compulsory education, so in order to develop from there and think and act on their own and connect it to a profession, they should be proactive rather than passive. Because I think it’s important to live with・Because I want you to create your own work and make a living.・Because independence is lacking year by year.・Because I think that you can get a life that suits you by thinking and acting for yourself, not just what people tell you.・I think I have to carve out my own life. I want them to be able to decide what they want to do by themselves, and I want them to be able to act responsibly. No one will help me when I grow up.
6th place: Challenge spirit
・Because you don’t know what will happen unless you try anything without fear of failure.・Currently, computers and programming are essential for children’s classes and cram schools, so in order to survive in the AI ​​era, acquire the mental strength to challenge various things and be positive about everything without being shaken. Because I want you to challenge me.・Because I think that everything starts when you are interested, I would like you to try anything and find what suits you.・This is an era where many things are new and changing at a dizzying pace. I want you to know that it’s okay to fail.・Because I’m afraid of failing, I’m worried that my unwillingness to try new things will narrow my future possibilities.
7th place: Action power
・I think that no matter how much you study, it depends on whether you actually put it into action or not. As long as you take action, the road will spread and personal connections will be created. I think that step is very important.・In the future, further development of AI technology and the emergence of new AI services are expected, and I think that the use of the latest technology such as ChatGPT will be required both in business and in private, so how to actively collect and use information on your own. Because it is thought that it is necessary to acquire the ability to take action to learn.・Since we are in an era where AI can do most things, I would like people to find their own way while making good use of AI and become a person who can take action. I feel that the ability to take action is always important.・Movement is the most important thing. The time will come when AI will win.
8th place: Other
・”Kansei” Kansei, including the five senses, cannot be understood or conveyed by AI alone. No matter how quickly and accurately programming can be done, I don’t think it’s meaningful if you don’t have the basic human sensibility.・”English ability” Because English is becoming more and more necessary.・”Financial education” If you manage your limited money well, you can survive even if your income is low.
[Summary] In this survey, what do you want your children to learn in order to survive in the coming AI era? 1st place was programming. There was an opinion that it is necessary to have communication, creativity, and the ability to think independently and take action, which are important in the AI ​​era. Parents will be taught various things from children who learned programming… Such a day is approaching. As stated in the questionnaire, the ability to think about how to use AI, how to make decisions and choices in an information society, and the ability to develop technologies that will emerge in the future. Both children and adults need strength. ARINA Co., Ltd. will contribute to society so that as many people as possible can create a better home learning environment through the media “Ouchi Kyozai no Mori” operated by ARINA Co., Ltd.
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