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Synchro Food Co., Ltd. “Tsukuba Express” × “Mobimaru” Started a lively creation project using a kit chen car under the elevated Misato Chuo Station

Synchro Food Co., Ltd.
“Tsukuba Express” × “Mobimaru” Launched project to create liveliness using kitchen cars under elevated Misato Chuo Station

Mobimaru operated by Synchro Food Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Shinichi Fujishiro, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) and Metropolitan New Urban Railway Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koichi Yuzuki, Head Office: Tokyo), which operates Tsukuba Express (TX). Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) will cooperate with each other and implement a project to create a lively atmosphere with the aim of improving the value along the railway line using kitchen cars (mobile sales vehicles). As the first step, from June 15th this year, we will open a kitchen car under the elevated Misato Chuo Station.
Implementation overview
“Tsukuba Express” × “Mobimaru” Lively Creation Project
In collaboration with Mobimaru, we aim to improve the value of the line by providing food that meets the needs of the region and creating a lively atmosphere for residents living along the TX line through food trucks.
(1) Period: June 15, 2023 to March 31, 2024 *
(2) Time: 11:00 to 18:00 (hours may be shortened due to weather) (3) Location: Under the elevated TX Misato Chuo Station
(4) Details of store openings: A wide range of businesses are planned, from lunch menus to sweets and cafe menus.
*Specific store opening dates and vendor information will be announced on the TX and Mobimaru websites.
[Image 1:×404.png] Misato Chuo Station Underpass
About Mobimaru
Mainly in residential areas and downtown areas, we offer various types of jigs on a daily/weekly basis in open spaces of office buildings, parks, stations, and other idle land.
[Image 2:×294.png] Develop a kitchen car (mobile sales vehicle). We meet a wide range of needs, from shopping needs in residential areas, lunch needs in office areas, and take-out deli that you can enjoy at home after work. Furthermore, by developing various mobile sales vehicles called MOBIX (Mobility Box) in addition to food trucks, it is possible to create a culture of “going to the store” and “coming to the store” and moving. Taking advantage of this advantage, we are revitalizing housing complexes, parks, shopping streets, etc. and regional revitalization *.
[Management site]
* Since 2019, we have been implementing a regional revitalization project that utilizes kitchen cars. As one of them, we are promoting a project to improve the value of areas along railway lines in collaboration with railway companies. So far, we have collaborated with more than 10 railway-related companies to open stores such as kitchen cars in front of stations and under elevated tracks, creating local bustle and conducting station-front marketing.
[Image 3:×456.png] Efforts to open food trucks in front of the station so far
About Synchro Food Co., Ltd.
Based on the vision of “spreading the happiness that comes from diverse eating and drinking experiences throughout Japan and around the world,” we operate “,” a platform that supports restaurant management and operation. By making the most of technology and simply and speedily providing various options such as “people, goods, information, and services” necessary for opening and operating restaurants, we will develop the restaurant industry and help people involved. We will continue to contribute to happiness.
[Headquarters] Ebisu South One 3F, 1-7-8 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo [Representative] Representative Director Shinichi Fujishiro
[Listing Market] Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market
[Main operation site]
・ Restaurant opening and operation support site “ (”
・ Recruitment site specializing in the restaurant industry “Job restaurant dot com” (
・ Store design portal site “Store Design.COM” ( ・ Kitchen car sharing / matching site “Mobimaru” ( ・ Recruitment information site specializing in the interior and construction industries “Job @ Interior Design”
For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact the following. Synchro Food Co., Ltd. Public Relations Imanishi and Oki
Address: Ebisu South One, 1-7-8 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-5768-9522 Mail:
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