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The first serialized novel of the first issue will be released on the web for a limited time! The cover and t able of contents of the new all-genre magazine “spin” No. 4 (scheduled to be released on June 27) have been released .

Kawade Shobo Shinsha
[The first serialized novel of the first issue will be released on the web for a limited time! ] The cover and table of contents of the new all-genre magazine “spin” No. 4 (scheduled to be released on June 27) have been released.
The “Words” on the cover is Tahi Saihate, a poet. The serialization of Saika’s “Poetry” dedicated to the character has started. Music creator PinocchioP appears for the first time!

Kawade Shobo Shinsha Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director Yu Onodera) is pleased to present the “cover” and “cover” of No. 4 of the all-genre new magazine “spin” scheduled to be released on Tuesday, June 27, 2023. Publish the table of contents.
[Image 1:×1191.png] Illustrated by Paul cox
The 4th issue of “spin” that transcends genres!
New all-genre magazine “spin”. On the “cover” of each issue, a newly written “word” with the theme of “bookmarks of” words “in everyday life” will be posted. The 4th issue is “Words” by poet Tahi Saihate. In addition, the paper for the “cover” and “table of contents” is a collaboration with paper specialty trading company Takeo Co., Ltd., and we use different “paper” for each issue, such as paper that is currently in stock and new paper. We are here.
In No. 4, the cover uses “currently stocked paper” and the table of contents uses “newly born paper”.
○ Cover paper = “Lumina Card” (white) *Limited to current stock ○ Contents paper = “FAVINI TOKYO” (ivory) *New product
The cover will be delivered on the first cast coated paper of “spin / spin”. By all means, please pick up the actual product and enjoy it visually and tactilely (see also the series “Paper Names”).
“Table of Contents” of “spin” No. 4 released
[Image 2:×1190.jpg]
[Image 3:×1190.jpg] A gorgeous novel series that transcends genres (Michi Ichiho, Mika Omori, Sekai Ozaki, Riku Onda, Ryomi Suzuki, Shunichi Doba, Shu Fujisawa), as well as a new series No. 4 & Featured works will be delivered.
A new series by poet Tahi Saihate for the second consecutive issue! A series of “poetry” dedicated to characters by Saika has started, “My eyes are reflected in the blood of the characters”. The first is “Jujutsu Kaisen Poetry Collection”. Please stay tuned.
The short story “The Witch of New York” by up-and-coming Kaoru Sakazaki decorates the beginning of the book. The setting is America in the 1890s. What is the world’s first electric chair show “Witch’s Electric Chair”?
Please also pay attention to the novel “Arabian Nights” (short story) by writer Sohei Wakusaka, and “Okiyome” (short story) by Fumiko Ohama, who won the Izumi Kyoka Literature Award last year.
Music creator PinocchioP appears for the first time in “spin”. The “lyrics” thrown into the world of impermanence, and the “essay” about creation are must-reads.
We will deliver “Shojo novels” that we want you to read now & that are quietly booming in “Small feature”. Please enjoy the timeless charm of these novels in the essays by Michiko Aoyama (author) and Madoka Yamazaki (columnist), and “10 Girls’ Novels I Want to Read Now” by Keiko Saga (writer and book reviewer).
Tahi Saihate’s serialization “Tokidoki ni Koi no Invitation” started in the previous issue. The second guest is columnist Kamiko Inuyama. Please look forward to the hot back-and-forth correspondence between Mr. Saika and Mr. Inuyama about “Takarazuka”!
Of course, pay attention to essays and columns by various writers. The essay is by Jinichi Murakami, the editor-in-chief of the popular new magazine “Shashin” that was launched last year, and the column is by entertainer Junnosuke Idei (Yarens), and “The Story of the Book” is by graphic designer Takanobu Kimiwa. Contributed by Mr.
In addition to voice actor Soma Saito’s unique serialized essay “Let’s buy a book, let’s go to the city”, book reviewer and game author Yuma Watanabe’s serialized “Poetry Story”, and a popular serialized book review ” Out-of-print bookstores: hard-to-find but great books”, manga artist Haruko Ichikawa and bookstore clerk Mina Umezaki talk about their passion for “out-of-print books.”
Writer Makoto Tobeta will visit Kato Bookbinding Co., Ltd. for the collaborative project “Paper Story” with Takeo Co., Ltd.!
[New series]
・Saika Tahi My eyes are reflected in the character’s blood
――The 1st Jujutsu Kaisen Poetry Collection
[short story]
・ Kaoru Sakazaki New York Witch
・ Wakusaka Souhei Arabian Nights
[short short]
・ Fumiko Ohama OKYOME
· Jinichi Murakami A magazine called “Photography”
[Special post about the lyrics]
・PinocchioP Lyrics Do you have internal organs/Essay Hatsune Miku without internal organs
[Serial novel]
・ Michi Ichiho Highland Bihoshigaoka (4th)
・Mika Omori Flowers and Leaves (3rd)
・ Ozaki’s view of the world Sliding love (4th)
・ Riku Onda, and in the afternoon when the goldfish bowl overflows (Part 4) ・Suzuki Suzuki: A color is a daughter in an elegant melody (4th) ・Shunichi Doba Series Crime and Crime (4th)
・ Shu Fujisawa  Rikyu Afterglow (4th)
[Serial correspondence]
・ Saihate Tahi Sometimes an invitation to love
――A record of the performance of the Takarazuka performance from the poet to various people. (2nd) Guest: Kamiko Inuyama
[Small Special Feature Shojo Novel / I Want to Read a Shojo Novel Now] ・ Michiko Aoyama Essay At the Exit of the Labyrinth
・Madoka Yamazaki Essay Sequel to Girls’ Generation
・Keiko Saga 10 novels for girls that I want to read right now [Paper story]
・Makoto Tobeta: A book is born
[Story of Poetry/Paradise of Poetry Poetry of Hell]
・ Yuma Watanabe 4th: The key to appreciating haiku through “The sound of old ponds and frogs jumping into the water”
[Book story]
・Takanobu Koba #Chiba Lu and I
[Serialized book review/out of print bookstore, a hard-to-find but amazing book] ・ Haruko Ichikawa Pretty garden of bookshelves
・Mina Umezaki: Unrequited love
[Serialized Essay/Buy a book, go to town. ]
・ Soma Saito 4th “In the Passenger Seat”
[Column Days]
・Shunnosuke Idei
[Paper name]
The first issue of “serialized novels” of the first issue of “spin” is released on the web.
Thank you for the many inquiries about the sold-out first issue. In order to respond to the voices that the first serialized novel cannot be read, it will be released on the “spin” web page for a limited time from June 27 (Tuesday), the official release date of No. 4. Please take a look!
We are still accepting the special “special bookmark 3-sheet set” that you can subscribe to from any issue. For details, please see the following [“Spin / Spin” Subscription Information”]. thank you. “spin” Vol.4 Bibliographic information
■ Magazine name/issue number: Spin No. 4
■ Magazine code: 07822-07 (Bungei Summer 2023 extra edition) List price: 330 yen (tax included)
■Specifications: A5 size/normally made, flat-stitched/160P
■ Release date: June 27, 2023 (Tuesday)
■ Book design: Akira Sasaki
Illustration: Paul Cox
■ Text illustrations: Izumi Shiokawa ■ Cooperation: Takeo Co., Ltd.
■ Bibliographic page
■ “spin” Web page
[Information about “spin” subscription]
*Please order a regular subscription at a bookstore.
* Those who apply for an annual subscription will receive a special “spin” bookmark.
* Please see below for details on the “special bookmark 3-piece set” that you can always get with a regular subscription for No. 4.
Details about this release:

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