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The tabloid newspaper “Ultra Seven 55th Anniversary Special Issue” will be released! Sports report

Hochi Shimbun Co., Ltd.
The tabloid newspaper “Ultra Seven 55th Anniversary Special Issue” will be released! [Sports report]
July 22nd (Saturday) premiere pre-sale, nationwide release from 29th (Sat)
Hochi Shimbun Co., Ltd. (President: Hirohiko Yoda), which publishes “Sports Hochi”, has released the tabloid newspaper “Ultra Seven 55” with the full cooperation of Tsuburaya Productions in line with the 55th anniversary memorial year of the national special effects hero “Ultra Seven”. We will issue a special anniversary issue (24 pages in full color + 8 pages of extracted posters). The “Special Limited Edition” with goods will be pre-released at the “Ultra Heroes EXPO 2023 Summer Festival” (commonly known as Ursama) held in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro from Saturday, July 22nd. From the 29th (Saturday), the “general regular version” will be sold at convenience stores nationwide (excluding some regional stores) and others. The special limited edition with goods is limited in number and is 770 yen including tax in connection with Seven. The regular version is 550 yen including tax in connection with the 55th anniversary. We will inform you about details such as goods from time to time. It is a gorgeous content suitable for the anniversary, and also includes a special feature of the new program “Ultraman Blazer” (TV Tokyo series, every Saturday from 9:00 am) starting on July 8th. Please stay tuned.
[Image 1:×925.jpg] Ultra Seven 55th Anniversary Official Key Visual (C) Tsuburaya Pro A self-confident work presented by “Sci-Fi Hochi”
Sports Hochi, which self-identifies as “Special Effects Hochi”, has so far published “Ultraman Series 45th Anniversary Special Issue” (2011), “Ultra Seven 45th Anniversary Special Issue” (2012), “Tsuraya Productions 50th Anniversary Special Issue” (2013) 2016), “50th anniversary special issue of Ultraman series” (2016), “50th
anniversary special issue of Ultra Seven” (2017) and “Ultra Newspaper” published five times in total, this time the sixth issue for the first time in six years. becomes.
Recruiting memorable “three episodes”
In commemoration of the release of this “Ultra Seven 55th Anniversary Special Edition”, Sports Hochi is soliciting memorable “three episodes” from fans under the title of “three episodes that I choose”. Recruitment starts at 10:00 am on July 1st (deadline is July 10th) using the entry form on the special site of the sports report news site ( 5 people will be selected by lottery from among the voters and will be presented with autographed colored paper by Koji Moritsugu, who played Dan Moroboshi. Voting results will be announced on the pre-sale date of the special limited edition.
[Image 2:×588.jpg] Ultraseven 55th Anniversary Official Commemorative Logo (C) Tsuburaya Pro <