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Tmall Global, Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce, partnered with All Nippon Airways group company “Haitao” to export new products to China for Tmall 618 Shopping Festival

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Tmall Global, Alibaba’s cross-border e-commerce, partnered with All Nippon Airways group company “Haitao” to export new products to China for Tmall 618 Shopping Festival

Alibaba’s cross-border EC platform “Tmall Global (Tmall Global)” will hold China’s largest EC sale “Tmall 618 Shopping Festival” on June 6th, with pre-sales starting from May 26th. (hereinafter referred to as 618), we have announced a partnership with All Nippon Airways Group company “All Nippon Airways Haitao” to export new products to China.
[Image 1:×1125.png] ANA Haitai and Tmall Global announce new product exports to China ahead of 618 Through this partnership, Tmall Global will be able to introduce more new brands and products with local flavor from various parts of Japan to Chinese consumers. At the Tmall Global All Nippon Airways overseas flagship store, over 3,000 unique and high-quality local products, including the local sake “Kaze no Mori Junmai Daiginjo” exclusively for All Nippon Airways’ first class, and the completely new type of sake “Nihonzakari”. It offers. In addition, original sake labeled Takaya Aoyagi from the long-established sake brewery “Tanabe Takeshita Sake Brewery” in Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture, sparkling lemon liquor “MIKADO LEMON” from Misumijima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Docpal’s pet lotion, etc. are available at travel destinations in Japan. You can also buy rare local branded products that are only available here. As China’s demand for overseas travel recovers, ANA will seek out more authentic and up-to-date Japanese products and quickly deliver them to Chinese consumers through Tmall Global to bring home specialties from overseas travel destinations. We strive to eliminate the need to carry a lot of luggage.
The features of the 618 sales battle on Tmall Global this year are not only ANA overseas flagship stores, but also the Japanese drug store “Matsumotokiyoshi”, Germany’s first-class daily goods supermarket “dm”, Thailand’s popular beauty brand “MISTINE”, and the largest outlet group in the United States. More than 100 famous brands from around the world, such as “Shop Premium Outlets,” offer great prices, and an environment is being created in which travelers can enjoy overseas travel without having to bring back souvenirs.
RECLO, a resale site specializing in Japanese luxury brands, has prepared more than 10,000 luxury brand products in its warehouse in Tokyo for 618, and plans to offer 30% of them at a special discount price. In order to maintain the quantity, we plan to add 100 new products every day.
[Image 2:×715.jpg] Tmall Global Bonded Warehouse
Tmall Global provides one-stop China cross-border e-commerce solutions for overseas brands, including pickup, customs clearance, warehousing, and domestic delivery in China. In addition, we cooperate with professional institutions to carry out quality inspection, and Chinese consumers can scan the traceability authenticity label of the product to obtain detailed information on all processes, such as raw materials, manufacturing plants, overseas warehouses, and
international transportation. Confirmation is possible. Tmall Global will continue to support overseas brands entering China and expanding their business.
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