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Tokushima Prefecture Looking for new catchphrases!

[Tokushima Prefecture] Looking for new catchphrases!
-Attractive new “Tokushima”! Project~

In Tokushima Prefecture, we are accepting applications for “New Catchphrases” suitable for “Tokushima New Era” and “Exciting Tokushima” from June 9th (Friday)!
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New catchphrase (image)
・”Innovative” items that symbolize “Tokushima’s new era” and “exciting Tokushima”
・ “Attractive” things that will lead to PR and increase the attention of the prefecture
・Things that can be “associated” with “Tokushima Prefecture” Recruitment period
 From Friday, June 9, 2023 to Monday, July 31, 2023
Application method
 The new catchphrase should be “approximately 20 characters or less”, write down the “reason for the proposal”, and apply from the “Imakore! Tokushima Box” input form in the Prefectural Suggestion Box. Any number of entries per person can be submitted.
○ Click here to apply (Prefectural Suggestion Box)
*Application forms are available at the Eastern Prefectural Offices, Prefectural Citizens Offices, municipal offices, etc.
Supplementary prize
 The best prize: 30,000 yen worth of “prefectural products”, etc. others
・ For more information on recruitment, please visit the Tokushima Prefecture website
Please see ( ・The new catchphrase that has been decided will be used for the prefecture’s PR, such as on staff business cards and name tags. Details about this release:

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