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Tokyo 03 continues to feature Kumiko AsoSatofuru’s new TV commercial to start airing on June 17

Satoful Co., Ltd.
Tokyo 03 continues to feature Kumiko AsoSatofuru’s new TV commercial to start airing on June 17
~ Memorable episodes related to local cuisine are also released ~
Satoful Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Fujii), which operates the hometown tax portal site “Satofuru” (, is a comedian “Tokyo 03”. Satoshi Iizuka, Akihiro Tsunoda, Akinaga Toyomoto, and actress Kumiko Aso, new TV commercials “That’s None”, “Local Soy Sauce”, and “Satofuru Day” (each 15 seconds) will be broadcast from June 17, 2023.
■ Image
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] The stage is the house of Toyomoto-san and Aso-san’s couple, just like last year. The story progresses while enjoying a variety of local products, spreading gifts of hometown tax donations in the garden. The series is scheduled to air its sequels by the end of the year. Also, this year, in addition to TV commercials, we will release 6-second and 15-second off-shot videos of people enjoying gifts from all over the country during filming as web advertisements.
CM overview
Title: “That’s None”, “Local Soy Sauce”, “Satofuru no Hi” (15 seconds each) Starring: Tokyo 03, Kumiko Aso
Broadcast start date: June 17, 2023
commercial video
shooting episode
Shooting started as soon as the four entered the studio. Mr. Iizuka was surprised, saying, “It’s already the real thing!?” During the shooting, in response to the director’s recklessness, everyone laughed at Mr. Tsunoda’s ad-libbed words, and Mr. Aso said, “Ah, it’s fun!” In between shootings, we tasted the gifts used on the set and shared our impressions, saying, “It’s really delicious!”
Interview with Kumiko Aso, Tokyo 03
[Image 2:×800.jpg] Q. Do you have any impressions from this shoot?
A. Mr. Tsunoda: It’s the number of stories I took. I was wondering if all of them were really used, but they seem to be used properly. I would like to confirm.
*The sequel will be released sequentially towards the end of the year. Mr. Aso: It’s the same every time, but all the dishes served during filming are delicious. Even after the shoot was over, the fun memories we had together remain.
Q. Please tell us about your memories of local cuisine.
A. Mr. Iizuka: Last time I went to Sapporo for the first time in 4 years, I ate Genghis Khan for the first time in 4 years. That was great.
Mr. Tsunoda: When I was a student, I was impressed by all the local dishes I ate in Okinawa for the first time. Taco rice, Okinawa soba, bitter gourd champuru… anything I ate was the best. Above all, Okinawa was the best.
Mr. Toyomoto: I’m going to go all over the country on a solo live tour, but when I had delicious soba noodles in Nagano, Mr. Tsunoda couldn’t eat it because he was allergic to soba, so he was the only one who ate stone-baked bibimbap.
Mr. Aso: A long time ago, when I went to Hokkaido for a movie campaign, I talked about “crab” in a newspaper interview. We had a delicious crab dish that night.
Q. Are there any areas you would like to visit this summer?
A. Iizuka-san: It would be great if we could go on a trip to Okinawa, where we can’t even go to our solo live this year.
Tsunoda: I want to go to Okinawa.
Mr. Toyomoto: I want to go to places like Hokkaido where the food is not steamed.
Aso: I want to go to Hokkaido and enjoy delicious food.
Q. In last year’s interview, you told us about your favorite thank-you gifts. A. Mr. Aso: Every year, we donate local Chiba strawberries to our hometown tax. Q. Please tell us the highlights of this commercial.
A. Mr. Iizuka: In this long-running commercial series, I still haven’t stubbornly played “Satofuru” yet, will I finally start “Satofuru”? I would like to draw your attention here.
Mr. Tsunoda: The exchanges are interesting again this year, so please watch the whole story!
Mr. Toyomoto: Just like last time, it’s set in my garden, but for some reason I’ve moved.
Mr. Aso: This time, Mr. Tokyo 03’s dialogue is really interesting. I hope you look forward to it.
Story outline
[“It is not” version]
“Write hometown tax,” said Mr. Tsunoda, who began the Ogiri project alone. When Mr. Iizuka sharply retorted, “There is nothing to read as” Satofuru “,” Mr. Tsunoda replied dissatisfiedly, “Why?” Mr. Iizuka said, “I don’t read anything.” Mr. Tsunoda, who is not, has become an impressive content.
[“Local soy sauce” version]
In the garden of Mr. Toyomoto’s house, dishes made with local soy sauce are lined up. Mr. and Mrs. Toyomoto, Mr. and Mrs. Aso said, “I’m ‘satofuru’ from various places”, “It’s delicious and fun,” and talk about enjoying local soy sauce with hometown tax. When Mr. Tsunoda says, “Soy sauce is unique, isn’t it?” Mr. Tsunoda replied, “Boneless daimyo,” and the story ended with laughter.
[What is Satoful Day?]
When Mr. Toyomoto started to explain to Mr. Iizuka, “What is ‘Satofuru Day’?” “Iizuka, do you know what ‘Satofuru’s Day’ means?” Mr. Tsunoda’s unexplained comment, “Oh, yeah, it’s ‘Satoful Day’, isn’t it?” It is a comical content where you nod each other and an indescribable air flows.
[“It is not” version]
[Image 3:×1080.jpg]
[Image 4:×1080.jpg] Mr. Tsunoda: “Write hometown tax.”
Mr. Iizuka: “There’s no such thing as ‘Satofuru’.”
Tsunoda: “Why?”
Mr. Iizuka: “I don’t read it, no matter what, right?”
Mr. Toyomoto: “It’s irreverent, ‘Satofuru’ will be misunderstood.” Mr. Tsunoda: “Well, what are you reading?”
NA.: Hometown tax is Satoful
[“Local soy sauce” version]
[Image 5:×1080.jpg]
[Image 6:×1080.jpg] Mr. Iizuka: “Good soy sauce”
Mr. Aso: “Soy sauce is ‘Satofuru’ from various places.”
Toyomoto: “It’s delicious and fun.”
Mr. Tsunoda: “Soy sauce is unique, isn’t it?”
Mr. Iizuka: “What is the uniqueness of this soy sauce in one word?” Mr. Tsunoda: “Boneless Daimyo”
NA.: Hometown tax is Satoful
[What is Satoful Day?]
[Image 7:×1080.jpg]
[Image 8:×1080.jpg] Mr. Toyomoto: “What is ‘Satofuru Day’?”
Mr. Tsunoda: “Oh, it’s me.”
Mr. Tsunoda: “Iizuka, do you know what the ‘Satofuru Day’ is?” Mr. Iizuka: “I understand, it’s Day.”
Mr. Tsunoda: “Yeah, yeah, it’s ‘Satoful Day’, isn’t it?”
Toyomoto: “Details later”
NA.: Hometown tax is Satoful
■ About Satoful Co., Ltd.
Satoful Co., Ltd. promotes regional revitalization through hometown tax donations (donations to local governments). Based on the concept of “a portal site for hometown support and hometown tax payment that brings together “full” hometown charm and “full” energy in your hometown”, “Satoful” selects local governments and thank-you gifts for donors. , apply for donations, and pay donations. For local
governments, we provide a service that comprehensively handles the operations necessary for the operation of hometown tax donations, such as soliciting donations and accepting applications, collecting donations, inventory management and delivery of thank-you gifts. In addition, we operate the regional information site “Furusato Kozuchi” (, which publishes initiatives for regional revitalization using hometown tax.
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