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Tokyo Three smart service implementation promoters have been selected for the “Tokyo Smart Service Implementation Promotion Project”!

“Tokyo Smart Service Implementation Promotion Project” Three smart service implementation promotion companies have been decided!
In fiscal 2022, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government launched the “Tokyo Smart Service Implementation Promotion Project” with the aim of realizing “Smart Tokyo.” In this project, we aim to speedily implement more than 60 smart services (*1) by startups in three years in the entire Tokyo area.
This time, we have selected three companies as “smart service implementation promoters” to support service implementation by startups in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This year, together with the three companies selected last year (*2), a total of six smart service implementation promoters and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will work together to promote initiatives aimed at creating diverse values.
*1 A service that contributes to improving the QOL of Tokyo residents by utilizing the power of digital technology, etc.
*2 TIS Co., Ltd., Plug and Play Japan Co., Ltd., and Bourne Rex Co., Ltd. (in alphabetical order)
1 About the selected smart service implementation promoter
(1) Select startups, etc. to implement smart services, and cooperate with other business operators to provide necessary support for startups to implement.
(2) Implementation of 20 or more smart services per business over the period of the agreement (up to 3 years)
Support (The selection of startups, etc. will be done by each smart service implementation promotion business operator)
(3) PR cooperation with Tokyo residents regarding the usefulness of smart services, etc.
[Selected businesses (in alphabetical order)] * See attachment for details
[Table 4: ]
[Table 5: ]
[Table 6: ]
* Examples of expected fields such as startups to support may change depending on future circumstances.
2 Details of support from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
(1) We will pay an agreement fee according to the results to the smart service implementation promoter every fiscal year.
(2) In addition, support such as networking and mentoring among business operators promoting smart service implementation
I will.
[Image 1:×714.png] 3 Others
Details of the business, future implementation and development will be sent from the following special site.
Special site URL:
[Image 2:×91.png] This project is a project to promote the “Future Tokyo” strategy. Strategy 10 Smart Tokyo / TOKYO Data Highway Strategy “Early realization project for social implementation using data”
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