Toyohashi City Wanted! Startup power! “Would you like to solve Toyohashi’s issues together?”

Toyohashi City
I want it! Startup power! “Would you like to solve Toyohashi’s issues together?” ~Urban Innovation TOYOHASHI~

Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, is looking for startups that can work together to solve the issues faced by the city. The city side will back up by providing support funds for development and
cooperating in demonstration experiments. We are waiting for companies that can challenge together! Applications are accepted until June 25th.
[Image 1:×1754.jpg] About Urban Innovation TOYOHASHI
[Image 2:×1080.jpg]  Toyohashi City is developing a project called “Urban Innovation TOYOHASHI” that aims to solve regional and administrative issues together with startups aiming to create new businesses and services and city officials.
For details, please visit Once adopted
 From the Toyohashi City side
1. Meeting once a week with the department in charge for service development 2. Cooperation with demonstration experiments (providing information, coordinating with stakeholders, providing demonstration sites, etc.) 3. Providing financial support for development
can be received.
*The amount of support will be decided according to the content of the proposal, with the upper limit of 500,000 yen per team.
Issues that Toyohashi City wants to solve
1. “Don’t ask me, ‘Am I eligible for benefits?’! Development and demonstration of welfare service guidance that is easy for everyone to understand!”
(Disability Welfare Division)
2. “I want to use remote sensing such as drones and satellites to perform more reliable inspections of coastal protection facilities!” (Farmland Development Division)
3. “I want to make the “do” complicated procedures for opening school sports facilities convenient with smart locks and reservation systems!”
(“Sports City” Development Division)
4. “I want to use the 3D city model to create exciting use cases together!” (City Planning Division)
 2 of the 4 themes will be adopted.
Task 1: “I am not eligible for benefits? I won’t let you say that anymore! Development and demonstration of welfare service information that is easy for everyone to understand! ”
[Image 3:×733.jpg] What the Disability Welfare Division is looking for is a solution that allows “anyone” and “anytime” and “easily” to know the information on welfare services that can be received by having a disability certificate. There is a problem that it is difficult to investigate complex and wide-ranging welfare services on your own. The city is looking for ways to respond to the increasing number of inquiries by phone and to provide information to people who cannot obtain information on the Internet.
This time, the assumed demonstration experiment will target people who have a mental disability certificate. The number of people with a mental disability certificate is increasing nationwide, and in Toyohashi City, the number of newly acquired people increased from about 200 in 2017 to about 400 in 2022. doubled. As the number of people is expected to increase in the future, we aim to create services such as chatbots and voicebots to improve citizen services. ◆Comment from the department in charge
[Image 4:×734.jpg] This time, we will proceed with the demonstration experiment targeting people who have a mental disability certificate, but if it goes well, we would like to expand the target to those who have a physical disability certificate, which has more recipients.
Also, in the future, people will be able to easily obtain the information they want at any time through a variety of means, apply online when they want to use services, and be able to complete all procedures without coming to the city hall. I want to be like you. This time, as a first step, I would like to be able to know the services that I can receive 24 hours a day!
 There are many tasks that are common throughout Japan in the work of handbooks for persons with disabilities, and there is a possibility that the know-how of this demonstration experiment can be widely used by other local governments that are struggling with similar issues. By all means, why don’t you agree with our efforts and thoughts and take on the challenge of improving welfare services for persons with disabilities together?
Challenge 2: “I want to use remote sensing such as drones and satellites to conduct more reliable inspections of coastal protection facilities!”
[Image 5:×451.jpg] The Farmland Maintenance Division aims to improve the accuracy and efficiency of inspections of coastal conservation facilities that are visually performed by staff. In Toyohashi City, which faces the Pacific Ocean, 9 km of coastal protection facilities installed on the coast and in the sea are visually inspected to prevent erosion by tsunamis and seawater, but ensuring accuracy and ensuring the frequency of inspections is essential. It’s a challenge.
This time, the demonstration experiment envisioned will utilize drones and satellite images, and by switching to remote facility inspections, it will be possible to improve the efficiency of operations and accurately grasp the status of facilities, thereby preventing serious accidents. We want to prevent it. The main target facilities are coastal protection facilities such as breakwaters, sloping
embankments, and detached breakwaters. If possible, we also plan to measure the sedimentation of sand on the seabed up to 600 meters offshore, including the location where the detached breakwater is installed.
◆Comment from the department in charge
[Image 6:×844.jpg]  With current inspection methods, it is difficult to grasp the aging and aging of facilities, making it difficult to proceed with repairs and renewals in a planned manner. In addition, there is also a problem that coastal protection facilities such as wave-dissipating blocks may cause collapse accidents on the coast. Specialized techniques for coastal conservation are necessary to prevent serious accidents involving coastal users. Let’s share our knowledge and work together! Task 3: “I want to make the “do” complicated procedures for opening school sports facilities convenient with smart locks and reservation systems!”
[Image 7:×750.jpg] “I want to make the ‘do’ complicated procedures for opening the school sports facilities more convenient with smart locks and a reservation system!” Currently, there are 75 elementary and junior high schools in the city, and the gymnasiums and grounds are open to the public. On the other hand, in order for citizens to rent facilities, it is necessary to go to a total of three counters to purchase a use ticket, apply to the school to use it, and lend and borrow a key. Furthermore, it is not possible to know the availability of facilities without contacting each school.
We are planning to build a system that can manage keys and
reservations in an integrated manner, and to conduct demonstration experiments at 2-3 schools. If possible, we would also like to demonstrate electronic payment of usage fees.
◆Comment from the department in charge
[Image 8:×1001.jpg] Due to the shift of club activities to regional areas, etc., it is expected that the use of school physical education facilities will increase in the future, so we believe that this demonstration experiment can be horizontally deployed to local governments nationwide.
In addition, in Toyohashi City, it is possible not only to expand to all school sports facilities, but also to introduce it to facilities where local residents gather, such as civic halls.
Please help us create a system that is more convenient and easier for citizens to use, and that makes both users and operators happy! We look forward to your application!
Assignment 4: “I want to create an exciting use case together using the 3D city model!”
[Image 9:×170.png] The challenge for the City Planning Division is to create examples of the use of 3D city models in other fields, which are currently limited to the field of disaster prevention. In fact, even when the staff in charge think about it, they can’t come up with any ideas other than those related to disaster prevention.
We would like to consider and develop use cases based on the free ideas of the private sector, such as using 3D urban spatial data to communicate the appeal of the city.
◆Comment from the department in charge
[Image 10:×749.jpg ]
I think that various fields such as urban development,
transportation/logistics, disaster prevention, regional
revitalization, tourism, environment, and energy can be considered as examples of utilization, but it is effective in increasing the value of the city and improving the convenience of living for citizens. I would like to consider and develop things and connect them to the appeal of the town.
We will provide the necessary data to ensure that operations proceed smoothly, and support coordination with related organizations. As the movement to develop 3D city models spreads nationwide and interest is growing, why not develop advanced use cases in Toyohashi City?
▶︎ Briefing session:
June 6th PM 2:00-3:00 (online ZOOM webinar format) *YouTube
distribution is planned at a later date
Participation is
▶︎ Application acceptance:
Until June 25th (Sun)
▶︎Selection by document review and interview:
Late June to mid-July
▶︎Adopted team announcement:
Late July
▶︎Joint development between selected startups and city officials, test use by citizens, trial introduction in city hall operations, demonstration experiments, etc., and consider full-scale introduction: August to December (planned)
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