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Upmind Using a smartphone app jointly developed with the University of Tokyo, we succeeded in understanding the demonstrable effects of making meditation habitual for 5-10 minutes every day (productivity improved significantly, etc.)

Upmind Inc.
[Upmind] Using a smartphone app jointly developed with the University of Tokyo, we succeeded in understanding the demonstrable effects of making meditation habitual for 5-10 minutes every day (productivity improved significantly, etc.)

Upmind Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President Kei Minoura, hereinafter Upmind) has been involved in joint research that started in April 2022 with Ryu Takizawa Laboratory (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo). Using a jointly developed smartphone app, we will announce that we have successfully grasped the demonstrable effect of making meditation habitual for 5-10 minutes every day.
In the future, through collaboration in further joint research, we will deepen our understanding of the biometric indicators that lead to the prevention of mental disorders, and the effects of meditation on improving biometric and mental health-related indicators, and contribute to the improvement of mental health and well-being in Japanese society. We will promote research and service development to
[Image 1:×1080.png] 1. Overview of research progress and results
From April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2025, Upmind is working with the University of Tokyo’s Ryu Takizawa Laboratory on joint research to develop devices that will lead to the prevention and recovery of mental health disorders. As a first step, we have conducted empirical research on how effective mindfulness meditation habits are, which we are also focusing on in our app “Upmind”.
Using a jointly developed smartphone app (“Upmind” app customized for research so that you can understand the effects before and after meditation), 136 healthy workers without mental disorders at the moment were used for one month. By making a habit of mindfulness meditation, we conducted research on how much effect it has on biological (heart rate) and mental health-related indicators by dividing into an experimental group and a control group. succeeded in understanding the impact of
Regular practice of mindfulness meditation using an app for a month (on average, 4-5 times a week) significantly improves work
productivity by about 17% (*absolute presenteeism) * Confirmed things. The research results, including other improvement indicators, are scheduled to be published in a paper in the future**.
For this experiment, we used a unique meditation guide jointly developed by the University of Tokyo and our company. We have developed an app that promotes habituation of Japanese meditation guides as a device, and are working on the first scientific
verification of its effectiveness in Japan.
[Image 2:×1080.png] * When incorporating self-compassion
** The above results were already announced at the WCCBT (10th World Congress of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies) in Seoul in June. In the future, we plan to write a paper, and we plan to publish detailed figures at that time, including other improvement indicators such as the effects before and after one meditation.
Comment from Kei Minoura, Upmind representative
“Mental health has high psychological hurdles for prevention in Japanese society, and from the beginning of development, we believed that it was important to have an app with excellent design and scientifically proven effects, and we have been working on it. This time, in the latter case, using the meditation guide supervised by our company, we are relieved to know that the effect of habituation of meditation on the app has been confirmed.In the future, we will further improve the service and work for local governments and corporations. I hope that we can work together to contribute to a world where many people can live happily with a blank space in their hearts.”
Comment from Associate Professor Ryu Takizawa
“Through joint research with Upmind, we have worked to understand biomarkers that help us understand mental health problems and improve the accuracy of advice on making healthy behavior habits for prevention. I hope that it will be used for prevention and recovery, and I look forward to working with Upmind to further develop devices that detect and prevent mental health disorders.”
2. About future joint research In addition to this research, in accordance with the originally planned research period (April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2025), we will further promote the prevention and recovery of mental health disorders. We will proceed with verification of usefulness to improve the effect.
Until March 2025, we will proceed with research in two main phases. Verification of detection logic for signs and symptoms of mental health disorders based on acquisition of biomarker data by Upmind Verification of the effectiveness of health practices, including mindfulness meditation, for improving the biomarkers identified above (including clarification of duration, frequency, etc.)
We will reflect the suggestions obtained from the above in Upmind’s services, and will work steadily in the medium to long term so that we can contribute to the resolution of social issues related to well-being and mental health.
[Image 3:×1080.png] 3. Upmind’s future prospects Upmind is developing and operating businesses on a daily basis with the aim of “realizing a world where everyone can live happily with a blank space in their hearts.” In the app business (used by more than 300,000 people so far), we have already introduced it, but based on the results of joint research, we have improved the accuracy of predicting mental disorders from biometric data such as sleep and steps taken. Further improvement. By deepening our understanding of the relationship between biomarkers and mental health, we provide advice on optimal health habits for each user. In addition, we will realize services that can be done stylishly, including design and branding, so that more people can work on it.
In addition, as with this industry-academia collaboration, in the future, we will work on the development and social implementation of health and medical programs that combine apps and other measures through collaboration with other partners such as local governments, corporations, and medical institutions. , We hope to expand our business and contribute to society (currently developing an app for corporations).
[Image 4:×1080.png] ■ About Upmind Co., Ltd.
Upmind Co., Ltd. is a well-being tech company established in May 2021. Mainly develops and operates “Upmind,” the largest mindfulness app in Japan (collaborative research with Ryu Takizawa Laboratory at the University of Tokyo). We are planning a project to support the habit of having a margin in the heart.
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Representative Director (Kei Minoura) Profile
Born in Perth, Australia. After graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering in 2015, joined teamLab. Engaged in development work as a smartphone application engineer until 2016. In 2017, he moved to Bain & Company (strategic consulting firm, Tokyo branch) in the United States and engaged in planning management strategies. Established Upmind Co., Ltd. in 2021. He has been practicing meditation for over 10 years since his experience in Goa (India).
■ Joint research partner: Ryu Takizawa Laboratory
Ryu Takizawa’s laboratory (Graduate School of Education, The University of Tokyo) focuses on empirical research focusing on preventive approaches, with the main theme of the laboratory being “science of mental health.”
Profile of Associate Professor Ryu Takizawa
His main research fields are clinical psychiatry, clinical psychology, and mental health. Physician (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), Doctor of Medicine (University of Tokyo), Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, University of Tokyo Hospital, Newton International Fellow (funded by The Royal Society & The British Academy), etc. before assuming current position.
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