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UPSIDER Decides to Release New Products “AI Coworker” and “UPSIDER Capital”-Entering Business Efficiency Tools and Financing Businesses for Growing Companies

UPSIDER Decided to Release New Products “AI Coworker” and “UPSIDER Capital”-Entering Business Efficiency Tools and Financing Businesses for Growing Companies
To become a comprehensive financial institution that creates Japanese companies that can compete on the global stage and helps to raise the competitiveness of Japan again

UPSIDER Co., Ltd. (Representative Directors: Toru Miyagi, Tomonori Mizuno, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as our company), whose mission is to “create a global financial platform that supports challengers,” is an AI chat-type business efficiency tool. We have decided to release “AI Coworker” in August 2023. In addition, we have established a subsidiary, UPSIDER Capital Co., Ltd., to promote financing to growing companies in collaboration with major financial institutions, making full use of our AI credit capabilities and cumulative 60 billion yen fundraising capabilities that we have cultivated so far. We are pleased to announce that we were established on May 31st.
・ “AI Coworker” teaser site URL: In addition, Daisuke Mori, who has strengths in the AI ​​field, has joined as our VPoP (Vice President of Product). Mori, who has extensive experience in product development using AI, will lead the new products “AI Coworker” and “UPSIDER Capital”.
[Image 1:×1080.png] Raise Japan’s competitiveness again by creating Japanese companies that can compete on the world stage
Our mission is to create a global financial platform that supports challengers. Since our founding in 2018, we have assisted more than 20,000 growing companies* in raising funds totaling more than 100 billion yen. . In addition, we have improved the productivity and fund procurement of user companies by reducing work by a total of 2 million hours and crediting more than 500 billion yen. In fact, about 20% of companies that have announced their stock listing in 2022 have already introduced UPSIDER.
*The total number of companies that have introduced the corporate card “UPSIDER” and the business deferred payment service “” as of the end of April 2023.
[Image 2:×1080.png] On the other hand, looking at the world, the global competitiveness of Japanese companies is extremely low, and the current situation is that start-up companies are having trouble raising funds. According to the Global Competitiveness Yearbook 2022 (June 2022) published by the International Institute for Management Development, Japan ranks 59th out of 63 countries in terms of labor productivity evaluation, especially for managers, and ranks highest in the field of management practice. It is lower. Also, according to Siiibo Securities (October 2022), the venture debt market is estimated to be less than 10 billion yen, which is a low level of about 1/100 that of the United States. Against this background, the “Vision to Advance Startups” announced by the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) also cites “improvement and promotion of the venture debt industry” as a means of achieving change within five years. increase.
Since 2018, as one of the companies that have provided the most support to growth companies in Japan, and as a start-up company that has raised a cumulative total of 60 billion yen, we will continue to strengthen and expand productivity and raise funds. I wanted to support growing companies from both sides. From a “card company” to a “comprehensive financial institution that creates Japanese companies that can compete on the global stage and helps to raise the
competitiveness of Japan again”. We will contribute to the creation of multiple global unicorn companies that will drive the growth of Japan, which is the goal of the five-year startup development plan launched by the Kishida administration.
[Image 3:×1080.jpg] Daisuke Mori, who specializes in the AI ​​field, joins and becomes VPoP The PKSHA Group, which provides research and development of artificial intelligence technology, AI solutions, and AI SaaS, has newly welcomed Daisuke Mori, who was in charge of the overall development of the AI ​​SaaS series, as our VPoP.
Mori’s experience and knowledge will be utilized in the development of the new product “AI Coworker” to be released in 2023 and the promotion of the “UPSIDER Capital” project.
[Image 4:×575.png] -Daisuke Mori Profile-
After joining Works Applications Co., Ltd. as a new graduate, he led the development of ERP and business systems for major companies, focusing on accounting systems. After several careers, he launched multiple AI SaaS in the PKSHA Group and led the AI ​​SaaS business as the product manager of PKSHA AI SaaS.
Today, it is common for communication within companies to be conducted via chat, and with the evolution of generative AI, human-system interaction is now based on natural language. We are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to a growing company by providing “AI Coworker”, which is the most suitable business system for this era, and by improving productivity and speeding up decision making. We will continue to actively work to create a platform that makes it easier for growing companies to take on further challenges by providing products. We look forward to your continued support in the future. AI Coworker, an AI chat-style business efficiency tool, improves productivity
[Image 5:×1080.png] “AI Coworker”, which is scheduled to be released in August 2023, is the third service after the corporate card “UPSIDER” and the business deferred payment service “”, and is our first product outside the payment area. By linking external tools such as contract management systems and accounting systems with the chat tool “Slack”, it is possible to complete actions such as contract conclusion, approval for approval, and payment in a conversational manner on Slack. In addition, AI learns the company’s application rules, organization chart, etc., and performs reminders according to the employee’s role and matching data between each tool. The complicated work that corporate administrators and employees had to log in to multiple SaaS to perform, can be done on behalf of employees as a secretary by linking with an external system. to the end. By providing functions for linking with business systems that are often used by growing companies, such as freee accounting, cloud sign, DocuSign, Google Workspace, Salesforce, and kintone, it reduces the workload of employees and contributes to growth. We aim to provide an environment where it is easy to focus on the challenge of
“AI Coworker” is a function that can only be provided by our company, which has been engaged in corporate card and bank transfer agency business, and it is possible to realize consistent management from contracts, invoices, and payment processing. Members of the management department can manage the list and details of business information on a dedicated management screen. It also has a check function to prevent it. By using “AI Coworker”, users can easily build a governance system that meets the audit standards of listed companies.
“AI Coworker”, which aims to improve corporate productivity, will be provided free of charge to over 20,000 existing users and start-up companies.
・ “AI Coworker” teaser site URL: ・You can check the operation demo here:
[Video 2:] “UPSIDER Capital”, which formed a tag with a major financial institution, provides financing
On May 31, 2023, we established a subsidiary, UPSIDER Capital Co., Ltd., to advance financing for venture companies after the growth stage.
UPSIDER has so far not only provided credit based on financial statements, which are past data, but also based on real-time data obtained using various types of AI. We have realized the provision of a reasonable usage limit. On the other hand, the company data that can be acquired by “AI Coworker” is the current and future information of the business and organization, such as contract and order information. With “UPSIDER Capital”, in addition to the AI ​​credit data that has been provided by the corporate card “UPSIDER” so far, it is possible to provide speedy and large amount loans based on various data that can be obtained with “AI Coworker”. Become.
“UPSIDER Capital” will not lend funds, but will appropriately evaluate the creditworthiness of growing companies and provide them to major financial institutions. Based on that data, loans to companies are made with funds from major financial institutions.
We will evolve into an unprecedented “AI financial institution” through “AI Coworker” that realizes productivity improvement and “UPSIDER Capital” that will be launched together with major financial institutions. By doing so, we will provide a completely new option for financing startup companies in Japan and contribute to the creation of Japanese companies that can compete on the world stage.
[Image 6:×1080.png] CEO Miyagi publishes a note on the release of “AI Coworker” and “UPSIDER Capital”
Representative Director Miyagi has released a note about the world view and the background of the release of the two new products “AI Coworker” and “UPSIDER Capital”. Please read it.
・ Regain competitiveness in Japan with the free release of the new product “AI Coworker” and the establishment of “UPSIDER Capital”:
About corporate card “UPSIDER”
With the mission of “creating a global financial platform that supports challengers,” we provide the corporate card “UPSIDER” and the business deferred payment service “”, and the number of companies using both services is 20,000. is exceeded.
UPSIDER is a corporate card provided by our company that solves financial issues such as usage limits and accounting. In particular, the usage limit (prepaid and postpaid) of up to 100 million yen or more, virtual card issuance and management functions, and SaaS functions that help expedite accounting processing are popular, and more than thousands of active companies use it. The continuation rate is over 99%, and the cumulative settlement amount has exceeded 100 billion yen.
・ Service page:
In addition, the number of listed company customers is rapidly increasing. Not only payment, but also pre-payment procedures such as usage limit setting, upper limit setting, application for approval before payment, immediate reflection of usage history after payment on the management screen, collection and linking of vouchers, linking to approval, Slack cooperation A wide range of integrated functions such as notification and submission of evidence have been well received, making it possible to operate corporate cards safely. For listed companies, where governance and accountability are important, this will lead to tighter company-wide expenditure management, simplified expense reimbursement, and faster accounting processing.
[Image 7:×851.png] About business deferred payment service “”
[Image 8:×368.jpg] “” for sole proprietors and corporate companies is a service that allows users to settle all bank transfer payments in transactions between companies with their credit cards. By extending the payment until the credit card debit date, users can improve their cash flow. In addition, users do not need to submit documents, interview, or review.
[Image 9:×432.jpg] Company Profile
・Company name: UPSIDER Co., Ltd.
・ WEB:
・Established: May 2018
・Representatives: Toru Miyagi, Tomonori Mizuno
・Capital: 8,794 million yen (including capital reserves, etc.) ・Head office location: 7-15-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Member Association/Certification: Japan Payment Services Association, Security Certification PCI DSS v3.2.1
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