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Venus Laser Co., Ltd. New product 6ch DMX controller with built-in battery Venus DMX mini controller Palm-sized DMX console

Venus Laser Co., Ltd.
New product 6ch DMX controller with built-in battery [Venus DMX mini controller] Palm-sized DMX console
This item is recommended for those who want a little DMX control such as outdoor shooting sites and simple lighting operations.

Venus Laser Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) will start handling [Venus DMX Mini Controller] with a built-in battery from Friday, June 17th.
Product Introduction: [Venus DMX Mini Controller]
6Ch DMX controller with built-in battery (DMX 1ch – 6ch only) It has a simple chase function.
[Image 1:×2157.jpg] DMX output terminal is 3Pin
(The wireless function is optional. The photo image is a prototype model and does not have the wireless function.)
[Image 2:×1391.jpg] A simple and easy-to-use fader.
[Image 3:×2331.jpg] Approximately 7 hours of operation after 2 hours of charging with the included AC adapter (specs may change)
[Image 4:×2563.jpg] About options
 Currently, it is planned to be equipped with a wireless function as an option (it will be a separate model.)
(The photo is a prototype model and does not have a wireless function.)
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] By attaching an antenna, you can easily transmit DMX signals wirelessly. (This feature is only planned.)
[Image 6:×3173.jpg] Wireless receiver (planned)
It supports mobile batteries and can easily receive DMX signals.
[Image 7:×2655.jpg] Wireless receiver palm size (planned)
[Image 8:×2700.jpg] Selling price
 Venus DMX mini controller: open price
Venus DMX mini controller with wireless support: open price
Specifications may change due to changes in internal software, circuits, batteries, etc.
Explanation about the wireless function: The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
This function is not installed at this time. The wireless receiver is also a prototype and has no function.
[Inquiries about products]
Venus Laser Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Okudaira, Shibata
Phone: 03-5826-4561 Email:
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