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Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. The finalists have been decided!!! Ultra young entertainer No. 1 deciding match within 5 years of acting career!! “UNDER 5 AWARD 2023”

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Decided finalists!!! No. 1 ultra-young entertainer with less than 5 years of acting career decided!! “UNDER 5 AWARD 2023”
-June 18th (Sun) Announcement of finalists decision-

“UNDER 5 AWARD 2023” is a new comedy award race competition for ultra-young comedians with less than 5 years of experience in order to discover new stars in the comedy world faster than anywhere else. 1,797 groups entered this tournament, and after the semi-finals held in Osaka on June 9th (Friday) and in Tokyo on June 10th (Saturday), nine finalists were decided.
The finalists are Akubiboya (free, 4th year of art history), Ichigo (Yoshimoto Kogyo, 5th year of art history), Ena Maxima (Yoshimoto Kogyo, 4th year of art history), Captain Bison (Production Jinrikisha, 4th year of art history). ), Goldfish Bancho (Yoshimoto Kogyo, 5th year of art history), Sanyuma (Yoshimoto Kogyo, 5th year of art history), Donchicchi (4th year of Yoshimoto Kogyo, art history), Hamano and Hemmi (Ota Productions, 5th year of art history), Rye (Yoshimoto Kogyo, 4th year of art history).
The final battle will be held at LUMINE the Yoshimoto on June 18th (Sun) under the watchful eye of 6 judges, including MC New York. At this tournament, we launched the FANY community “UNDER5 AWARD’s dressing room” to provide behind-the-scenes coverage of the
tournament, including feature articles and videos of the performers. The number of community members currently exceeds 5,000, and we are receiving warm support from many people every day.To all the fans who are watching this tournament, from 20:30 today, June 12 (Monday), The “Finalist Announcement Party” will be held at the FANY Moon Theater ( In the future, we will continue to liven up the tournament until the day of the final, such as special features in FANY magazine and FANY community “UNDER5 AWARD dressing room”. Venue tickets for the final match have already sold out, but you can watch it live on FANY Online.
“UNDER 5 AWARD 2023” final details
[Image 1:×280.jpg] [Final match schedule] June 18, 2023 (Sunday) 20:00-22:00 (planned) [Venue] Lumine the Yoshimoto (3-38-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Lumine Shinjuku 2, 7th floor)
[Final match MC, judges, performers]
MC: New York
Judges: Akira Ishida (NON STYLE), Udai Iwasaki (Kamomental), Shohei Nagata (Chocolate Planet)
Kazuyuki Sakuma, Tetsuo (Waraimeshi), Nobuyuki Hanawa (Knights) *In alphabetical order
Performers: Akubi Boy (Free), Ichigo (Yoshimoto Kogyo), Ena Maxima (Yoshimoto Kogyo)
     Captain Bison (Production Jinrikisha), Kingyo Bancho (Yoshimoto Kogyo), Sanyukan (Yoshimoto Kogyo)
Donchicchi (Yoshimoto Kogyo), Hamano and Hemmi (Ohta Productions), Ryme (Yoshimoto Kogyo) *in alphabetical order
■Ticket information
[Venue advance sale/same-day tickets] End of sale due to sold out [FANY Online Ticket] Free live distribution (with 48 hours of missed distribution after the end)
* URL:  On sale from 10:00 on 6/14 (Wed.)
■ Official website/SNS
Tournament official website:
Official Twitter: @UNDER5_AWARD
FANY community “UNDER5 AWARD dressing room”:
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[Image 3:×351.jpg]

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