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Yuma Teranishi, SIZUKU, Tamao Sato and other performers from the drama series “Idol Deliveryman” appear on the gorgeous red carpet!

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Yuma Teranishi, SIZUKU, Tamao Sato and other performers from the drama series “Idol Deliveryman” appear on the gorgeous red carpet!

[Image 1:×1999.jpg] Singer and actor Yuma Teranishi starred in the serial TV drama “I used to be an idol, but I became a delivery man. A press conference and a screening with a red carpet was held on June 29th (Thursday) at Hamarikyu Asahi Small Hall, and the performers were all present. In the drama, the main character, Ryo Kanda (Yuma Teranishi), who is active as an idol, has a drastic decrease in idol work due to the corona sickness, and he becomes a delivery worker as a job where he does not find out his face due to living expenses. It is a daring and exciting work comedy in which a fan who met earlier spreads his identity on SNS, and the manager and composer get involved.
Broadcast will start on BS Fuji from July 2 (24:30). All 8 episodes. Simultaneous delivery on TVer and FOD.
[Image 2:×2001.jpg] Yuma Teranishi, who appeared on the red carpet, said, “I think many people have been affected by the corona wreck, but the same is true in the entertainment world. Many people have been affected, just like in dramas. I’m returning to my life, but it’s a drama filled with the feelings of the main character, so I cherished my feelings when I acted.In addition, there are many people from various occupations in this drama.I can touch people’s kindness. It’s a drama that can be done. Please enjoy it.”
[Image 3:×2002.jpg] SIZUKU, who plays the heroine Shizuka Morimoto, commented, “I’m very happy that I’ve been able to appear in many movies and dramas in director Teranishi’s works. I think this drama will be a really fun one. It was fun on set,” he said.
[Image 4:×2000.jpg] And when it came to the topic of the tight shooting schedule, Teranishi revealed, “(Kazuhiro Teranishi) director’s shooting time was originally very short. It was shot at super high speed.” Toshiki replied, “Anyway, it was so fast. I didn’t even have time to eat. I had to eat it in two to three minutes.” There were times when I didn’t know what was going on… When it came time for the performance, even though we didn’t have much time, an airplane flew in (over the sky) and said, ‘The airplane is stupid (laughs)’, and about 300 people packed the venue. I was inviting laughter.
[Image 5:×1610.jpg] At the press conference, in addition to Yuma Teranishi, SIZUKU, Tamao Sato, Toshiki Kashu, Kensuke Takahashi, GOD, Kowa Umeyama, Ruka Hayakawa, Shunsuke Nishikawa, Yuna Sekine, Yusaku Aso, Kazushi Matsumoto, Miyu Komatsu, Mizuki Ota , Fumiya Sato, Shodai Otori, Natsumi Hashiba, JuRiA, Naomi Hase and other gorgeous casts were on stage.
[Image 6:×1999.jpg] In addition, shooting off-shots and interviews are continuously distributed on HumanPictures Instagram.
You can enjoy the drama even more by seeing the real faces of the performers.
Drama “I used to be an idol, but I became a delivery man. 』
Broadcast every Sunday night from 0:30-1:00 on BS Fuji
Also available on TVer and FOD
Yuma Teranishi
SIZUKU/Kensuke Takahashi/Ruka Hayakawa/Koikazu Umeyama/GOD/Natsumi Hashiba/Shodai Hou/Yusaku Aso/Yuna Sekine/Shunsuke Nishikawa/Fumiya Sato/Kazushi Matsumoto/Miyu Komatsu/Toko Hojo/JuRiA/Toshiki
Kashu/Tamao Sato / Naomi Hase and others
Screenplay/Director Kazuhiro Teranishi
Produced by Human Pictures Inc.
(C)︎2023 Kazuhiro Teranishi / HumanPictures
Drama official website
BS Fuji official website
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