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ANLAN Japan Co., Ltd. August limited SUMMER SALE “Qoo10 Official Big Sale MAX 45% OFF” Pick up the most popular and cost-effective products at ANLAN!

ANLAN Japan Co., Ltd.
August limited SUMMER SALE “Qoo10 Official Big Sale MAX 45% OFF” Pick up the most popular COSPA products at ANLAN!

From August 1st (Tuesday) to August 7th (Monday), ANLAN Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo) will hold SUMMER BIG SALE on the Q10 official online store (
During the period, we will deliver products at up to 50% OFF. Sale page:
Period: August 1st (Tuesday) to August 7th (Monday)
[Image 1:×1200.jpg] Here are some of the most recommended items among the many featured products. Hot and cold facial equipment
Product page:
[Image 2:×1600.jpg] Over 600,000 orders worldwide. Equipped with EMS, light beauty treatment, ion cleansing, ion moisture care, hot and cold care, and 8 functions, this multi-functional facial device can be used for beauty treatments and salons at home, especially in autumn and winter weather.
RF hot and cold facial equipment
Product page:
[Image 3:×1500.jpg] Supervised by a facial therapist certified by the Japan Aesthetic Association & won first place in the RF facial equipment category of the popular Japanese women’s magazine “Beauty Momoka”! The RF hot and cold facial massager is a proprietary technology multi-polar system that concentrates the energy of RF radio waves up to 4 mm (up to the subcutaneous tissue) to treat age skin problems! To the most candidate bare skin in your history!
2023 latest edition EMS eye beauty device
Product page:
[Image 4:×1600.jpg] [Multi-function EMS eye beauty device with 6 roles in 1] Heat care, vibration, iontophoresis, EMS strength and 2-color light beauty treatment can be freely changed, so you can enjoy it at home according to your mood. Change the impression of your eyes and mouth in 10 minutes every day!
cavitation facial equipment
Product page:
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] The most popular cutting-edge technologies such as cavitation, EMS, RF, vibration esthetics, and LED light esthetics, which are performed separately in esthetics, are realized in one unit! When high-speed ultrasonic vibrations are applied to the body, high-speed vibrations are transmitted to the skin, powerfully approaching areas of concern, and enhancing the attractiveness of the face and body lines that give you confidence.
Hot curler (curler type)
Product page:
[Image 6:×1600.jpg] Innovative model Hot eyelash curler solves eyelash problems and makes eyelashes beautiful in one minute even on a busy morning. ANLAN Hot Beulah is for people who have trouble with eyelashes, and even beginners can easily keep their eyelashes long. If your lashes don’t grow well, take a long time, or can’t be kept for a long time, this is all you need!
Hot and cold facial device PRO
Product page:
[Image 7:×1600.jpg] Warm and cold care, EMS, light beauty treatment, ion cleansing and ion moisturizing provide intensive care for your skin in all directions. 4 modes to change your skin: “CLEAN” ion cleansing, “EMS” facial muscle training, “MOIST” moisturizing with ion moisture, “COOL” cooling care, to keep your skin clean, thoroughly penetrate beauty ingredients. Lock it up. In addition, the material of the cotton ring has been changed from plastic to stainless steel. It can be easily attached with a magnet, and the durability has also increased.
Premium water peeling
Product page:
[Image 8:×1000.jpg] 24,000 times/second of high-frequency vibration instantly transforms water into a mist that washes away dirt and dead skin cells that clog pores. With water peeling equipped with four functions of ultrasonic peeling, ion derivation, iontophoresis, and EMS lift care, you can easily achieve salon-level skin care at home.
facial steamer
Product page:
[Image 9:×1000.jpg] It is an item that allows you to easily experience a face spa at home by opening pores with the power of warm steam, moisturizing and cleansing. It’s a must-have item for dry skin.
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