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Bandai Co., Ltd. Bandai and Hello collaboration large-scale new project “Idol VTuber voice actor cast” aud ition Accepting applications

Bandai Co., Ltd.
Bandai and Hello Collaborative Large New Project “Idol VTuber Voice Actor Cast” Audition [Accepting Applications]
Bandai Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Bandai) has started accepting entries for auditions for Hello Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Hello) and “Idol VTuber Voice Actor Cast”.

It is a large-scale newcomer excavation audition that is attracting a lot of attention. In the idol VTuber project, which is scheduled to start in 2024, Bandai Co., Ltd. will be holding a public audition for the idol VTuber voice actor cast. We are looking for voice
actors/VTuber actors for the three main characters.
[Image:×1090.png] ■ Audition overview
(1) Name
Large-scale new project “Idol VTuber voice actor cast” audition (2) Application period
Now accepting applications (Deadline is 23:59 on Tuesday, August 15, 2023) (3) Application form
(4) Recruitment details
“Idol VTuber voice actor cast”
(5) Application conditions
・Females aged 18-25 (those who can speak Japanese, regardless of nationality) ・Those who have dreams and goals in the entertainment field and can promise to work for up to 3 years
・People who live or plan to live in the suburbs of Tokyo and can go to a studio in Tokyo (4-5 lessons a week and recording)
・ Those who have a distribution environment as a VTuber at home and are able to distribute live about 4 times a week (distribution equipment can be provided)
・There is no name or face of the person himself/herself
(6) welcome skills
*Those who meet even one of the following requirements are welcome. ・Experienced person with a great track record as a distribution activist ・Bilingual person who can use languages ​​other than Japanese (including English) at a business level
・Singers, voice actors/actors, dancers/performers, bands/musicians, comedians/comedians, etc.
 Those who have experience as an entertainer and live performances ・Those who have unique skills that can be used in talent activities (7) Other conditions
・Those who can continue to work
・In the selection process, those who agree with the various
regulations set by our company
(8) Preparation period
・ Period: November 2023 to March 2024
・ Operation details: Lessons and recording for about 5 days each month ・Remuneration: Monthly remuneration included
(9) After official operation
・Period: From April 2024 (up to 3 years)
・Operating content: Lessons 4-5 times a week ・Recording / Live streaming at home about 4 times a week
・ Remuneration: Monthly remuneration + others
(10) Remarks
・If you are hired, we will individually sign a confidentiality agreement etc. to prevent information leakage.
・ Only those who have passed each selection will be notified of the details of the next selection.
・The information in the application form will not be used for any purpose other than audition screening.
・We cannot respond to inquiries regarding the examination status. ・This audition may end without notice or change the contents. ・We will support activities such as negotiations on corporate projects. (11) Examination process
・First screening: Document screening
・Second screening: Practical examination/interview examination (scheduled for August 27, scheduled to be held in Tokyo)
*Only those who pass the document screening will be contacted on August 21st. ■Company profile
[Bandai Co., Ltd.] Name: Bandai Co., Ltd. ( Representative: Kazuhiro Takenaka, President and Representative Director Established: July 5, 1950 Location: 1-4-8 Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo [Hello Co., Ltd.] Name: Hello Co., Ltd. – helo Inc.
( Representative: Keisetsu Akatsu,
Representative Director Established: March 28, 2014 Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-4-1 Higashi Shoho Building 4F
■ Inquiries about auditions
helo inc. Yokoyama
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