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“BLACK SUMMIT GG8” EKAL special model is now available for general sale at URBAN RESEARCH ONLINE STORE and some stores!

Urban Research Co., Ltd.
“BLACK SUMMIT GG8” EKAL special model is now available for general sale at URBAN RESEARCH ONLINE STORE and some stores!
Camp freak must-see tent-Mark DESIGNS twin pole shelter

[Image 1:×600.jpg] tent-Mark DESIGNS continues to develop outdoor gear that has been carefully selected.
This summer, a new twin pole shelter “BLACK SUMMIT GG8” will appear in the bespoke series of tent-Mark DESIGNS and EKAL!
The third bespoke item this time is BLACK SUMMIT GG8, a collaboration model with JACOB LOGGEVEEN, which is also available at tent-Mark DESIGNS.
A twin pole shelter that can be set up in a variety of ways. The color is a calm “graige” that blends in naturally, and the tent-Mark DESIGNS and EKAL logos are printed on the side. The model is the same model as the inline BLACK SUMMIT GG8.
The shelter-type tent, which is built mainly with two poles, is a model that attracts a lot of attention because it can secure a wide living space and has a high degree of freedom in how it is set up despite its simple construction method.
General sales start at URBAN RESEARCH ONLINE STORE and some stores! A twin pole shelter that fits the Japanese camping style and allows you to live a comfortable camping life all year round.
Please take a look at our special items.
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▼ About EKAL
A lifestyle proposal type select shop developed by Urban Research Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President Kozo Takemura).
An outdoor wear brand that connects the city and the field with the [lake] as the background, not the sea or the mountains. We will imagine the value of a new lifestyle through the three elements of TRAVEL, ACTIVITY, and CAMP.
▼ EKAL official website/SNS
On EKAL official Facebook page and Instagram,
Deliver the latest information such as ONLINE STORE and product information [Official HP]
[Facebook]–Brand-/EKAL-108911330506145/ ▼ About TINY GARDEN Tateshina
Two and a half hours by car and train from Shinjuku.
“TINY GARDEN” stands on the shores of Lake Tateshina at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake.
At an altitude of 1250m, in a small garden surrounded by clear air and white birch trees,
A comfortable time flows where the ordinary and the extraordinary intersect. Accommodation facilities consisting of three types of camps, lodges, and cabins, We are waiting for content that will smolder our sensibilities just a little. [Official HP]

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