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BTQ NIST selects BTQ’s digital signature method “Preon” for quantum computer cryptography in the first round (additional signature) of the PQC standardization process

NIST selected BTQ’s quantum-resistant digital signature method “Preon” in the first round (additional signature) of the PQC standardization process.
A Robust and Efficient Quantum-Safe Signature Scheme Built on Zero-Knowledge Proofs

BTQ Technologies Corp.’s post-quantum computer cryptography (PQC) digital signature scheme “Preon” was selected in the first round (additional signature) for consideration in the PQC standardization process of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Preon is a robust and efficient quantum-safe signature scheme with small key sizes, rapid key generation, minimal assumptions, and functional flexibility. This allows it to withstand potential threats from both classical and quantum computers.
With Preon selected for BTQ’s development of quantum-secure
cryptography, we continue to focus on protecting digital
infrastructure from potential quantum threats
Preon’s co-authors include the Hon Hai Research Institute, the research arm of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd (Foxconn)
*This press release is an excerpt from a press release issued by BTQ Technologies Corp. on CISION PRNewswire on July 27, 2023.
[CISION PRNewswire July 27, 2023, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada] BTQ Technologies Corp. (“we” or “BTQ”) (NEO: BTQ) (FSE: NG3) (OTCQX: BTQQF), a global quantum technology startup specializing in network security, is pleased to announce BTQ’s post-quantum computer cryptography (PQC) ) digital signature method “Preon” was selected in the first round (additional signature) of the PQC standardization process of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). .
The announcement comes in the fourth round of the ongoing PQC standardization process, with several Key Encapsulation Mechanisms (KEMs) still under evaluation, including BIKE, Classic McEliece and HQC.
Since December 2016, NIST has engaged in a public process to select quantum-safe public-key cryptographic algorithms for standardization to combat the threat posed by rapid advances in quantum computing. Several algorithms have been standardized so far, including
CRYSTALS-KYBER for Public Key Encapsulation Mechanism (KEM) and CRYSTALS-Dilithium, FALCON, and SPHINCS+ for digital signatures. With the exception of SPHINCS+, all of these chosen schemes are
computationally difficult-based security.
Preon is a quantum-safe signature scheme, resistant to classical and quantum attacks. It works on a general proof system that requires minimal assumptions. This system is essentially a protocol that allows a verifier to be confident of a prover’s secret information, and is the basis of the signature scheme.
A key feature of Preon is its small key size, requiring only a few tens of bytes for both private and public keys, significantly less than other signature schemes. The key generation process is quick and employs one or two AES encryptions supported by modern computer hardware. This system assumes only the need for a collision-resistant hash function, increasing security with fewer points of failure. It is also built on zero-knowledge proofs, so it supports various features such as selective exposure and threshold signatures, and has flexible capabilities.
Comment from BTQ Technologies CEO Olivier Lussi Newton
“We believe that the selection of Preon in the PQC standardization process demonstrates our innovation and research prowess. It’s a powerful tool against threats and shows how serious we are about protecting digital infrastructure around the world.”
Read the original article here: BTQ’s Preon, a Unique Quantum-Secure Signature Technology, Selected by NIST as Candidate for the
Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization Process – CISION PRNewswire standardization-process-301887062.html
[Image:×310.png] ■ Preon
A digital signature scheme for post-quantum computer cryptography. Selected by NIST in the 1st round (additional signature) to consider additional candidates for the 4th round in the NIST PQC
standardization process (as of July 2023)
■ Corporate Profile BTQ Technologies Corp. A Canadian listed company founded in 2021. Currently conducting research and business in Canada, Japan, Australia and Taiwan. A company that develops and provides post-quantum cryptography solutions. We provide services in a wide range of layers, from software applications to hardware (chips). 25th Floor, 700 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V7Y 1B3, CANADA Contact BTQ Technologies Head of Japan: Kaori Tanaka email: Please specify your name and affiliation and make inquiries in Japanese.)
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