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CoinPost Co., Ltd. SMBC Nikko Securities Co., Ltd. has been selected as a platinum sponsor of the internationa l conference “WebX” planned and operated by CoinPost.

CoinPost Co., Ltd.
SMBC Nikko Securities Co., Ltd. has been selected as a platinum sponsor of the international conference “WebX” planned and operated by CoinPost

Hosted by the General Incorporated Association WebX Executive Committee and planned and operated by CoinPost Co., Ltd., Asia’s largest global Web3 conference “WebX (Web X, hereinafter referred to as this conference)” will be held on Tuesday, July 25, 2023. It will be held for two days on (Wednesday) at the Tokyo International Forum. We are pleased to announce that SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. has been selected as the platinum sponsor of this conference.
[Image:×630.png] ▼About SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.
In September 2019, SMBC Nikko Securities launched “Nikko Ventures,” an internal project aimed at creating new value by exchanging ideas without being bound by conventional ideas, with the aim of
transforming into a more creative company. launching. The open innovation team “Funder Storm” ( that was born from there is a new town-building ecosystem that utilizes the innovator creation program “Kosen Intercollegiate Challenge” and Web 3.0. We are focusing on creating an ecosystem that will change the future of Japan by utilizing the resources and know-how of securities companies, such as the launch of “NEO KYOTO NFT ARTs” and the development of a new crowdfunding mechanism that utilizes the hometown tax system. increase. In addition, the NikkoOpen Innovation Lab, which was established in March 2020, is working to create new businesses using digital technology under the themes of the Metaverse, SDGs, and financial well-being.
The company established “Proof of Japan Co., Ltd.” jointly with Hatapro Co., Ltd. in April 2011 to provide global support to realize and maximize the potential economic value of Japanese culture and performing arts. Based on the idea that it is necessary to establish a mechanism, we are exploring the construction of a next-generation salon that utilizes Web3 and Metaverse technologies and a new form of cultural inheritance that utilizes AI.
Proof of Japan Co., Ltd. will hold a special event during the conference. Details will be announced at a later date via a press release.
Official site:
Official Twitter account:
Pre-registration for special events that will be held by renting D5 Hall is possible from the following URL.
▼What is WebX?
WebX is Asia’s largest Web3 conference, gathering promising Web2/Web3 projects, companies, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, etc. from all over the world.
Visitors can enjoy performances (simultaneous interpretation in Japanese) with top projects and founders in the Web3 field, networking opportunities, technical workshops by major projects, pitch events related to Web3 business, exhibitions of various companies and projects, etc. You can participate in
Date: July 25th (Tue) and 26th (Wed), 2023
Venue: Tokyo International Forum
Organizer/Planning: General Incorporated Association WebX Executive Committee/CoinPost Co., Ltd.
Number of visitors (expected): 15,000 or more
Participating companies (expected): 2,000 or more
Number of exhibitors (expected): 150 or more
Number of media partners (expected): 100 or more
Official website:
Details: Asia’s largest Web3 conference “WebX” held at Tokyo International Forum
For tickets, please see below.
▼Conference Background
In the Web3 field, Japan is attracting unprecedented attention from the world, backed by the Japanese government’s backing and examples of major companies (see below).
May 2010: Prime Minister Kishida expressed his intention to develop a Web3 environment in London, England.
June 2010: Added “Environmental improvement for Web3 promotion” item to the government’s basic policy 2022
November 2010: NTT Docomo announces investment of 600 billion yen in 3 Web fields
November 2010: Keidanren announces Web3 promotion strategy
December 2010: Start-up support such as tax reform is proposed in the tax reform outline
While the decline in Japan’s economic strength and competitiveness has been a long-standing issue, this field, which has strengths in cross-border (international reach), is the content industry of Japan, which is called an “IP (intellectual property)” powerhouse such as anime, manga, and games. One of the reasons is that it has the potential to greatly support the DX (digital transformation) of various industries and the advancement of global businesses. In this way, Japan has begun to make serious efforts to create new innovations and businesses, but the bottleneck is the development of an environment such as a closed system design against the background of the language environment and regulations that are not in line with reality. It is also pointed out that Japan is lagging behind other countries.
In addition, many Japanese business operators have highlighted various issues in terms of knowledge and business idea building, corporate networks, business personnel, etc. to promote Web3 business. Against this background, CoinPost believes that the establishment of an international conference that can establish a distribution network for international exchange and information and human resources in the three Web fields is essential for the growth of the entire Japanese blockchain industry in the Asian market. increase.
In July 2023, the Tokyo International Forum, which will be equipped with a “simultaneous interpretation system”, will start working on an event where visitors from all over the world can gather together. We also have tickets for companies that are considering introducing Web3 technology or entering the Web3 industry in some way. If you would like to know more, please contact us using the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
▼Operating organization
General Incorporated Association WebX Executive Committee
Headquarters: 3-27-5 Higashi Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo BH Building 7F Planning and operation
CoinPost Co., Ltd.
Business: Operation of online news media specializing in virtual currency and blockchain
Representative: Takahito Kagami, Representative Director and CEO Headquarters: 3-27-5 Higashi Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo BH Building 7F Details about this release:

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