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Commercial Branding & Transportation Division 3M proposes a new retail experience at Milan Design Week 2023 Collaboration with Italian architecture and design office STUDIOPEPE

Commercial Branding & Transportation Division
3M Proposes New Retail Experiences at Milan Design Week 2023 Collaboration with Italian Architecture and Design Firm STUDIOPEPE Material experience with 3M(TM) Dynoc(TM) Film and 3M(TM) Fasala(TM) Glass Film
3M participated in Archiproducts’ exhibition event “TERRA, inspired by Earth” held in the center of Via Tortona in Milan, Italy during Milan Design Week 2023 (April 17-23).
3M at Milan Design Week 2023 At Milan Design Week 2023, 3M
collaborated with internationally renowned design studio Studiopepe to demonstrate its commitment to developing innovative solutions in the fields of architecture and interiors, and exhibited at Archiproducts. I participated. “Good design makes more sense of places, things and experiences in our world,” said Kevin Guilbeau, 3M International Director and Head of Design. In doing so, we are committed to bringing together art and science to empower designers to bring about positive change.We are proud to once again celebrate Milan Design Week through our collaboration with Studiopepe.” increase.
[Image 1:×294.png] ◆Exhibition: TERRA*, inspired by Earth (*TERRA is Earth in Italian) At the exhibition, Studiopepe used Dynoc(TM) film and Fasala(TM) glass film to design a unique commercial space. The result is a cozy, contemporary and functional environment. In the exhibition, Dynoc(TM) film and Fasala(TM) glass film were used for the iconic wall artwork and surface decoration, as well as the decoration of the two-meter high totem pole. These finishing materials express Studiopepe’s concept TERRA, which is based on the theme of ‘earth’, and is a design approach that provides an opportunity to think about nature and encourages a responsible attitude.
The commercial space featured uses warm terracotta and clay shades of decor and furnishings, warm lighting and natural materials to create an environment of relaxation and comfort. In the center of the space, a display parallelepiped made of Dynoc(TM) film, a shelf remodeled with bronze metal-colored Dynoc(TM) film, a fitting room, a clothes rack, a wooden table, etc., are placed to create an infinite number of solutions. showed the possibilities. In addition, Fasala(TM) glass film is used for the mirrors and doors in the fitting room, and the combination of these elements expresses a space that feels connected to the earth.
[Image 2:×1850.jpg] ◆ About 3M’s Sustainability Initiatives
3M has announced a project to refurbish store and retail interiors with Dynoc(TM) Film and Fasala(TM) Glass Film, decorative
architectural films, to promote circular sustainability. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate how these films can be used to enhance the customer experience and increase the flexibility of commercial spaces. Dynoc(TM) Film and Fasala(TM) Glass Film are self-adhesive and can be easily applied to existing surfaces without removing or replacing existing materials. This can reduce costs and construction time.
Fabrio Laurel, Sales and Marketing Manager, Europe, Commercial Solutions Division, 3M, said, “Interior design and redevelopment cannot ignore factors such as functionality, comfort and attention to detail. TM) film and Fasala(TM) glass film, due to their technology and compatibility, are suitable for the renovation of all surfaces: furniture, counters, doors, walls, ceilings, glass surfaces, etc. Dynok with over 1000 designs Using (TM) film and Fasala(TM) glass film allows a space to be completely transformed, with the added benefit of carrying out construction work without disrupting business.” By utilizing this innovative Dynoc (TM) film and Fasala (TM) glass film, we will renovate the space without dismantling the existing frame and contribute to the realization of a more sustainable society. In addition, it is easy and quick to install, which saves time and costs. In this way, it is possible to realize both high designability and workability, and to perform renovations while responding to a wide range of space creation needs.
◆ Exhibit details
Archiproducts Milano | The place to Live, Work and Shop Design Location: Via Tortona, 31, 20144 Milano MI, Italy
Open to public: April 18-23, 2023 10:00am-8:00pm
◆ Holding a free design seminar
We will hold a free design seminar on the trend report of Milano Salone 2023. For details, please check the application site.
[Table 2: ]
All seminars are the same.
Application site: ◆ Architectural finishing materials – product information of Dynoc (TM) film and Fasara (TM) glass film
Dynoc(TM) Films and Fasala(TM) Glass Films are available in a wide range of designs and textures, from natural stone to wood, marble to metal, providing a wide choice of aesthetic appearances and functions. Dynoc(TM) Film and Fasala(TM) Glass Film are innovative and versatile products for designing indoor and outdoor spaces. Its quality, durability and ease of installation make it an increasingly popular choice for architects, designers and building owners looking to transform spaces sustainably without interrupting business hours. * Please check the latest product information here: [About 3M]
3M (Headquarters: Minnesota, USA) believes that science creates a bright future. By unlocking the power of people, ideas and science, we explore new possibilities and our employees around the world are working to solve challenges for our customers, communities and the planet. To learn more about what 3M is doing to enrich people’s lives and create the future, visit or follow @3M and @3MNews on Twitter. For 3M Japan Group, please visit
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