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Courier Co., Ltd. Nursing care for everyone Gunma prefecture ranked second! Prefecture ranking with many facilities where you can move in with 0 yen lump-sum payment 3. Residential-type paid nursing home

Courier Co., Ltd.
[Nursing care for everyone] 2nd place is Gunma Prefecture! Prefecture ranking with many facilities where you can move in with 0 yen lump-sum payment 3. [Residential-type paid nursing home]

Courier Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Daisaku Yasuda), which operates “Minna no Nursing Care”, a search site for homes for the elderly with the largest number of facilities listed (*), provides nursing care based on the knowledge gained from operating the site. We investigate and research business issues and social phenomena. This time, it is a report on facilities that do not require a lump sum move-in fee, “Residential type paid nursing home edition”.
After Obon, people are actively looking for facilities
The Obon season is approaching again this year.
Every year, the number of families looking for nursing homes tends to increase after the Bon Festival.
This is because, in many cases, a family meeting is held when the person returns to his or her hometown, and a decision is made to enter the facility.
Affordable facilities will be filled first
The more people start looking, the more vacancies will fill up. In particular, facilities that are easy on the wallet, such as facilities with modest monthly usage fees or facilities with initial costs of 0 yen, tend to fill up first.
Therefore, in all 4 parts, we will deliver the ranking of prefectures with many facilities with 0 yen one-time entrance fees by type of facility.
This time, it is a “residential-type paid nursing home” aimed at people with a relatively low level of nursing care.
Fukuoka ranked 3rd, and Gunma ranked 2nd.
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Osaka ranked high in fee-based nursing homes for the elderly. Compared to paid nursing homes, the result was a large change in ranking.
While Tokyo and Saitama prefectures fell in the rankings, Fukuoka prefecture in 3rd place and Gunma prefecture in 2nd place rose significantly.
Especially in Gunma Prefecture, about 50% of facilities have a plan with a one-time entrance fee of 0 yen.
Residential-type fee-based nursing homes are facilities for people with a relatively low level of nursing care, such as support level 1 or 2.
Since the number of facilities and price range of nursing homes varies by region, Gunma Prefecture may have established a culture of keeping costs down and entering facilities because the level of nursing care required is relatively low.
1st place went to Osaka prefecture, just like the high school student edition. As a percentage of the listed facilities, it is about 20%, so it is lower than Gunma Prefecture’s 50%.
By the way, there was no facility with 0 cases, and there were 1 facilities in 2 prefectures.
If you live in these prefectures, you need to consider including the neighboring prefectures if you want to reduce the lump-sum payment. Search for paid nursing homes with nursing care with a lump-sum payment of 0 yen nationwide ↓ Survey outline
Research site: Minna no Nursing Care
Survey method: Among all facilities (51,796 cases) listed in Minna no Nursing Care, survey the number of facilities with a one-time entrance fee of 0 yen by prefecture
Survey implementation date: July 20, 2023
* As a result of conducting a survey of the number of facilities listed on major nursing home search sites, Minna no Kaigo won No.1. [Summary of No. 1 number of facilities listed]
Survey date: May 2, 2023
Survey method: TFCO Co., Ltd. research
Sites surveyed: Minna no Nursing Care, Nursing Care Honne, Oasis Navi, LIFULL Nursing Care, MY Nursing Care Plaza, Paid Nursing Home Information Center, Kircare, Good Nursing Care, Sagakkusu
Details of the survey method and survey results: For the survey target sites, compare the accumulated values ​​of the number of facility listings (excluding home-visit nursing care offices) in each prefecture during the survey period. Regarding the number of facility listings in each prefecture, the number of search results listed on the prefecture index page of the survey site was checked for consistency with the actual number of listings, and the number of results was adopted. As a result, Minna no Nursing Care won the No. 1 ranking for the number of facilities listed.
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