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Doggyman Hayashi Co., Ltd. Part 3! Miyazon (ANZEN manzai) x Doggyman From July 3rd, a fun video that will enrich your life with dogs will be distributed on Doggyman Hayashi’s official YouTube channel.

Doggyman Hayashi Co., Ltd.
Part 3! [Miyazon (ANZEN manzai) x Doggyman] From July 3rd, a fun video that will enrich your life with dogs will be distributed on Doggyman Hayashi’s official YouTube channel.

Doggyman Hayashi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, President: Yuichi Hayashi) is based on the philosophy of “a good partner for pet life” and provides information that will enrich the lives of owners and dogs. For the purpose of this, we will start distributing videos collaborated with Miyazon (ANZEN manzai) on Doggyman Hayashi’s official YouTube channel from July 3rd.
[Image 1:×2195.jpg] Thoughts in the video
This project, which began in 2021, started with the desire to support a happy life with dogs as a good partner for pet life under the corporate philosophy of Doggyman Hayashi.
We hope that by deepening the basic understanding of dogs, it will be an opportunity to build a more comfortable relationship with each other.
Miyazon’s love for his beloved dog, Love-chan, and mutual trust are also highlights. Please take a look at Doggyman Hayashi YouTube channel.
YOUTUBE video transmission schedule
Scheduled to be sent from July 3, 2023 to August 31, 2023 (sent once a week) Number of calls: 7
Video content
In 2021 and 2022, we have provided useful information for “beginner owners” who have just started owning a dog.
This year, the 3rd edition, the theme is “Dog’s health management” and “Deeper understanding of dogs”.
The content of the video is
◎ Recipes for dog health management (2 recipes)
We will explain in detail with the advice of experts and veterinarians on “recommended recipes for children with reverse sneezing and weak bronchial tubes” and “recommended recipes for care of tear stains”, which are frequently worrisome concerns.
◎Understanding of calming signals for dogs (2)
I will explain the calming signals (body language of dogs) that dogs do with dog trainers. We hope that understanding the meaning of the various signs that dogs give and the conversations between dogs will help build a better relationship between owners and dogs.
◎ Characteristics of dog breeds (2 dogs)
I will explain the characteristics of the dogs divided into 10 groups. By understanding the characteristics of each group of dogs, you will have a deeper understanding of your child’s instincts and habits. ◎Recommended doggy massage (1 massage)
We will introduce how to massage easily at home with your owner. In addition to managing the dog’s health, it is expected that the relationship between the dog and the owner will deepen by having a relaxing time while taking physical contact.
[Image 2:×2194.jpg] About Doggyman Hayashi Co., Ltd.
[Image 3:×624.png] TV commercial jingle “Pet Food is Doggyman! Doggyman Hayashi Co., Ltd., a pet maker familiar with ]. Doggyman Hayashi aims for a happy symbiosis between humans and pets. We aim to create irreplaceable value that is connected through dogs, cats, small animals and insects. We will strive to provide services as a “good partner for pet life” so that pets can live happily and happily as members of the family.
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