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Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. -Reincarnation Arafo OL-Earth Star Luna new book released on Tuesday, August 1

Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd.
-Reincarnation Arafo OL-Earth Star Luna New Release August 1st (Tuesday) Manufacturing and business life with past life knowledge!?

A new issue of the novel label [Earth Star Luna] published by Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will be released on Tuesday, August 1st.
[Image 1:×470.jpg] On the Earth Star Luna official website, you can try and read new works and some already published for free ⇒ “I have been reincarnated, I am Sarana Kinje. Good luck.~Since my engagement was broken, I would like to live freely in the
-Special page (character introduction & privilege
information)- – Amazon purchase –
[Image 2:×2508.jpg] Author: Mitsuru Inoue Illustration: Suzuno
The reincarnated daughter of a former office lady who is a former office worker makes things and lives her business life with knowledge of her previous life! ?
The aristocratic daughter Sarana Kinje, whose engagement was broken off by the second prince of the Kingdom of Golda, was actually a reincarnated office worker in her previous life.
Tired of being treated by the royal family and the rigid aristocratic society, the Kinje family decided to move to their mother’s parents’ house in a neighboring country.
In this way, Sarana was supposed to lead a leisurely slow life with her parents, grandfather, and uncle’s family in the frontier. However, Sarana begins to lead an unexpected life when she starts making things by making full use of the knowledge of her previous life, and the products she makes sells out! ?
To pass the time ─ ─ When I was making magic stone devices, cosmetics, comfortable bedding, monster dishes, and a stable source of income for the people of the fief, the chairman of the commerce company was exhausted, the orphanage was saved, and His Highness, the younger brother of the king, was stalked. I’m Sarana Kinje.
how do you do.
[Image 3:×783.jpg] I was called “Saint-sama’s extra”, but it seems I’m not an extra. (1) -Special page (character introduction & privilege
information)- – Amazon purchase –
[Image 4: &S3=101562-148-FC494051175E0B3DDBF12047C999a 75A5-1761X2491.jpg] Author: Kuroe Hayase Illustration: hi8mugi
When I went on a trip to another world with my classmates, over there was a saint, and I said, “Extra!?
The middle-ranked country I was summoned treated me as a troublemaker. At that time, the one who reached out was His Imperial Highness the younger brother of the great power, the Wyiel Empire――
“Are you the daughter who was summoned with the saint?” In a match of interests with the extremely disgruntled Highness who suddenly called you you, she became his fiancée and lived in the empire.
Then, it turns out that she has magical powers greater than that of a saint, and that she is the “beloved child of the Holy Dragon”, and she ends up becoming the empire’s saint! ?
[Image 5:×1271.jpg] I Transferred to Another World and Became a Teacher, But I Was Feared as a Witch ~Let’s Teach There Are No Races That Are Superior~ (5) -Special page (character introduction & privilege
information)- – Amazon purchase –
[Image 6:×2500.jpg] Author: Mitsuru Inoue Illustration: Suzuno
In order to correct the elf supremacy that was strongly rooted in the incident of Solare’s bullying, Aoi and the others entered the country of elves.
He shows off his ability to the bully who looks down on other races, but he still refuses to admit anything wrong, and in the end he is opposed by the Senate to show off his magic.
Aoi accepts this and goes to the Senate, thinking that it would be quicker to get the approval of the country’s superiors.
There, Owen, Aoi’s master, has been invited as a candidate for the next king…! ?
[Image 7: &s3=101562-148-153756C0E9E9E9E9E9E9E9E9E9E100F33ADCBF0231

“Transferred to another world and became a teacher, but was feared as a witch ~Aoi-sensei’s School Struggle Diary~”
[Image 8:×1920.jpg] Original: Mitsuru Inoue Character draft: Suzuno Manga: Sakura September 1, 2023 (Friday) release lineup
“Secret Records of Empress Dowager Zhu You never heard that I am a princess!” (1)
Author: Tadano Gyo Illustration: Akihito Ono
“When I was reincarnated, I was able to meet my beloved family again. I will cook delicious rice with the cheats of my previous life.”(2) Written by Aya Sakura Illustration by CONACO
“A heartwarming witch life spent with a small servant monster in the corner of this different world” (2)
Author: Ichii Chifuyu Illustration: Okeno Kamoku
“The daughter of the office and the season of Shuka ~I’m not dissatisfied with the clerical marriage contract with the cold-blooded Prime Minister~” (2)
Written by: Mary Do Illustration: Shabon
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