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EduCon Co., Ltd. EduCon Co., Ltd., which produces educational content, has started providing LMS: Learning Management System “Manavite”

EDUCON Co., Ltd.
Educon Co., Ltd., a company involved in the production of educational content, has started providing LMS: learning management system “Manavite”
A learning management system that utilizes the unique knowledge of Gakusan Editing Production, which produces a large number of online teaching materials and video teaching materials.

Educon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Akasaka KSA Building 3F, 8-10-39 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takuya Tokano), which continues to develop business specializing in the education industry, such as educational content production and system
development, will open in 2023. We released a new service “Manavite” on August 1st. Customization is possible by combining optional functions, so you can introduce an LMS (Learning Management System) in the optimal form for various needs such as qualification learning and corporate training as well as educational sites. Please look forward to new services from EDUCON.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] Service site Educon Co., Ltd. What is the learning management system “Manabite”?
[Video 2:] With the increasing demand for online education, the introduction of LMS (Learning Management System) is becoming more and more important among educational institutions and companies to provide a flexible and efficient learning environment. LMS needs are centered on demand for remote learning, promotion of self-learning, visualization of learning results and efficiency of evaluation, and demand for new functions and services is increasing in response to market changes. “Manavite” is an LMS that was developed using the unique knowledge of Educon, which produces a wide range of teaching materials, from school education to corporate training. By introducing Manavite, in addition to being able to manage the learning status of students in real time, it is also possible to respond to customization and scalability, such as viewing teaching materials, conducting proficiency tests, communication functions, and course sales using payment functions.
[Image 2:×960.png] Features of Manavite
[Image 3:×1242.jpg] ● UI design that is easy to use for both students and administrators The operating company, which has produced many online teaching materials and video teaching materials, has designed an easy-to-learn design based on its past achievements. It can reduce the voices of students and administrators who say that online is difficult to use. ● Supports learning on smartphones and tablets It also supports learning on smartphones and tablets so that you can make effective use of it, such as listening to video content during travel time and spare time, and managing study schedules and records. ● Customizable to the optimum specifications with optional functions You can select only the functions necessary for the students and customize the specifications and UI to the optimum for your company. By removing unnecessary functions, it is easy to use and can be operated at a low cost. Usage scenes of Manavite For example, when Manavite is introduced in a cram school, it is possible to manage the progress of learners, evaluate grades, distribute learning materials, and provide online mock tests. You can also set individual learning plans and assignments, and communicate with the instructor. In addition, learning history and grade data can be used to optimize individual supplementary lessons and curriculum. The use of Manavite is also effective in general companies. You can automate and visualize employee skill training and new employee training with LMS. It is possible to provide effective programs while reducing training man-hours through the distribution of company-specific learning content, video lectures, and test-based evaluations. It also helps employees share knowledge and promote mutual learning. Manavite can be equipped with a payment function as an option, and it is possible to sell teaching materials for qualification acquisition and teaching materials for cram schools.
[Image 4:×308.jpg] Simple price plan with less waste
[Image 5:×262.jpg] The introduction cost of Manavite consists of the sum of [initial introduction cost] + [basic fee] + [option]. No renewal fee. You can choose the best option without waste. ▼ Click here to download the price list https://manabite.educacation/archive/ Trial on the free demo screen
[Image 6:×476.jpg] You can try the operation of Manavite on the free demo screen (excluding some functions). ▼ Click here for Manabite’s “Free demo screen application” If you have any questions about other services, please contact us using the dedicated form. ▼ Click here for Manabite’s “Inquiry Form”
[Image 7:×528.jpg] Takuya Togano, Representative Director, Educon Co., Ltd. Worked as a lecturer at a major cram school since he was a student, conducting video classes, analysis of entrance exams, and seminars for parents, gaining experience not only as a cram school lecturer but also in the education industry in general. Since I was originally interested in the IT field, I established an IT-related company after working as a sole proprietor while I was in college. After that, he had a connection with the education industry again, and started consulting on starting a cram school from the position of business consulting in the education industry that he was involved in when he was a student. Therefore, I felt the potential of educational IT from the knowledge of IT that I had acquired from time to time and the knowledge of the education industry that I had acquired as a lecturer and consultant. About Educon Co., Ltd. [Company profile]
[Image 8:×232.png] Company name: Educon Co., Ltd. Head office location: Akasaka KSA Building 3rd floor, 8-10-39 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Takuya Tokano Business description: Teaching material production business, educational IT business, educational consulting business HP: https://educon. jp
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