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Ei Heya Net “Comfort of living in the city & Ranking of cities you want to live in 2023 ” announced

Daito Trust
Ei Heya Net “Comfort of living in the city & Ranking of cities you want to live in 2023-Yamagata Prefecture version-” announced
Daito Trust Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kei Takeuchi) conducted the largest residential satisfaction survey ever, “Good Room Net Town Living Comfort Ranking 2023-Yamagata Prefecture- ” and “Good room net ranking of cities you want to live in 2023-Yamagata prefecture version-”.
Main Points of “Good Room Net Town Living Comfort Ranking
2023-Yamagata Prefecture Edition-”
[Image 1:×215.jpg] Higashine City ranked first, Tendo City ranked second, and Yamagata City ranked third for the fourth consecutive year in the top three places to live.
○ Higashine City ranked first with only 70 deviation values
Along with the opening of Yamagata Shinkansen Sakurambo-Higashine Station, various commercial facilities have been invited and residential land development has progressed, and various commercial facilities such as the city hall, Aeon, and home electronics mass retailers are available around the station. It was highly rated and ranked number one for four years in a row.
○ Sakata City, which is undergoing redevelopment in front of the station, ranked 5th.
With Mt. Chokai in the north and Mt. Gassan in the south, it is blessed with the rich nature of the Shonai Plain. Sakata City, which opened in , moved up one place from last year to 5th place.
・The deviation value is normalized so that the average score is 50, and indicates how far the score value differs from the average value. If the deviation value is the same, the second decimal place is different.
・ “Town Living Comfort Ranking 2023-Yamagata Prefecture-” targets residents of Yamagata Prefecture and counts municipalities with more than 50 respondents from 2019 to 2023 as ranking targets.
Main points of “Good room net Ranking of towns you want to live in 2023-Yamagata version-”
[Image 2:×267.jpg] For the third year in a row, Sendai City ranked 1st and Yamagata City ranked 2nd as the most desirable city to live in. Tokyo’s 23 wards ranked third for the second year in a row.
○Sendai City ranked first with a high percentage of votes
With a high percentage of votes of 5.2%, Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture was ranked first for the third consecutive year. The 2nd to 5th places are the same as last year, and from outside the prefecture, the 23 wards of Tokyo and the city of Yokohama line up in addition to Sendai City, which ranked first.
○ 68.1% are affirmative in the city where they live now
A total of 68.1% of respondents answered that they have no specific city they want to live in, and 16.4% said they would like to continue living in the city they live in now. It is
・ “Ranking of cities you want to live in 2023-Yamagata Prefecture-” is a ranking of the 2023 responses of residents of Yamagata Prefecture for municipalities nationwide.
・Administrative districts are aggregated as one municipality. City Living Comfort Ranking 2023 – Yamagata Prefecture Edition – TOP 10 Municipalities Ranking by Factor
[Image 3:×356.jpg] Municipalities outside the TOP 10 ranking topics by factor
●The first place for “Accessibility” was Yamabe-cho, Higashimurayama-gun. ●The first place for “quietness and security” was Kawanishi-cho, Higashiokitama-gun, and the third place was Yusa-cho, Akumi-gun. ● Second place in “Friendliness” was Yamabe-cho, Higashimurayama-gun. ● The first place for “Nature Tourism” was Yusa-cho, Akumi-gun. ● Kawanishi-cho, Higashiokitama-gun ranked first in “disaster prevention.” ・As for the rating, regarding the evaluation of the city where you live now, very satisfied: 100 points, satisfied: 75 points, neither: 50 points, dissatisfied: 25 points, very dissatisfied: It is the average value when it is set as 0 points.
・Municipalities with a “-” ranking last year were excluded from the ranking tally because the deviation value was less than 50 last year. ・The deviation value is normalized so that the average score is 50, and indicates how far the score value differs from the average value. ・When the deviation value is less than 50 in the order by factor, it is displayed as “-“.
Survey outline
◇Survey method
Distribute and collect questionnaires via the Internet to registered monitors of Macromill Co., Ltd.
Aggregated for a total of 5,829 men and women over the age of 20 living in Yamagata Prefecture from 2019 to 2023.
[Gender ratio] Male 46.2%: Female 53.8%
[Unmarried] Unmarried 37.6%: Married 62.4% [Children] None 45.0%: Yes 55.0% [Generation ratio] 15.9% in their 20s, 25.1% in their 30s, 24.4% in their 40s, 20.7% in their 50s, 11.3% in their 60s, 2.7 in their 70s % ◇ Survey period
February 17 (Friday) to March 15 (Wednesday), 2023: 2023 survey (Number of respondents: 1,606)
March 8 (Tuesday) to March 29 (Tuesday), 2022: 2022 survey (Number of respondents: 1,500)
March 17 (Wednesday) to March 30 (Tuesday), 2021: 2021 survey (number of respondents: 1,184)
March 17 (Tue)-April 3 (Fri), 2020: 2020 survey (Number of respondents: 1,059) March 26 (Tuesday) to April 8 (Monday), 2019: 2019 survey (number of respondents: 480)
5,829 people in total
◇Survey system
Survey planning, question design, and analysis: Daito Kentaku Leasing Future Research Institute (Fellow), Survey form distribution and collection: Macromill Co., Ltd.
◇ How to answer
The livable comfort ranking is based on the overall evaluation of the current area (very satisfied: 100 points, satisfied: 75 points, neither: 50 points, dissatisfied: 25 points, very dissatisfied: 0 points). Created from average values. The city ranking that people want to live in is created by aggregating the number of votes from the responses of the free word suggestion method that displays multiple candidates based on the name of the municipality entered and asks them to select.
・Reproduction of copyrighted material, etc. without prior permission of the copyright holder, etc., except for printing, saving, etc. for personal use, or other cases permitted by copyright law. , Public transmission, distribution, modification, reprinting on other websites, etc. are prohibited.
・For members of the media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc., when publishing, reporting or quoting this release, please use the following information: “Ii Heya Net Town Living Comfort Ranking & City Ranking 2023 – Yamagata Prefecture Please indicate the source as “Edition-“.
・Detailed data can be provided to the local governments that were the target of this survey, so please contact them individually.
・In the case of academic research purposes, we may be able to provide the individual survey data, so please contact us individually. ・On the “Living Comfort Ranking” website, you can find academic papers and survey data commentary on “living comfort” and town planning. For details, please visit our website.
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