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Eight branding design Eight branding design fully supports ONDO Holdings Co., Ltd.’s branding that aims to create a business that “heats up the region”

Eight Branding Design Co., Ltd.
Eight branding design fully supports ONDO Holdings Co., Ltd.’s branding that aims to create a business that “heats up the region” Operation and consulting of spa facilities and resort facilities, and support for regional business investment revitalization

Eight Branding Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Akihiro Nishizawa), which operates under the concept of “Energizing Japan with branding design”, supported Onsen Dojo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture; Representative: Toshiki Yamazaki) in rebranding and changing the system to a holding company, from strategy to concept, naming development, logo, CI tools, and website design. We supported consistent brand building.
[Image 1:×562.jpg] ■ Background of rebranding
Based on the corporate philosophy of “transmitting culture from the bath”, Onsen Dojo has operated and consulted multiple hot bath facilities and resort facilities, including the “ofuro cafe” brand, mainly in Saitama Prefecture, and supported investment in regional business investment revitalization. In addition, while aiming to create new value in the industry, contribute to regional
revitalization, and develop human resources through corporate activities, we have branded the holdings system with the aim of further development of the entire group, including the other two operating companies.
In the branding project, the Onsen Dojo Group, which consists of three operating companies, “Onsen Dojo Co., Ltd.,” which develops and operates hot spring facilities and accommodation facilities, and supports business revitalization, “Tabi Suru Onsen Dojo Co., Ltd.,” which develops and operates hot bath facilities and travel business in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, and “Saitama Musashi Heat Bears Co., Ltd.,” which holds BC League official matches and promotes regional revitalization through sports, will establish a new company, ONDO Holdings Co., Ltd. At the same time, we renewed the concept and logo design of ONDO Holdings, Onsen Dojo, and Ofuro Cafe.
■ Naming
The name of the new company, ONDO Holdings, is based on the idea of ​​holdings, which aims to raise the “temperature” of the region and produce leaders who can “lead”, with each activity that spreads diversely starting from the hot spring facility as a source of heat. ■ Brand concept
Developed the brand concept “Let’s excite the region” as a judgment standard for all activities at ONDO Holdings and Onsen Dojo. It expresses the attitude of aiming to create a business that raises the temperature of the region and excites the region.
[Image 2:×704.jpg] ■ About the design
-Logo design-
ONDO Holdings and the hot spring dojo have developed a common group logo with a motif of steam. The vigorous steam rises symbolize the activities of the two companies, which ignite local culture through various businesses such as hot bath facilities.
[Image 3:×477.jpg] – Left – ONDO Holdings brand logo – Right – Onsen Dojo brand logo -10 personal colors-
There is no specific color for the brand color, and the basic color is black only. Depending on the design work, such as business cards and websites, by selecting and using colors from 10 personal colors with the motif of hot spring water quality, it is a design that can express the individuality of the various members who belong to it.
[Image 4:×1237.jpg] -ONDO WEB DESIGN-
The brand site uses a grid design to express the main content and the latest topics in an easy-to-understand manner with copy and visuals. By deploying 10 personal colors in the web design and setting them on the employee introduction page, the design expresses ONDO Holdings’ corporate culture that respects the individuality of each employee.
[Image 5:×240.png] ONDO Holdings Brand Site:
[Image 6:×1066.jpg] ■Branding design for store brand “Ofuro Cafe”
In the branding design of “Ofuro Cafe”, a unique bathing facility that combines a cafe and a public bath, which is a store brand of a hot spring dojo, you can enjoy various extraordinary experiences while relaxing as if you were at home.
-Ofuro Cafe Logo Design-
[Image 7:×697.jpg] The brand logo design, which combines the “hot spring mark” and “coffee cup”, represents the features of the bath cafe, where you can enjoy the bath and sauna while spending time freely like a cafe. The cursive-like logotype expresses the rippling surface of hot water, and is designed with the image of a relaxing time spent at a bath cafe.
[Image 8:×199.jpg] -ofuro cafe web design-
Developed the “ofuro cafe common site” that serves as the entrance to each of the individual “ofuro cafe” store websites. The swaying curve expresses how you can forget about the time and relax, while illustrations and visuals explain how to enjoy the entire “ofuro cafe” in an easy-to-understand manner.
[Image 9:×240.png] Ofuro cafe brand site:
[Image 10:×1098.jpg]

■Akihiro Nishizawa appointed as an outside director of ONDO Holdings Co., Ltd. In addition, our representative Akihiro Nishizawa was appointed as an outside director of ONDO Holdings Co., Ltd., which was established as a holding company of Onsen Dojo Co., Ltd. through a stock transfer on April 3, 2023.
I have been supporting branding for the past three years while watching the enthusiastic work of Mr. Yamazaki, Mr. Miyamoto, and everyone at ONDO Holdings, who are “transmitting culture from the bath.” I sympathize with the new brand concept “Let’s make the region lively” that we created together with everyone, and this time I was appointed as an outside director. I would like to continue to support the entire ONDO group with the power of design. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much.
Eight branding design representative / branding designer Akihiro Nishizawa
[Image 11:×363.jpg] Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1976. Based on the concept of
“revitalizing Japan with branding design”, he conducts design activities in a wide range of genres such as corporate brand development, product development, and store development. He has worked on many consistent branding designs, including research, planning, and concept development. Main works include craft beer “COEDO”, matcha cafe “nana’s green tea”, and skin care “Yuskin”. His publications include “Branding Design Textbook” (Pai International). A special feature in a design magazine is “Design Note/Akihiro Nishizawa’s Successful Branding Design” (Seibundo Shinkosha).
[About Eight Branding Design]
[Image 12:×177.jpg ]
As a pioneer of branding design, Eight Branding Design conducts design activities in a wide range of genres, including corporate brand development, product development, and store development, based on the concept of “revitalizing Japan with branding design.”

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