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Enjoy with all five senses PLANT BASE SWEETS Muffinu

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Enjoy with all five senses [PLANT BASE SWEETS] Muffinu
♪ The moment you eat it, you will be satisfied ♪ Developed a magical swell formula Vegan Mix Flour! The owner himself is allergic to wheat, so we offer gluten-free products that are delicious as they are. One bite will make you smile, two bites will make you happy♪

Plant-based ingredients are used instead of eggs and dairy products, and wheat is not used at all.
・Wheat ⇒ White sorghum flour, bean (almond, etc.) flour, coconut flour, rice flour
・Milk ⇒ soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, etc. ・Eggs ⇒ tofu, bananas, aquafaba, etc.
・White sugar ⇒ rice koji amazake, maple syrup, beet sugar, agave syrup, etc. Muffinu, which is exclusively sold online, is made with PLANT BASED wholeheartedly after receiving your order.
Most of the plant-based sweets use wheat.
I was particular about it and developed a recipe that can be safe, secure, and healthy.
I want you to be happy, not sales ♪ I’m open for business.
We also accept event stalls.
[Image 1:×1152.jpg] Profile Azabu Brand Muffinu Representative Karin Hirashima Originally from Minato-ku, Tokyo, lives in Shibuya-ku ★Self-study of Certified Cook License/Food Sanitation Manager/Vegan, PLANT BASED SWEETS Career Experience in manufacturing at stores below. Azabu Juban Montabeau Pompadour Maison Kaiser Shirokane Takanawa main store Hiroo Sky High Asakusa bakery maison Tim Hortons Montreal Canada Bread, coffee, espresso, and muffins and additive-free cakes from my 20s, and until my early 30s, I learned a wide range of skills while working at many stores. After that, she held a sweets making class at home. I enjoyed making sweets mainly with my friends and acquaintances. I was diagnosed with contact disorder at the age of 15 and depression at the age of 20. When the symptoms began to subside, I developed an allergy to wheat, which I love. It was a success, and it became an opportunity to start research on Vegan, Plant Based Foods. I want people suffering from the same symptoms to be happy, love and smile! Most of all, I want to eat cake, so I look forward to researching how to create a texture and taste that is better than wheat. I still remember the excitement when I first made a gluten-free, plant-based cake that puffed up. It always sells out at events, and every time I see the smiles of the children and everyone who ate it, I feel the happiest. I am impressed that there was something that even I could do. I have experienced an unhealthy diet where I only eat sweets and things I like, so I would like to tell you that a well-balanced diet will keep your mind and body healthy. I would be extremely happy if I could share my favorite foods with people who have the same problem and limit their diet and sweets, and let them know that it is okay to just choose the ingredients and not limit them.
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