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Event information We will hold a gallery event “Summer vacation with picture books for adults and children!”

Dai Nippon Books
“Adults and children a picture book summer vacation!” Gallery event will be held!
From 8/22 to 9/3 at a gallery in Ueno. There are lots of fun projects such as picture book author workshops, exhibitions of original drawings, and sales of limited goods!

We invite popular picture book authors to hold workshops for parents and children, talks for adults, and live painting. In addition, we have prepared various benefits for visitors, such as the exhibition of original picture books and the sale of limited goods of picture book characters. Please come and visit us one day during the summer vacation.
Picture book author’s event
[Image 1:×1818.png] The workshop is a content that even small children can enjoy. In the talk, we will approach the secrets of creating picture books and the real faces of popular authors! Details of the event can be found on our website: You can also apply for the event from the QR code above or from here ⇒!
Exhibition of original picture books
You can see the original picture of the picture book up close! The brush strokes and colors that can’t be expressed in a picture book… Please take this opportunity to enjoy the real thing.
[Image 2:×1351.jpg]          One of the original paintings on display “Youkai no Mori Makkura Matsuri” (by Akari Hasegawa)
Sale of limited goods
We will sell venue limited goods with picture book characters! Please enjoy the eco-friendly bag and masking tape together with the picture book♪
[Image 3:×1114.png] One of the eco bags “100 Pikikazoku” (Tatsuo Furusawa)
Holding period, place
[Image 4:×410.jpg]             We also sell picture books. We are looking forward to seeing you there!
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