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Ghibly, Yo-Ho Brewing, Tohoku University, Tact System Commemorating the launch of “Corporate GAI Community” held on July 5th

Ghibly Co., Ltd.
Ghibly, [Yo-Ho Brewing, Tohoku University, Takt System] Held an event to commemorate the launch of the “Corporate GAI Community” on July 5th ~ 100 people from 38 companies actively using generative AI to share knowledge and network ~

Ghibly Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Ide, hereinafter referred to as our company), which provides business improvement tools for corporations and governments, AI chatbots, AI-FAQs, etc., announced on July 5 that we will provide We invited 38 companies that have introduced the industry’s first corporate ChatGPT platform “Corporate GAI” and held a “Corporate GAI Community” launch event.
This presentation is intended to share the latest use cases and knowledge of “Corporate GAI” and ChatGPT among corporate personnel and promote mutual networking. At the beginning of the meeting, our company gave an orientation on the functions and usage of the community site, followed by the specifics of the service from Tohoku University, Yo-Ho Brewing, and Takt System, who are actively using “Corporate GAI”. I received a presentation about a practical use case. At the end of the event, 100 participants participated in a networking session, and it was a place to share knowledge on the use of generative AI. Below, we will introduce the contents in chronological order.
[Image 1:×630.png] ■ “Corporate GAI” Product Vision Pitch
The presentation started with a greeting from Yuji Yamakawa, our director and OperationDX department manager. After the release of ChatGPT by Open AI in November 2022, we talked about the circumstances leading up to the launch of our “Corporate GAI” in April this year, and the future business strategy as follows.
The key point of this product is that it not only allows ChatGPT to be used in a safe environment, but also assists with specific
instructions for making full use of it in business. Currently, the reason why many companies have decided to introduce “Corporate GAI” is that it is safer in terms of security compared to ChatGPT corporate services. However, after the introduction, in order to actually use it in business, it is necessary to enter effective prompts (instructions that prompt actions) in line with the business, and these are things that each user can quickly understand and learn. not. As a result, it becomes extremely difficult to fully utilize it in business, so we developed an assist function that allows anyone to easily enter prompts. Specifically, it is a function that allows you to develop a large number of “prompt recipes*” and call them with a single click. This will allow anyone to make full use of ChatGPT without having to understand complicated prompts.
[Image 2:×630.jpg] *Reference) About the “prompt recipe” provided by our company
■ Orientation for the “Corporate GAI Community Site”
Next, our CS staff gave an orientation to the “Corporate GAI community site.” The community site has
Problem board function
learning content
User voice posting function
In addition, we also have user-only tutorials and bulletin boards. At the presentation, participants were actually logged in, and employees individually explained each function and how to use it. Corporate GAI community site:
[Image 3:×1260.png] Yo-Ho Brewing, Tohoku University, Takt System Corporate GAI
Utilization Case Pitch
In the middle of the meeting, three companies that have introduced corporate GAI talked about their internal use cases and future prospects.
Yo-Ho Brewing Co., Ltd.
Comment from So Kimura, Unit Director, Information Systems Unit Yo-Ho Brewing has introduced a corporate GAI to improve the efficiency of programming operations, and has achieved excellent results. We are also experimenting with the product planning and development of craft beer, and although it has not reached the practical level yet, we hope that it will be used little by little, such as coming up with ideas.
[Image 4:×630.jpg] National University Corporation Tohoku University
Information Department Digital Transformation Promotion Section Manager Kazuyuki Fujimoto
Comment from Shota Suzuki, Chief of Business Promotion, Digital Transformation Promotion Section, Information Department
Tohoku University is the first university in Japan to introduce a corporate GAI, and encourages all students, faculty and staff to use it. There are pros and cons to using ChatGPT in education, but our university would like to actively use new technologies like GAI and be a leader in creating innovation.
[Image 5:×630.jpg] Tact System Co., Ltd.
Comment from Mr. Kiyoshi Fujieda, Chief Executive Officer for DX Promotion At Takt System, we use Corporate GAI for grammar proofreading of catalogs for customers. If you use Corporate GAI to unify the appearance of the product description manuscript, the appearance of the text will be ready in an instant. We believe that Corporate GAI is effective in that it can greatly reduce work in this way while protecting confidential information such as product information.
[Image 6:×638.jpg] About business efficiency solution using Ghibly’s generative AI “Corporate GAI powered by GPT-4”
[Image 7:×339.png] Corporate GAI is a ChatGPT utilization platform for corporations. You can use ChatGPT while preventing information leaks in your own environment.
In addition to the masking function for confidential information, it is equipped with a “prompt recipe” function that allows you to easily improve work efficiency with a single button.
In addition, we provide prompt engineering training, generative AI utilization consulting, and “X-GAI” development support service that supports the construction of a company’s own generative AI
“Administration GAI powered by GPT-4”
[Image 8:×304.png] Government GAI is a ChatGPT utilization platform for government agencies. You can use ChatGPT while preventing information leakage in a dedicated environment.
In addition to the masking function for confidential information, it is equipped with a “prompt recipe” function that allows you to easily improve work efficiency with a single button. It features a
“flat-rate” plan that is easy to use even for government agencies.
“DECA Fine Tuning (Deca Fine Tuning)”
[Image 9:×138.png] DECA Fine Tuning is a development support service that builds a company’s own ChatGPT environment through additional learning in generative AI and indexing of large amounts of sentences.
By building a company-specific ChatGPT environment that has undergone additional learning of its own data, it is possible to make ChatGPT give accurate answers based on the data held by the company, solving conventional problems and improving business operations. Realize the embedding of AI.
■ About Ghibly Co., Ltd.
[Image 10:×248.png] Ghibly’s vision is to “realize a society in which all people can be materially and spiritually rich.” , We will continue to create “global standard” services and contribute to the revitalization of Japan. -Company Profile-
Company name: Ghibly Co., Ltd.
Location: 8th floor of Teito Shibuya Building, 15-13 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takashi Ide
Established: April 28, 2009
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
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