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Hotel Granvia Kyoto A total of 9 breweries in Kyoto and Hiroshima! Notice of Kyoto & Hiroshima Craft Beer Expo

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[Hotel Granvia Kyoto] A total of 9 breweries in Kyoto and Hiroshima! Notice of Kyoto & Hiroshima Craft Beer Expo
A lottery will also be held to create opportunities for sightseeing in Hiroshima.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto (General Manager Kazumasa Ukyo), operated by JR West Japan Hotel Development Co., Ltd. (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, President Masafumi Ise), will open craft beer from Kyoto and Hiroshima on Monday, August 14, 2023. And we will hold a food event “Kyoto & Hiroshima Craft Beer Expo” where you can enjoy the food of hotel chefs.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] This is the third time the Craft Beer Expo has been held, and each time the event has been well received as an opportunity to talk directly with people from various breweries while enjoying craft beer. A total of 9 breweries, 5 from Kyoto and 4 from Hiroshima, will visit the museum in the hot summer when you want to drink beer. More than 20 types of barrel draft beer are gathered, and you can enjoy comparing craft beer from breweries that cannot be toured in one day.
As an event of the JR West Group that promotes regional coexistence, we agree with the “Hiroshi Miyako Alliance” * 1. I put a spotlight on one “food”. We will prepare dishes from Kyoto and Hiroshima that go well with beer, centering on craft beer unique to the region, which is a new food culture. In addition, as an opportunity to go sightseeing in Hiroshima, a lottery will be held to win accommodation vouchers for Hotel Granvia Hiroshima, and a corner will be set up at the venue to introduce the charm of traveling to Hiroshima.
The same event will also be held at Hotel Granvia Hiroshima on Sunday, August 27th. The purpose is to lead to the development of mutual food culture and tourism.
*1. The Hiroshima-Miyako Alliance is an alliance between the Hiroshima Prefectural Tourism Federation and the city of Kyoto with the aim of contributing to the recovery of tourism demand in Hiroshima and Kyoto and the development of the tourism industry, etc., in order to realize a sustainable tourist destination. It is a cooperation agreement concluded by a tourist association.
[Table 3: ]
Brewery List
Kyoto 5 breweries (+ 2 sales cooperation booths total 7 companies) ・Kakehashi Brewing (Yosano Town)
・CRAFTBANK (Fukuchiyama City)
・Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery (Kyoto City)
・ALDEA YAMASHIRO BEERS (Kyotanabe City) [First participation] ・Kotokoto Beer (Kizugawa City)
・Yamaoka liquor store (sales cooperation)
*KOACHI beerworks
*Woodmill Brewery, Kyoto
・SIGHTS KYOTO (Sales cooperation)
*Kemori Sake Brewery
Hiroshima 4 breweries
・Session’s Brewery (Naka Ward, Hiroshima City) [First Participation] ・HIROSHIMA NEIGHBORLY BREWING (Naka Ward, Hiroshima City) [First participation] ・Hiroshima Kita Beer (Asa Kita Ward, Hiroshima City) [First participation] ・Shimanami Brewery (Onomichi City) [First Participation]
You can win accommodation vouchers for Hotel Granvia Hiroshima! Lottery Overview At the lottery held as part of the event, we have prepared prizes that will trigger sightseeing in Hiroshima. Using one lottery ticket per person, you can participate in one lottery of your choice from the following.
[Table 4: ]
A plan to enjoy the feeling of traveling in the event Overview ・Set up a section introducing the attractions of traveling in Hiroshima Prefecture (tourist information and pamphlet distribution) ・Set up photo spots related to Kyoto Prefecture and Hiroshima Prefecture About cooking
[Image 2:×1000.jpg]
[Image 3:×466.jpg] We are particular about pairing craft beer and food, and have devised dishes that match each unique craft beer. You can enjoy a variety of dishes such as a menu that is closely related to craft beer, such as using malt, Hiroshima specialties, and hotel-style roast beef. Numbered tickets will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis, and paella using summer vegetables and seafood from Kyoto will be provided.
In addition, the executive chef of Hotel Granvia Kyoto and the executive chef of Hotel Granvia Hiroshima, who will appear as a guest, will prepare a special menu for each dish.
About Chef
[Image 4:×1297.jpg] Hotel Granvia Kyoto Executive Chef Kenichi Kashiwagi
In 2003, he won 1st place at the 37th Pierre Taittinger International Culinary Awards Japan, and 3rd place at the world competition in the same year. 2004 World Cuisine Olympic silver medal winner. In 2019, he became the executive chef of Hotel Granvia Hiroshima. In June 2022, he became the executive chef of Hotel Granvia Kyoto.

[Image 5:×605.jpg] Hotel Granvia Hiroshima Executive Chef Shinji Kuramitsu
Joined the company in 1990. Serves as head chef for cafes and buffets, steakhouses, and banquet western dishes. After gaining experience at a group hotel, he became the head chef in July 2023.
He is more passionate about Hiroshima ingredients than anyone else, and continues to make dishes that appeal to his hometown.

Organizer: Kyoto Craft Beer Friends, Kyoto Beer Expo, Hotel Granvia Kyoto Supported by: West Japan Railway Company, Kyoto City Tourism Association, Hiroshima Prefectural Tourism Federation, Canadel Co., Ltd.
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About SDGs at Hotel Granvia Kyoto
[Image 10:×303.png] As a company that coexists with the local community, we deepen our understanding of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and strive to create hotels that are friendly to everyone and the environment. In addition, with the aim of creating a safe and prosperous society where people meet and smile, the JR-West Group aims to achieve the SDGs through the realization of a West Japan area where everyone, including future generations, can continue to play an active role. We would like to contribute.
JR West Japan Hotels “Clean & Safety”
[Image 11:×591.jpg] JR-West Hotels places the highest priority on the safety of its guests and employees, and has established and complies with its own hygiene standards, “Clean & Safety”.
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