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House Foods Group Headquarters Co., Ltd. We will solve the spice curry question! “House Jikiden! Spice Curry” website released

House Foods Group Inc.
I will solve the spice curry question! “House Jikiden! Spice Curry” website released
Full of easy but full-fledged recipes for beginners to advanced users! There is also a commentary on “the charm that makes you want to make” by Kariko Indo!

House Foods will release a new site specializing in spice curry, “House Jikiden! Simple yet authentic popular spice curry”, as new content on the spice comprehensive information site “Spice of Life” from July 11th. . We will post the basics of spices, the charm of making spice curry, and a lot of simple but authentic recipes, and we will provide information that allows you to enjoy spice curry more easily and widely, from those who make it for the first time this summer to advanced users.
Spice of Life “House Jikiden! Simple yet authentic popular spice curry” site URL:
[Image 1:×630.jpg] ■About the website “House direct! Simple yet authentic popular spice curry” For those who make it for the first time, I answered questions such as “What kind of spices should I use?” and “Is it easy to make spice curry?” Coriander)” will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner, from ingredients to cooking procedures.
For those who have already made spice curry, we introduce recipes to make with basic spices + α spices, and post information to find and enjoy your favorite spice curry.
1. Cuisine researcher Indo Kariko explains! Three charms of spice curry 1) You can do it with just one frying pan!
2) There are infinite curry arrangements with spices!
3) Adjust the spiciness freely!
2. Roles and characteristics of basic spices in spice curry
An easy-to-understand explanation of the roles and characteristics of cardamom, cloves, and red pepper, as well as “ta ku ko (turmeric, cumin, coriander)” as basic spices indispensable for spice curry. Ta: Turmeric (coloring spice) aka “Turmeric” Spice that gives curry a yellow color (used when heated)
Ku: Cumin (fragrant spice) One of the essential aromatic spices for curry Ko: Coriander (fragrant spice) A spice characterized by a sweet scent reminiscent of citrus fruits
3. Easy yet authentic for beginners to advanced users! spice curry recipe 1. Spice curry made with 3 basic spices “Ta Ku Ko”
Three types of basic spices While enjoying the aroma of “Ta Ku Ko”, how to make a full-fledged spice curry is explained in an
easy-to-understand manner with images of ingredients and cooking procedures.
[Image 2:×1012.jpg] Basic Keema Curry Made with GABAN(R) Takuco
2. Spice curry recipe made with 3 basic spices “ta・ku・ko” + α A spice curry recipe that uses cardamom, red pepper, etc. for the three basic spices “ta, ku, and ko” to enjoy the aroma and spiciness. From the standard chicken curry, we introduce spice curry recipes using topical ingredients such as canned mackerel and lamb chops.
[Image 3:×808.jpg] Chicken curry made with 5 kinds of spices
3. Spice curry recipe using “GABAN (R) curry powder” that can be made more easily
If you use “curry powder”, it’s easier because several kinds of spices are already combined. A collection of spice curry recipes made with “GABAN (R) Curry Powder”, which has a distinctive spice flavor. You can easily make popular spice curry.
[Image 4:×682.jpg] Keema curry made with GABAN(R) curry powder
4. Spice curry alone is a waste! Introducing recipes for using up spices! Cloves, cardamom, and turmeric are used in lesser amounts than other spices when making spice curry, so customers tend to have leftovers. Introducing recipes that can be used not only for spice curry but also for a wide range of menus such as side dishes, desserts and drinks.
[Image 5:×382.jpg] Shrikhand (Indian dessert with cardamom flavor)
■ Profile of Kariko Indo, Spice Cooking Researcher
[Image 6:×2216.jpg] Born in November 1996, from Sendai. Representative director of Korinkan Co., Ltd., a specialty store for spice beginners. With the motto “Make spice curry at home more easily”, in addition to developing and selling original spice sets for beginners, he is active in a wide range of activities including writing recipe books, product development and marketing with major companies, and consulting. Details about this release:

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