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If you are considering a proposal by yourself, even if you come to the store as a couple! We have prepared a lot of contract benefits, including “selectable benefits”! “Wedding Fair” held

New Art Cima Co., Ltd.
If you are considering a proposal by yourself, even if you come to the store as a couple! We have prepared a lot of contract benefits, including “selectable benefits”! “Wedding Fair” held
-Saturday, August 5, 2023 to Sunday, October 1, 2023 at all Ginza Diamond Shiraishi stores in Japan-

Ginza Diamond Shiraishi, a bridal jewelry specialty store that boasts the largest number of contracts in Japan and has 61 stores nationwide (operated by New Art Cima Co., Ltd.: Chuo-ku, Tokyo: Representative Tetsuya Shiraishi) will open in August 2023. “Wedding Fair” will be held at all Ginza Diamond Shiraishi stores from Saturday, October 5th to Sunday, October 1st.
[Image 1:×587.jpg] At this fair, you can see over 700 types of engagement rings and wedding rings with a wide variety of designs, including the new ring “Fortune Link”. We have prepared a lot of luxurious benefits such as diamond rich care nail oil as a visit privilege, original marriage registration and original chopsticks for couples as gifts.
Also, for those who are thinking of proposing, we have prepared a special proposal ring as a gift. It is a perfect item for a surprise proposal.
Customers who are starting to think about getting married, those who are considering a proposal, and customers who are considering purchasing bridal jewelry, please visit a store near you.
-Ginza Diamond Shiraishi popular ring-
[Image 2:×340.jpg] Wedding Fair Overview
・ Target: All Ginza Diamond Shiraishi stores (61 stores in Japan) ・Schedule: Saturday, August 5, 2023 to Sunday, October 1, 2023 -Visit benefits-
1. Treat yourself with a corocoro waffle cookie and welcome drink
[Image 3:×150.jpg] You can enjoy ring selection slowly with bite-sized waffle cookies and welcome drinks.

2. Diamond Rich Care Nail Oil
[Image 4:×150.jpg] This is an original nail oil jointly developed by Shiraishi, a local subsidiary in Israel that directly purchases diamonds, and “Esthetic Salon La Parle”.
Contains DIAMOND CERT* (base ingredient) and DEAD SEA SALT (sea salt) to moisturize fingertips. It is an item that makes you smile every time you look at your hand with a ring on it and every time you take a picture of it.
* Acetyl pentapeptide-35, diamond powder * Limited to first-time visitors. -Contract benefits-
1. Engagement ring contract bonus: jewelry box
[Image 5:×150.jpg] We offer high-quality jewelry boxes that make your jewelry look beautiful and protect it with care. It is an original item with a hook for hanging a necklace and a drawer.
* It is also possible to choose the original marriage registration. * This is a privilege for those who have signed a diamond loose contract. 2. Wedding ring (marriage ring) contract bonus: Original couple chopsticks
[Image 6:×150.jpg] Original couple chopsticks jointly developed with chopstick specialty store “Hashikura Matsukan”. It expresses the Greek Aegean Sea and the sparkling water surface of the brand concept. The handle part is easy to fit and is a practical item.
*It is also possible to choose the original marriage registration. *You cannot specify the color of the original couple chopsticks. 3. Selectable contract benefits: original marriage registration
[Image 7:×150.jpg] Marriage registration with the motif of the clock, which is the symbol of the Ginza flagship store. We have one for submission and one for storage. It is also possible to attach a photo for storage. In addition, an illustration of a clock studded with constellations is drawn on the inside, and you can also place a ring on top and take a picture. We have prepared special items that will make the two of you a couple a wonderful memory.
* You can choose the above contract benefits or the original marriage registration.
4. For those who make a diamond loose contract alone: ​​Proposal ring (frame) gift
[Image 8:×150.jpg] It is a size adjustable ring prepared for proposal.
You can set the diamond after purchase, engrave the date and initials and propose. At a later date, we will keep the diamond you purchased for the design of the engagement ring you chose. A colored stone is attached to the proposal ring and presented as a commemorative gift. It is very popular with those who want to make both a surprise proposal and their favorite design come true.
*You can choose either a jewelry box, an original marriage
registration, or a proposal ring for the engagement ring contract bonus.
* The benefits will end as soon as they are all gone.
*Purchasers of engagement rings and wedding rings at Ultimate Diamond Shiraishi are eligible for the “Wedding Fair”.
The charm of diamonds provided by Ginza Diamond Shiraishi, a “pioneer” of bridal jewelry
Quality that provides the highest rated Ultimate diamond
[Image 9:×127.jpg] In addition to the conventional diamond quality evaluation standard “4C”, we have implemented a new report “Sarine Report” that evaluates the brilliance of diamonds. Even loose diamonds selected from leading polishing companies around the world do not have the highest rating of Ultimate, but more than 99% of the polished diamonds purchased by Ginza Diamond Shiraishi have been proven to be diamonds with the highest rating of Ultimate. . Purchasing and selecting high-quality diamonds from all over the world
[Image 10:×120.jpg ]
We have a local subsidiary Israel Shiraishi in Israel, one of the world’s three largest markets for diamonds, and our resident buyers pay attention to various factors such as exchange rate fluctuations and purchase the best diamonds at the time. With a strict selection eye, we stably secure only top-class diamonds through direct transactions with polishing companies from all over the world, and provide them at reasonable prices.
[About Ginza Diamond Shiraishi]
Ginza Diamond Shiraishi is 28 years old. Japan’s first bridal jewelry specialty store.
Established in 1994 on Ginza Chuo-dori, it is Japan’s largest bridal jewelry brand with 61 stores in Japan as of July 2023. We deliver high-quality diamonds with the idea of ​​”Diamonds for all brides”. The diamonds that have been carefully selected are not only based on the 4Cs, which are known as diamond quality standards, but are also diamonds that emit a more beautiful brilliance, based on the belief that the brilliance necessary to feel beautiful is the most important value. Ginza Diamond Shiraishi is the only place where you can combine diamonds with your favorite ring design. We always have more than 18,000 pieces of diamonds and more than 150 types of ring designs, and respond to the voices of many brides who say, “I want a one-of-a-kind ring just for me.” The “set ring”, in which an engagement ring and a wedding ring are layered together, is also a pioneer in the industry. The smooth feeling of wearing and the beauty seen from the side are further features of fine handwork.
In addition, the after-sales service that is guaranteed forever is because we are involved in rings that will last a lifetime. All of these are the crystallization of our desire to “create happiness by staying close to each other” and are our wish itself. Until now, and from now on, forever.
Ginza Diamond Shiraishi will continue to be a brand that walks side by side with their lives.
【Company Profile】
Company name: New Art Cima Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tetsuya Shiraishi, President and Representative Director Founded: May 2017
Capital: 100 million yen
Business description: Manufacture and sale of bridal jewelry, etc. by bridal jewelry specialty stores “Ginza Diamond Shiraishi” and “Excelco Diamond”
Location: Ginza Swim Building, 1-15-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
A wholly owned subsidiary of NEW ART HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (Securities Code: 7638), which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard. New Art Cima is engaged in business development centered on the sale of bridal jewelry (engagement rings and wedding rings). , and the brand of “Excelco Diamond” (56 stores in Japan). Details about this release:

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