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Includes about 700 actual photos of head marks! “JNR type head mark photo collection” released in July

Graphic-sha Co., Ltd.
Includes about 700 actual photos of head marks! “JNR type head mark photo collection” released in July

Graphic-sha will release the book “JNR type head mark photo
collection” in July 2023.
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] A train mark with a stylized train name and nickname. Among them, this is a collection of photo materials that collect “head marks” that were manufactured as molded objects and posted at the top of trains such as locomotives, trains, diesel cars, and passenger cars. Not only the beauty of the model, but also the differences in variations are a must-see!
A collection of head marks that attracts you with about 700 photos This book contains headmark photos of various trains, from the Blue Train of the JNR era to the limited express, joyful train, express, and local trains. The collection focuses on interesting patterns, shapes, and creations.
[Image 2:×1412.jpg]
[Image 3:×1412.jpg] All the head marks at that time were handmade by craftsmen! Therefore, variations such as differences in letters, designs, and colors that are created depending on the time and place of manufacture are also posted. Welding, bolts, the thickness of sheet metal, etc. are full of charm of being a “thing”.
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[Image 5:×1412.jpg] Also includes interviews with those who made head marks in the 1980s and the history of the establishment of head marks. In addition, it is a book that is outstandingly readable, such as an explanation of how to install the head mark using illustrations by the Toyosu engine district, and a structural explanation!
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table of contents
Sleeper limited express / limited express / joyful train / express / rapid / local / hello / goodbye special column: What is a head mark / Differences between head marks on Honshu and Kyushu / Structure and installation of head marks / Behind the scenes of head mark production Book information
Book title: JNR type head mark photo collection
Author: Railways Graphics
Release date: July 2023
Specifications: B5 normal product Total 224 pages
List price: 3,080 yen (10% tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-7661-3783-5
Rakuten Books
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Graphic-sha Co., Ltd.
1-14-17 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073
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