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IR Agents Limited Liability Company IR Agents and Gyoseki held a performance forecast competition for listed companies; the first target company was Macbee Planet

LLC IR Agents
IR Agents, Gyoseki and performance forecast competition of listed companies held; the first target company is Macbee Planet
Proposing new IR communication between investors and companies through earnings forecasts

Gyoseki Co., Ltd. (hereafter Gyoseki) and IR Agents LLC (hereafter IR Agents) will hold the performance forecast contest “The Gyoseki Challenge” from July 1st. The target of the first earnings forecast is Macbee Planet, Inc. (hereafter, Macbee Planet).
[Image 1:×63.png] There are many thoughts that are necessary for investment, but among them, isn’t it extremely important to ask “What will be the future performance?” Most companies also want to see medium- to long-term results.
We believe that this event will be an opportunity for investors to deepen their understanding of the target company, imagine the future medium- to long-term business prospects, and provide a place for companies to learn concretely what investors expect of their company. We look forward.
All participants will be asked to forecast their performance for the current and next term through the Gyoseki system. From July 1st, IR Agents will distribute Macbee Planet’s IR interview memo to
fundamental investors, so please make your predictions based on the interview memo and various information provided by Macbee Planet. As part of confirming the direction of medium- to long-term forecasts, we are preparing a prize (10,000 yen Amazon gift card) for the top five forecasters whose forecasts for the first quarter of this fiscal year are closest to actual results.
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Macbee Planet is a rapidly growing company based on the concept of LTV marketing, which predicts consumer LTV (customer lifetime value), optimizes advertising, and supports the growth of advertisers. Agreed to acquire a net marketing company of similar scale in
performance-based internet advertising to expand scale. Pioneering the market as a leading company in LTV marketing.

With the mission of optimizing economic growth and maximizing wealth through the development of good capital markets, IR Agents aims to improve communication and information sharing between companies and IR. business for companies) and the creation of IR materials/videos and support for the formulation of IR strategies (business for companies). (Company HP:

Gyoseki develops and operates a research management system (RMS) for fundamental investors with the mission of “Empower Fundamental Investors”. We provide tools to visualize and automate the analysis results of each investor. 1. I want to take notes on the main points of financial information, 2. I want to calculate PER with a forecast value that is different from the company guidance, 3. I want to look back on previous analysis records, etc. It solves the worries unique to investors. (Company HP:
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