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Kobe Women’s University The best recipe for the “Rikyu Honey Recipe Contest” has been decided!

Kobe Women’s University
“Rikyu Honey Recipe Contest” Best recipe decided!
~Enjoy a lemon cake made with “Rikyu Honey”~

Kobe Women’s University (Suma Ward/Chuo Ward, Kobe City) will hold a “Rikyu Honey Recipe Contest” to develop a special menu using the original honey “RIKYUHONEY” (Rikyu Honey) harvested in Suma Rikyu Park. As a result of voting, “Honey Glaze Lemon Cake” was selected as the best recipe.
From August 1st (Tue) to August 31st (Thu), 2023, only 20 pieces will be sold per day at the restaurant “Garden Patager Suma Rikyu” in Suma Rikyu Park.
Conducted by Kobe Women’s University as part of the
industry-academia-government collaboration (SUMA x BEE x SHINJO project) in collaboration with Kobe City’s Suma Ward and Suma Rikyu Park. This year, under the coordination of Associate Professor Tamiko Hashimoto and Associate Professor Yuka Miyamoto, who are in the registered dietitian training course, we held the “Rikyu Honey Recipe Contest” to select products to be sold in the summer of 2023. There are 10 entries for the contest. “Honey Glaze Lemon Cake” (created by Arisa Mitsuda, 4th year registered dietician training course at Kobe Women’s University) ) was selected as the best recipe.
[Image 1:×843.jpg] This lemon cake is characterized by the elegant sweetness of honey and the refreshing scent of lemon. It is a cube type that looks cute. You can also expect the effect of improving immunity and preventing summer fatigue! At the restaurant “Garden Patage Suma Rikyu” in Suma Rikyu Park, we will sell only 20 per day from 8/1 (Tue) to 8/31 (Thu). Please enjoy this opportunity.
Best recipe “Honey glaze lemon cake”
[Designer] Ms. Arisa Mitsuda, 4th year registered dietitian training course at Kobe Women’s University
[Sales period] From August 1, 2023 (Tuesday) to August 31, 2023 (Thursday) [Sales location] Restaurant in Suma Rikyu Park “Garden Patager Suma Rikyu” [Price] 600 yen (tax included) *Limited to 20 per day
Click here for details of the industry-government-academia
collaboration “Rikyu Honey Recipe Contest/Recipe Election” ▼Points of this initiative
Implemented as an industry-academia-government collaboration project with Kobe City Suma Ward and Kobe City Suma Rikyu Park.
Contributed to the publicity of Rikyu Honey, a high-quality honey (selected by Five Star Hyogo).
Realize what you learned at university in the form of product production and sales.
-Regarding industry-academia-government collaboration (SUMA x BEE x SHINJO project)-
Kobe Women’s University, Suma Rikyu Park, Suma Ward Office, and Kobe Women’s University, Suma Rikyu Park, and Suma Ward Office are a collaborative project in which Kobe Women’s University students develop menus with advice from restaurant operators in Suma Rikyu Park using Rikyu Honey. Various recipes using Rikyu honey are being developed.
▼Achievement so far
RIKYU HONEY Sautéed Awaji Chicken with Grape Sauce
Rikyu Honey Lemon Ginger
RIKYU HONEY hot tea with spices
[Image 2:×480.jpg]
[Image 3:×444.jpg]
[Image 4:×303.jpg]

-Collaboration with Kobe City Suma Rikyu Park- (reference)
Kobe Women’s University (Campus) and Kobe Municipal Suma Rikyu Park (Park) signed an agreement in December 2006, taking advantage of their adjacent geographical conditions to open their facilities for mutual use. The university has also been approved to use Suma Rikyu Park as a place for education and research, provides internal resources, including intellectual property, to events planned by Suma Rikyu Park, and actively encourages students to participate in club activities and volunteer activities. I’m going to
-Collaboration with Suma-ku, Kobe- (reference)
In March 2006, Kobe City’s Suma Ward and Gyokuyoshi Gakuen Kobe Women’s University concluded a comprehensive agreement for regional cooperation with the aim of developing human resources and
revitalizing the region.
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