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Komeri Co., Ltd. Information on the “Agreement on Supplying Supplies in Times of Disaster” between the NPO Komeri Disaster Control Center established by Komeri Co., Ltd. and Shisui Town, Chiba Prefecture.

Komeri Co., Ltd.
Information on the “Agreement on Supplying Supplies in Times of Disaster” between the NPO Komeri Disaster Control Center established by Komeri Co., Ltd. and Shisui Town, Chiba Prefecture
Conclusion on Friday, July 21, 2023

Komeri Co., Ltd. (located in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture; President: Yuichiro Komori), which supports local professionals as a community lifeline through the home centers “Komeri Power” and “Komeri Hard & Green”, We established the NPO Komeri Disaster Countermeasures Center (Chairman: Yuichiro Nobu) with the aim of supplying the necessary supplies to the necessary places.
The NPO Komeri Disaster Countermeasures Center and Shisui Town, Chiba Prefecture will conclude an “Agreement on the supply of goods in the event of a disaster” on July 21 (Friday).
 Since its establishment in 2005, it has concluded goods supply agreements with local governments nationwide. With this conclusion, the number of agreements will be 1,031.
■ Date and time July 21, 2023 (Friday) 14:00-
■ Place: Shisui Town Hall
■ Attendees Mr. Yasuhisa Kosaka Mayor of Shisui Town
Executive Director, NPO Komeri Disaster Control Center, Yukinori Nishimuro
[Image 1:×407.jpg] Overview of the NPO Komeri Disaster Control Center
(1) Location: 4501-1 Shimizu, Minami-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture (2) Representative: Yuichiro Sasage, Chairman
(3) Activities: 1. Supplying necessary supplies to parties with disaster support agreements in the event of a disaster 2. Supporting public relations magazines and providing information related to disaster countermeasures on the website 3. Disaster prevention enlightenment activities and disaster drills Participation (4) Support agreements: Agreements concluded with 46 prefectures, municipalities, designated public institutions, etc., excluding Okinawa Prefecture 1,030 agreements (as of July 20, 2023) Shisui Town is the 1,031st agreement, Chiba Prefecture has 31 agreements Case: Shisui Town is the 32nd case
(5) Purpose of establishment: Komeri Co., Ltd., which was founded in the Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Earthquake and other large-scale disasters, has fulfilled its social responsibility as a company by utilizing Komeri’s nationwide distribution network. , established the NPO Komeri Disaster Countermeasures Center as a base for stably supplying necessary supplies in the event of a disaster. NPO corporation Komeri Disaster Control Center website
Agreement details
(1) Agreement name: Agreement on supply of supplies in the event of a disaster (2) Anticipated disasters: Earthquakes, storms, floods, and other disasters stipulated in the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act (3) Agreement content: 1. Normal times ・Mutual communication system and supplies Information exchange regarding the supply of disaster prevention drills, etc., to raise residents’ awareness of disaster prevention, etc. 2. In the event of a disaster – Shisui Town will request the NPO Komeri Disaster Control Center to supply and transport the following supplies. (Paid) Blue sheets, ropes, work gloves, sandbags, blankets, disposable tableware, plastic bags, drinking water, plastic tanks, large kerosene stoves, floodlights, flashlights, batteries, emergency mini toilets, etc. Others deemed necessary by the local government, NPOs Supplies that can be procured by the Komeri Disaster Control Center 3. Others
[Image 2:×601.jpg] emergency training
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] Goods transportation
Disaster Agreement History (response to disasters, etc.)
July 13, 2004 Flood damage occurred in Sanjo City on July 13 October 23, 2004 Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Earthquake occurred September 2005 NPO Komeri Disaster Control Center established July 16, 2007 Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake occurred Occurrence May 2010 Spread of foot-and-mouth disease in Miyazaki Prefecture March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake August 20, 2014 Hiroshima landslide disaster September 27, 2014 Mount Ontake eruption April 14, 2016 2016 Kumamoto earthquake July 2017 Heavy rain in northern Kyushu June 2018 Osaka earthquake September 2018- Swine fever September 2019 Typhoon No. 15 July 2020 Heavy rain in July 2020 August 2021 August 2021 Monthly heavy rain October 2022 to April 2023 Avian influenza infection spreads nationwide *Excerpt from response situation Great East Japan Earthquake (March 2011) 103 items such as sandbags and boots *Transportation of 60 10t truck equivalents Hiroshima City landslide disaster (August 2014) 855,000 sandbags Mt. Ontake eruption (September 2014) Blue sheets, Hokkairo, beverages (tea) Kumamoto earthquake (April 2016) Blue sheets, sandbags, disposable tableware, Requests from 25 groups for drinking water, etc. Heavy rain in July 2018 (July 2018) More than 150 items, including sandbags, work gloves, and square shovels Typhoon No. 15 (September 2019) 16 sandbags, dry batteries, blue sheets, etc. Items Typhoon No. 19 (October 2019) 85 items including sandbags, garbage bags, masks July 2020 heavy rain (July 2020) 102 items including sandbags, boots, gloves Heavy rain August 3rd year of Reiwa (August 2021) 35 items including drinking water, boots, slaked lime Reiwa 4 Avian Influenza (October 2022-April 2023) 251 items including flexible container bags and blue sheets
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] supplies
[Image 5:×601.jpg] supplies
Necessary supplies for disaster – About Komeri – Let’s support local professionals. There are things that come into view when you walk more slowly than usual. That there are so many professionals in my hometown. Komeri, which wants to be a community lifeline, will continue to support local professionals. Because the activities of local professionals will revitalize Japan’s regions. We are a home center chain that develops stores with a wide product lineup centered on materials and building materials, hardware and tools, gardening and agricultural supplies, from professionals to homeowners. With our unique system and know-how, we are taking on the challenge of modernizing distribution with the goal of stably providing the products our customers need at affordable prices.  From now on, we will continue to strive to create stores from the customer’s point of view, have a product lineup that reflects customer feedback, and provide customer service that pleases our customers, so that we can contribute to a “rich and comfortable life”. Online shopping site Official website -Company Profile- Company name: Komeri Co., Ltd. Established: 1962 July Capital: 18,802 million yen Representative: Yuichiro Nobu, President and CEO Head office location: 4501-1 Shimizu, Minami-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture Business description: Chain store management of Power, Hard & Green, etc. Stock listing: Tokyo Stock Exchange Exchange Prime Market Number of stores: 1,216 stores (as of June 30, 2023)
Hokkaido 25, Aomori 20, Iwate 39, Miyagi 36, Akita 38, Yamagata 27, Fukushima 53, Ibaraki 46, Tochigi 40, Gunma 41, Saitama 33, Chiba 52, Tokyo 10 , Kanagawa Prefecture 7, Niigata Prefecture 82, Toyama Prefecture 24, Ishikawa Prefecture 19, Fukui Prefecture 20, Yamanashi Prefecture 19, Nagano Prefecture 54, Gifu Prefecture 39, Shizuoka Prefecture 22, Aichi Prefecture 10, Mie Prefecture 48, Shiga Prefecture 28, Kyoto Prefecture 19, Osaka Prefecture 7, Hyogo Prefecture 30, Nara Prefecture 14, Wakayama Prefecture 20, Tottori Prefecture 12, Shimane Prefecture 8, Okayama Prefecture 29, Hiroshima Prefecture 21, Prefecture 16, Tokushima Prefecture 17, Kagawa Prefecture 10, Ehime Prefecture 10 , Kochi Prefecture 12, Fukuoka Prefecture 27, Saga Prefecture 14, Nagasaki Prefecture 17, Kumamoto Prefecture 40, Oita Prefecture 15, Miyazaki Prefecture 21, Kagoshima Prefecture 25
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