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Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. Kubota Glass (R) ️ has been attracting attention mainly in Asian co untries as an AR device that reproduces the outdoor environment one year since the sale

Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd.
Kubota Glass (R) ️ has been on sale for one year, and is attracting attention mainly in Asian countries as an AR device that reproduces outdoor environments

Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter “the Company”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubota Vision Inc. (Headquarters: Washington State, USA; hereinafter “Kubota Vision”) sells “Kubota Glass (R) ︎” ”, we would like to inform you that we have summarized our efforts so far and the trends of purchasers.
Kubota Glass is a glasses-type AR device that reproduces an outdoor environment that is highly compatible with preventing the onset and progression of myopia. Using the scientific approach of
ophthalmologists, we studied various contrasts, brightness,
irradiation areas, and irradiation positions, and by wearing it for 1 to 2 hours a day, you can efficiently play with your eyes without changing your daily life. ” will be realized.
Kyushu’s first pop-up store and “Children’s Eyes Day” special exhibition held From May 13th to 14th, the first pop-up store in Kyushu was held at Hakata Riverain Mall.
[Image 1:×488.jpg] During the period, customers who had been interested in Kubota Glass from the beginning of its development visited from outside the prefecture and actually tried and purchased Kubota Glass. During the same period, at the 5th Annual General Meeting of the Japanese Myopia Society held at Kyushu University, Dr. Ryo Kubota, our representative, took the podium and gave a lecture on our technology related to suppressing the progression of myopia. I was able to visit you. In addition, a special exhibition will be held at the company store in Iidabashi to commemorate “Children’s Eye Day” on June 10th. A panel exhibition was held on the mechanism of myopia and the risks hidden in myopia.
Buy for yourself while your kids demand stand out
Kubota Glass, which went on sale in Japan on August 1, 2022, was originally intended for use by children.
[Image 2:×820.png] However, looking back on the people who have visited us and made inquiries over the past year, there are quite a few cases where not only children but also adults have purchased for themselves. In particular, purchases by customers in their 30s to 50s account for about 40% of the total. Although it was unexpected at first, a 2022 Australian study revealed that myopia progresses even after becoming an adult, and that the number of people who develop new myopia is increasing. It is thought that interest in myopia is increasing. In addition, it may be one of the advantages that Kubota Glass can be used in the room without worrying about the surroundings, such as those who work from home.
Inquiries and purchases from Asian countries increased
Currently, Kubota Glass is a directly managed store in Iidabashi, “Kubota Glass Store”, some eye clinics, eyeglass stores, and EC sites.
[Image 3:×760.png] available for purchase. The graph on the right shows the percentage of inquiries and visits by Japanese customers and overseas customers to date.
Our overseas customers are not only from countries with high sensitivity to myopia, such as China, Taiwan, and Singapore, but also from all over the world, including Europe, Vietnam, Dubai, Canada, the United States, and Tunisia.
We have received more inquiries from overseas than we had expected, and in addition to guidance at the store by Chinese and
English-speaking staff, we are responding by creating product information pamphlets and product introduction videos.
Clear View Project to make the world visible to as many people as possible Kubota Glass Store collects glasses that are no longer needed, and develops where it is difficult to obtain glasses due to various circumstances.
[Image 4:×180.png] We have started the Clear View Project, which is provided to developing countries. While aiming to eradicate myopia with our unique technology, we will build a “visible” world ecosystem by providing glasses to those who really need them.
Comment from Ryo Kubota
In recent years, Asian countries have adopted national measures to ensure outdoor activities for a certain period of time as a
countermeasure against the increase in the myopic population. is. However, it is becoming a very difficult reality for busy modern people to devote enough time to outdoor activities.
Kubota Glass makes it possible to effectively “play around the eyes” without changing your daily life just by wearing glasses for 1-2 hours a day. One year after the start of sales, we received inquiries about Kubota Glass from more customers than we expected, and we realized that there are so many people who have been waiting for us. While conducting clinical trials, we will continue to push forward with development and research so that we can deliver our products to as many people as possible.
Through Kubota Glass, we will contribute to solving the social issue of myopia. Representative: Ryo Kubota
Graduated from Keio University School of Medicine. Ophthalmologist, Doctor of Medicine.
[Image 5:×293.jpg] As an ophthalmology clinician, he has experience in surgical treatment of glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal diseases. Received the Suda Award for the discovery of myocilin, a gene responsible for glaucoma. In 2002, Kubota Vision Inc. was established based in Seattle. In December 2016, the head office functions were moved to Japan, and Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. was established. He serves on the boards of the National Asian Research Institute (NBR), the Seattle Symphony, and the Japan-America Society of Washington State. In 2019, he was appointed as NASA Deep Space Mission Human Research Program (HRP) Investigator (Research Director).
About Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd.
[Image 6:×528.jpg] Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. has set the mission of “eradicating blindness from the world”,
We are an ophthalmic medical solution company that connects innovation to the development and commercialization of various pharmaceuticals and medical devices with the aim of contributing to the maintenance and recovery of vision for those suffering from vision problems. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-15-37 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Ryo Kubota Business: Pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, medical equipment,
development, import/export and manufacturing, contract manufacturing and sales
Established: December 2015
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